As an established luxury brand, Czech & Speake, flies an unofficial standard for a certain brand of Englishness. The England of Czech&Speake is a place of confidence, understated style and attention to detail; a place of reserve and humour but a seriousness of purpose, and a belief in and commitment to service based on centuries of tradition and expertise.

Czech&Speake is as English as the Bentley motor, Aston Martin, Oxford, Eton and Burberry. The brand’s products reflect the typical English characteristics of good manners, dependability and unobtrusive elegance. Although many stereotypes have developed over the years, the English take their self-esteem from being different and special.

Traditions updated

Czech & Speake’s England is also a place of renewal and modernity, where tradition is expected while welcoming the future. Czech & Speake does not believe in stereotype, folklore, the old-fashioned and out-of-date, but in the best of the past combined with

the best modern manufacturing techniques. Strength, style and success are Czech&Speake’s ideas of Englishness reinvented. Picture language has been chosen accordingly.