Our Pledge

Using the best quality materials and designing products that are timeless has always been a focus at Czech & Speake. Now more than ever it is important for us to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of our designs and manufacturing, below we detail our pledge to you of how we achieve this.


With an education in Fine Art and Architecture, and a passion for History of Architecture, Czech & Speake founder, Frank Sawkins’ motivation behind each collection is to produce one which is timeless. This keen interest and sophisticated understanding of traditional and iconic design results in products that appeal to clients worldwide with a range of personal styles. It is this quality and longevity of our products that provides a bathroom for life, which to us is a true sign of luxury, and is important in a world that needs to slow down.

Specification of Materials

We place the same emphasis and pride on materials for all our products, whether it be a bath shower mixer or a robe hook. We manufacture in the UK as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint, and it is also why we offer a finite number of finishes, rather than following fleeting trends thus ensuring a superior quality and durability.


Due to the quality of the materials and finishing you don’t need special products to maintain your fittings. We advise a soft cloth and nothing abrasive which can damage your product. This is both beneficial for the longevity of the product and the environment due to the lack of chemicals. For those of our clients in hard water areas we advise regularly removing the limescale to avoid build up. Additionally for those that require servicing, such as thermostatic mixers, we advise doing so regularly as required this will ensure your fitting will last for, for what can feel like, forever. That to us is a true sign of luxury and sustainability.