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BOAT Magazine – Gifts for your superyacht host

Staying on board a superyacht owned by close family or friends can be a wonderful way to spend Christmas. There’s just one catch – what do you buy the owner who has everything?

While finding the best Christmas gifts for children or scouting out the top sea-inspired gifts can be relatively easy, finding luxury gifts that adults will love can be trickier. We suggest a three-part present involving a bottle of something delicious for the superyacht bar to get the Christmas cheer flowing, a game to enjoy together and a beautiful interior decoration as a memento of your vacation. Click through to see some of our favourites

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Huffpost USA – Luxury Traveler Gift Guide

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, tis the season for making merry, spreading cheer and, of course, giving gifts. With the latter in mind, what follows is my annual list of gift ideas for the luxury travelers in your life.

From the most practical of items to the most extravagant, there’s a little something to choose from for every budget in this guide. And, because true luxury is never about price but always about indulgence, every option is sure to bring joy and comfort in equal measure to the friends and family on your holiday gift list who just happen to spend as much time on the road as they do at home.

The entire list can be found here

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Luxuo Singapore – Christmas 2017

20 years ago, a grinch economist named Joel Waldfogel wrote an academic paper titled “Deadweight loss of Christmas” where he posits that “Christmas gift-giving destroys between 10 percent and a third of the value of gifts”; that is to say, there is a gap between how much person spends on a Christmas gift versus how much the recipient values the gift.

“We imagine our friends opening a gift that is impressive, expensive, and sentimental.” – Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Thankfully, the Atlantic has a more recent 2014 study which shows that we’re only terrible gift-givers because we attempt to be too considerate when choosing Christmas gifts or guessing a person’s Christmas wishlist. LUXUO is going to take that information a step further, and present a curated list of universally desirable accessories and accoutrements that any man would want. The only consideration here is how cool, how stylish and how exquisite. In other words, we’re going to take the guess work out of gift giving and just focus on pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

Here’s our inaugural holiday wishlist for men with LUXUO’s 10 best gifts for Him for Christmas 2017:

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Trine’s Wardrobe Denmark – 17 GAVER TIL MÆND

Trine Kjaer has been running one of Denmark’s biggest fashion blogs since 2008. She is working as a full-time blogger and stylist. Furthermore, she’s the owner and creator of her own beauty line – Trine’s Wardrobe Hair Care and Trine’s Wardrobe Skin Care – which is sold in over 300 stores in Denmark. Welcome to her blog where you can follow her daily life with fashion.

Vi har snakket lidt om hvad jeg ønsker mig, og hvad jeg synes er gode gaveidéer til kvinder. Nu er det tid til at kigge på gaver til det modsatte køn om det er en kæreste, ven, bror eller far..
Jeg vil dog nok sige at de fleste af beklædningsdelene måske ikkes er super far-agtige:)

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Lifestyle Asia Singapore – 5 essential grooming gadgets

In this era where men are taking their grooming routines more seriously, it’s still very common for some guys to be using a disposable razor and a pair of rusting nail clippers that have never seen the light of day as they’re stowed away in the medicinal cabinet of a bachelor pad’s bathroom.

Yet the men’s grooming industry is valued at an estimated US$17.5 billion (S$23.5b), indicating that there’s a growing breed of men for whom vanity is very much part and parcel of life. And why not since there’s such a wide variety of grooming gadgets available on the market.

You could use a different electric shaver every day of the year and not run out of options. Boutique grooming brands are churning out more manicure sets by the dozen. And let’s not go into the plethora of facial cleansers that are just sitting on the shelves of departmental stores.

So as the year comes to an end, we’ve decided to put together our own edit of the best grooming gadgets out there. Maybe you’re looking for a gift for your best friend as a subtle hint for him to clean things up, or perhaps you want to go into 2018 looking more dapper than ever. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help, so keep scrolling for Lifestyle Asia’s list of the best grooming gadgets for the contemporary gentleman

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Gentleman’s Journal UK – Christmas Gift Guide


Some of the most long-lasting gifts fall into the grooming department. One swift spritz of an aftershave every day means that any scent you unwrap will do you for much of the year. So why not opt for something from Creed, such as the Viking fragrance they launched this year – bold, peppery and with hints of Indian sandalwood. Or opt for Floris, and their classic Leather Oud Eau de Parfum.

Czech & Speake’s No.88 Shaving Set & Stand – so good we gave it away on Day 10 of our Advent Calendar – is also a great option if you’re looking for grooming hardware. Or, if you want to give the classic gift, a selection box of Acqua di Parma’s perfumed soaps will make for a classic, and luxurious present.

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Gentleman’s Journal UK – Advent Calendar

Gentleman’s Journal advent calendar is a celebration of elegance and men’s quality grooming. We partnered with them to offer one lucky reader a No.88 Shaving Set and Stand, the epitome of barber quality home shaving.

On the tenth day of Christmas – The festive season is never smooth sailing. But, from burning the Christmas dinner to coping with your extended family, the problems and pitfalls you will hit will melt away when you experience the smoothest, most luxurious shave you have ever had. And that’ll all be thanks to Czech & Speake

You can enter the competition here.


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Gentleman’s Journal UK – Christmas Wishlist

Gentleman’s Journal wishlist includes our luxurious complete grooming kit for men. See the list here.

Housing all the grooming staples you’ll ever need – including a silver badge shaving brush which will create a perfect lather, a silver Mach III anodised aluminium razor, the Cuba aftershave shaker and Czech & Speake’s signature smoky fragrance, No88 – this long-grain leather wash bag is the ideal set to see you through any city break you have planned in the next few weeks. 


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Check out Boat Magazine’s top 12 Christmas gifts. Boat Magazine is the global authority in superyachting, celebrating the yachts and the life that comes with them.

Whether it’s sipping a cocktail while enjoying Christmas in the Caribbean or putting on a classic black-tie watch for a formal event, everyone likes to look their best during the festive season. With this in mind, find your friends and family gifts they’re guaranteed to love with our edit of the best luxury beauty and grooming products to leave under the tree this year.

They included the beautiful No.88 Shaving Set & Stand in the mix, that will look superb on the bathroom shelf of your superyacht.

read the full article here.

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British GQ – Top 100 Best Things In The World 2018

From the latest Tesla to nitrogen coffee to the holiday destination Instagram’s cool crowd are flocking to, GQ presents our annual celebration of the 100 best things in the world 2018.

Perfect for Christmas and winter holidays, the Czech & Speake Grooming Set is exactly what the discerning gentleman needs to keep up with his grooming.

Housed in an elegant three compartment English long-grain leather wash bag, The Complete Gentleman’s Gift Set contains all the essential grooming products of a true English gentleman.

Complete with Mach III head and an aluminium handle, the razor is perfectly weighted to ensure the perfect shave, while the best badger brush will evenly spread the soap or foam.

Three Compartment Gentleman Travel Case in red leather – 4.8L
Silver Badger Shaving Brush
Silver Mach III anodised aluminium razor
No.88 Cologne Spray 100ml
Cuba Aftershave Shaker 100ml


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British GQ – 8 best new grooming products in the world this week

The run up to Christmas can be a stressful time, but fear not, GQ have been working hard to get you perfectly groomed for the festivities. From gift sets to travel essentials, we have searched high and low for the best grooming products on the markets to get you through the winter months, while looking and feeling great. Want more? Check out last week’s wish list here

They included the No.88 Travel shaving soap by Czech & Speake.
Compliment your shaving ritual with the new shaving soap from Czech & Speake. This luxurious soap is the perfect replacement for messy creams and foams, protecting and guarding your skin from damage while delicately scenting skin with their timeless No.88 fragrance. The dark, luxurious fragrance transforms a mundane shave into a world class experience right from your very own sink. Housed in a dark aluminium shaving dish, it is not only practical but effortlessly stylish.

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Town & Country US – Men’s Grooming Gift Guide

Town & Country US prepared for their readers the 20 Top Gifts for the Well-Groomed Gentleman.

From a classic dopp kit to a sumptuous shaving cream, here’s what to give the men in your life this holiday season. Because every man deserves to feel pampered at least once in a while.

They included the 24k Gold plated Manicure Set on the list, for the man who values the importance of well groomed hands.




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Golf Digest US – Holiday Gifts For Golfers

Golf Digest US, the dedicated magazine for golf lovers, included Czech & Speake in their Holiday Gifts guide. We couldn’t say it better than Brittany Romano: “Your favorite golfer will love one (or more) of these items from our annual Wish List.”

The Zebrano Shaving Set is crafted from sustainable sourced Zebrano wood and is known for its highly figured heartwood. The heartwood is straw-like in colour and distinctively marked with narrow veining or streaks of colour ranging from dark brown to almost black. These streaks give the heartwood a zebra- stripe appearance and its name.

Zebrano wood was traditionally used for boat building and original skis, as it is tough, water resistant and decorative.

The perfectly weighted razor features a Mach III blade and Silver Tip best badger hair is used to complete the brush.

Head to their website and be inspired by the practical and beautiful suggested gifts for the golfer in your life, or for yourself.

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Adam & Eve World Middle East- Top Five Travel Grooming Kits

Make packing easier with our top five travel grooming kits.

If you’re booking last minute festive vacations or still have a few business trips in your diary, packing and unpacking can become a bit of a chore.

Take a hassle out of your trip with our selection of travel-friendly beauty products that will keep you looking fresh no matter where you venture off to next. Not only do they cover the basics, but they also come with a handy storage bag to keep everything organised.

A& E World chose the No.88 Travel Shaving Set for the Top 5. Check out the rest here.

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ELLE UK – Luxury Gifts

The December issue for ELLE featuring luxury gifts for him is out! The team picked the Zebrano Shaving Set for the bathroom cabinet essentials. “Buy for him, keep for you”, they encourage their readers.

The Zebrano Shaving Set is a perfect luxury gift for the discerning gentleman.

The set has been crafted from sustainable sourced Zebrano wood and is known for its highly figured heartwood. The heartwood is straw-like in colour and distinctively marked with narrow veining or streaks of colour ranging from dark brown to almost black. These streaks give the heartwood a zebra- stripe appearance and its name.

Zebrano wood was traditionally used for boat building and original skis, as it is tough, water resistant and decorative

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Marie Claire UK – The Manly Mani

The December issue of Marie Claire UK is out today! Grab it from the newsstands and check out their comprehensive gift guide for this Christmas. They include the newest addition to our manicure sets, the Midnight Blue English long grain leather.

The “manly mani” is the perfect gift for the holidays, and Marie Claire recommends gents to take care of their hands not only around the holidays.

The manicure instruments have been handmade especially for Czech & Speake in Solingen, Germany. All have rounded edges to conform to international restrictions on hand luggage for air travel. The long-life nail file was developed especially for Czech & Speake utilising extremely high tech and incredibly sharp synthetic crystals which act like microscopic planes in the way they trim and shape the nail edge.

The Teflon coating on all the instruments dramatically boosts their lifespan by reducing oxidisation and acts as a dirt repellent, making them supremely hygienic.

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Marie Claire UK – Stylish gifts for him

Stylish gifts for him

Czech & Speake is loved by both men and women and we can see that from our customers’ stories all the time. This time Marie Claire, the fashionable international women magazine, advises their readers on stylish gifts for him.

With a list of over 77 items to pick from, that ranges from sneakers to tech, we find the grooming essential from Czech & Speake: the 8 piece manicure set. Sunil Makan, who edited this list adds that regardless of who you’re looking to buy a gift for, partner, husband, brother or Secret Santa, they have a solution.

Our 8 piece manicure set is definitely a good answer for the grooming loving, stylish gent.


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British GQ Reviews – Best Bath Oil

bath oil

Carlotta Constant and Grace Julia Clarke have the titanic task of plowing through tons of men’s grooming products each week and make a list with the best ones out there. In the world! The Frankincese & Myrrh bath oil has earned its spot there. Being the essence of Christmas bottles in a frosted etched glass bottle and smelling of myrrh, incense, orange and basil.

If you are not familiar with this column, GQ UK puts together a weekly top 7 of best new products in the world. They put together the best men’s grooming products.

“From fragrances to face scrubs, we get to put some of the best men’s grooming products to the test here at GQ HQ – and cut through the marketing jargon you see on the ad copy. If you want to be the best-groomed man in the room, these are the men’s items you need to get in your bathroom cabinet right now.”

You can find it as a 100ml bottle or you can go for the miniature version of a three pack of 50ml. The latter would also include the Citrus Paradisi and the Neroli, which sets you up for year-round sublime pampering experience.


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Country & Townhouse UK – Christmas Gifts Men

Christmas Gifts Men

Country & Townhouse Magazine are treating us this year to an extensive gift guide. The guide is divided by categories and we are included in Christmas gifts men edition. Among the pajama set, socks and cozy sweaters, we find our Frankincese & Myrrh Cologne, dubbed Christmas in a bottle. The cologne is well known for the rich blend of warm frankincense, topped by the fresh scents of orange, lemon and basil. Thus, the incense, orange and basil remind many people of Christmas time which makes it the perfect scent for the holidays.

Also, the 100 ml cologne comes in a discreet etched glass bottle, with a frost effect.

Therefore, if you head out to the website of Country & Townhouse you can find the different other guides that they divided by. Find gifts for him or her, for the kids or for the home.

“After reading this you will no longer have to trawl through heaving shops and endless websites in search for the perfect gift. With ideas for all the family plus secret Santa ideas and fun stocking fillers, there’s something for everyone.”