Bathrooms with a View

The bathroom is a multipurpose space of hygiene and therapy, but this concept is often lost in the fast paced, modern world. Traditionally a place of escapism, relaxation and indulgence, it is now the place that we spend as little time as possible in, to get clean quick to begin or end the day. This is hardly surprising when the majority have been built purely for function, concealed from the outside with high level windows, frosted for your privacy but limiting desirable natural light.

We recommend that you challenge your reservations and experience bathing with view to reconnect with the pleasures of cleansing – after all, baths used to be constructed outside for communal use.

Here are our top three bathrooms with a view:

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

If solitude is important to you for your bathing ritual but an enhanced experience is sought after, Song Saa’s Private Island is the destination to discover. This tiny island off the coast of Cambodia has been transformed into a utopian resort, built sustainably to harmonise with the stunning landscape. It may be a trek to get to involving several modes of unconventional transport, but all of this concretes the exclusivity of the location. Every element of the resort is architecturally beautiful, but of course we are most drawn to the bathroom. The huge stone bathtub is embedded within a wooden platform, with a bath-rack fashioned from a natural piece wood reflective of the rural island. But what really luxuriates the space is the surrounding frameless glass, truly letting in the idyllic outdoors.

One Vandam Penthouse A, Soho New York

As well as hotel design, there have been some incredible projects for penthouse apartments which wholly make use of the top floor views. A project to die for brought by architecture and interior firm Studio DB, is One Vandam Penthouse A, located at the tip of a New York skyscraper. The objective of the build was “to create a modern environment that draws from the character of the surrounding neighbourhoods.” This is certainly achieved with numerous, vast window panes encased in the high-ceilinged walls letting in the fabulous Art Deco architecture of the facing buildings. The bathroom is a little more modest with a singular wall-length strip in which the bath is positioned in front, creating an intimate viewpoint over and above the spectacular city.

Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund, China

Described as an ‘urban retreat’, hotel Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund captures the serenity of a refuge while located amongst the vibrant Chinese city. Set back on the bank of the Huangpu River, guests can feel at peace beside the gentle water and take in the distant skyline to the fullest extent. Much like Song Saa, the master bath was selected as the ultimate point of relaxation to absorb these immersive views, with the vessel fitted right up against the wall length windows.


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