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ELLE UK – Luxury Gifts

The December issue for ELLE featuring luxury gifts for him is out! The team picked the Zebrano Shaving Set for the bathroom cabinet essentials. “Buy for him, keep for you”, they encourage their readers.

The Zebrano Shaving Set is a perfect luxury gift for the discerning gentleman.

The set has been crafted from sustainable sourced Zebrano wood and is known for its highly figured heartwood. The heartwood is straw-like in colour and distinctively marked with narrow veining or streaks of colour ranging from dark brown to almost black. These streaks give the heartwood a zebra- stripe appearance and its name.

Zebrano wood was traditionally used for boat building and original skis, as it is tough, water resistant and decorative

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Marie Claire UK – Stylish gifts for him

Stylish gifts for him

Czech & Speake is loved by both men and women and we can see that from our customers’ stories all the time. This time Marie Claire, the fashionable international women magazine, advises their readers on stylish gifts for him.

With a list of over 77 items to pick from, that ranges from sneakers to tech, we find the grooming essential from Czech & Speake: the 8 piece manicure set. Sunil Makan, who edited this list adds that regardless of who you’re looking to buy a gift for, partner, husband, brother or Secret Santa, they have a solution.

Our 8 piece manicure set is definitely a good answer for the grooming loving, stylish gent.


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British GQ Reviews – Best Bath Oil

bath oil

Carlotta Constant and Grace Julia Clarke have the titanic task of plowing through tons of men’s grooming products each week and make a list with the best ones out there. In the world! The Frankincese & Myrrh bath oil has earned its spot there. Being the essence of Christmas bottles in a frosted etched glass bottle and smelling of myrrh, incense, orange and basil.

If you are not familiar with this column, GQ UK puts together a weekly top 7 of best new products in the world. They put together the best men’s grooming products.

“From fragrances to face scrubs, we get to put some of the best men’s grooming products to the test here at GQ HQ – and cut through the marketing jargon you see on the ad copy. If you want to be the best-groomed man in the room, these are the men’s items you need to get in your bathroom cabinet right now.”

You can find it as a 100ml bottle or you can go for the miniature version of a three pack of 50ml. The latter would also include the Citrus Paradisi and the Neroli, which sets you up for year-round sublime pampering experience.


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Country & Townhouse UK – Christmas Gifts Men

Christmas Gifts Men

Country & Townhouse Magazine are treating us this year to an extensive gift guide. The guide is divided by categories and we are included in Christmas gifts men edition. Among the pajama set, socks and cozy sweaters, we find our Frankincese & Myrrh Cologne, dubbed Christmas in a bottle. The cologne is well known for the rich blend of warm frankincense, topped by the fresh scents of orange, lemon and basil. Thus, the incense, orange and basil remind many people of Christmas time which makes it the perfect scent for the holidays.

Also, the 100 ml cologne comes in a discreet etched glass bottle, with a frost effect.

Therefore, if you head out to the website of Country & Townhouse you can find the different other guides that they divided by. Find gifts for him or her, for the kids or for the home.

“After reading this you will no longer have to trawl through heaving shops and endless websites in search for the perfect gift. With ideas for all the family plus secret Santa ideas and fun stocking fillers, there’s something for everyone.”




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Milk Hong Kong – Luxury Shaving Set

Luxury shaving set hong kong

Milk Hong Kong included our luxury shaving set scented with No.88 fragrance in their grooming advice for men.

In Hong Kong you can buy Czech & Speake at Lane Crawford, online and in store. They have a beautiful selection of our product.

Czech & Speake are renowned for design, attention to detail and quality of their luxurious and sophisticated shaving accessories and our stylish No.88 Shaving Set & Stand is a fitting addition.
The sleek matte black anodized aluminium stand is elegantly curved and whilst classic in concept, the minimalist feel means it will look stunning in contemporary as well as traditional bathrooms, shower and wet-rooms.

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The Manual UK – Best Men Body Wash

The Manual - Best Men’s Body Washes

The Manual makes the round-up of the best men body wash that offer you complete hydration, and the Neroli by Czech & Speake is top of the list.

“You know that feeling when you step out of the shower and immediately realize there’s an itch you need to scratch? It happens when your body cleanser washes away all your skin’s moisture down the drain with with the dirt and grime. (Hint: Loads of lather can signal the inclusion of sulfates in your soap, which saps skin further.)

As the air gets drier, it’s even more vital that you stick to a shower regimen packed with conditioning ingredients, including your shower gel or bar soap.  While you may still need to slather on lotion, our top picks for moisturizing men’s body wash are certainly a good start.”

Abut the body wash itself, Katie Dickens talks about the beautiful uplifting Neroli scent of the body wash that helps one get ready in the morning, awakening their senses.

“To help get you out of that pre-coffee morning stupor, this coconut-based body wash is spiked with an uplifting Neroli scent.”

Read the round up here.

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GQ Turkey – No.88 Shaving Soap

quality shaving soap

Sam Hoffman photographed this beautiful set of shaving soap for the British GQ issue with Prince William on the cover. It is wonderful to see our shaving soap travelling all the way to GQ Turkey.

You can find the full range of shaving soaps and other grooming essentials in our shaving category on the website, here. Pictured here is the No.88 90g shaving soap, that can come with an anodized aluminium dish for full support and protection, or as a refill.


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Gentleman’s Journal UK – For the dehydrated

The Gentleman’s Journal makes a top 5 best men shower gel, including the summer 2017 launch Neroli Body Wash. Here’s a snippet of their recommendation:

“Lightly perfumed with the brand’s classic Neroli scent, which blends heady florals like the exotic Ylang-Ylang with zesty orange, this refreshing formulation is boosted by natural emollients, including coconut, which imbue the skin with moisture and seal it for protection. And, if you’re particularly hungover, that easy pump top will be appreciated, too…”

Read the full article here.

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Are you Karl? Sweden – Grooming Favourites

Swedish Men’s Fashion Blog leads us to update our bathroom cabinets with the best of the season, including a Czech & Speake luxury Manicure Set. The Set Featured is the Black and Red 8 piece manicure set for men, bound in long grain leather. The instruments are Teflon coated in a beautiful masculine matte black and produced in Solingen, Germany.

Uppdatera badrumsskåpet med höstens groomingfavoriter is the Swedish translation of “Update the bathroom cabinet with the autumn’s grooming favorites”.

Check the article in Swedish here.

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FD Persoonlijk Netherlands – Johnny Cash

manicure set men

The Dutch magazine FD Persoonlijk included us in their Johnny Cash inspired style page, Black Book, with the red and black Air Safe leather bound Manicure Set.

This is a four piece manicure set designed specifically to pass the airport security and allow you to bring it on your carry-on luggage.

This award winning travel manicure set is beautifully presented in black long grain leather, with a contrasting red interior.

The manicure instruments have been handmade especially for Czech & Speake in Solingen, Germany. All have rounded edges to conform to international restrictions on hand luggage for air travel. The long-life nail file was developed especially for Czech & Speake utilising extremely high tech and incredibly sharp synthetic crystals which act like microscopic planes in the way they trim and shape the nail edge.

The Teflon coating on all the instruments dramatically boosts their life span by reducing oxidisation and acts as a dirt repellent, making them supremely hygienic.

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BOAT Magazine – Top 9 Waterproof Christmas Presents

With only 4 months to Christmas left, preparation is key to getting your hands on the perfect gifts. The Czech & Speake English long grain leather wash bag is perfect for your dear boat lover. See the whole list here.


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Waldorf’s Bazaar – 4 ways to get beach ready

To entirely enjoy every day at the beach, it needs out-and-out preparations from intensive workouts, seriously planned diets to total body grooming. Mainly I prepare everything a few months ago, so didn’t have so much to do, but working out more intensively to get rid of some excess weight. Now when I’m ready and want to share with you some recommendations.

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The Chicago Tribune – Lose Your Beard!

Shave in Style! Chris LaMorte advises from the Chicago Tribune all his bearded brethren. Czech & Speake’s Zebrano wood razor and badger hair brush get the job done in style. Between shaves, the set looks great displayed in your bathroom. His opinion on the freshness of a spring shave can be read here.

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Robb Report USA Father’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the right gift for the well-dressed dad can be a challenge, though not for lack of selection. Depending on your Dad’s current grooming regiment, the sleek shaving set from Czech & Speake could be a welcome addition to his morning routine. read all about it here.

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W Magazine USA guide for Grooming-Obsessed Dads

There’s no reason that men should have lesser medicine cabinets than women, especially with the wide-range of chic products available today. Mia Adorante suggests for this year’s father’s day a mani-pedi upgrade with the Czech & Speake 8 Piece Manicure Set.

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GQ Turkey – Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

As GQ says, one should not forget one’s father on Father’s day. They suggest three different Czech & Speake grooming products, fit for all budgets: the Zebrano Shaving Set, the Travel Shaving Set and the 8 Piece Manicure Set. See the entire gallery here.

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ELLE UK – Father’s Day Gift Guide

ELLE UK put together an extended list of 59 different luxury presents for the man that has it all. The Czech & Speake AirSafe manicure set leather bound in English Long Grain leather, in their words:  “Every man needs one. No, seriously.” You can read the rest of the article here or go directly to check out the manicure set here.

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Departures USA – 10 last minute gifts for Father’s Day

Every man needs grooming supplies. Whether he’s looking for a better shave, natural and organic products, or travel-friendly packaging, dad will appreciate these luxe gifts that are at once personal and practical. Like the Czech & Speake 8 piece manicure set. read the whole article here.

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Carmen Borgonovo Interview for Image Ireland- Neroli is always in her purse

Having worked as the fashion and accessories editor for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle USA and W magazine, Carmen Borgonovo knows a thing or two about fashion. Here, Olivia Keating does a quick-fire round with the co-founder behind the burgeoning dress brand Borgo De Nor. Spoiler Alert: She always has with her a Czech & Speake Neroli. Read it all here.