Fragrance Guide to Which Perfume Lasts the Longest

The iconic No.88 Cologne 200ml
The iconic No.88 Cologne 200ml

When investing in a fragrance, a key expectation is that it will last you well, both on your skin and in the bathroom cabinet. Follow our guide to choosing a perfume that will last, alongside tips on how to get the best out of it.

How to choose a long lasting perfume 

Fragrance comes under a number of categories; aftershave, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and pure Parfum. These are important to note as they define how heavily concentrated the formula is of scented ingredients, which gives you a good indication of its strength and how long it will last. Aftershave is at the weakest end of the spectrum as its purpose is mainly to protect the skin after shaving, while pure Parfum is at the highest end. Pure Parfum is rare, so we recommend choosing Eau de Parfum, as one application has the power to last a full working day.

As well as this, the notes and fragrance family the perfume belongs to can make a lot of difference to how long the scent will linger. Pay attention to the base notes as these are the heaviest and will last the longest. If the base contains rich ingredients such as woods, spices and sweet notes, belonging to woody, oriental and gourmand fragrance families, the perfume will have weight and will last.

What skin type do you have? Different skin types have their own properties and pH balances, meaning they will react differently to perfume. Is your skin dry or oily? If your skin is more oily by nature, fragrance will lift better as perfume ingredients are attracted to oil. This means a delicate scent is more likely to hold for longer on your skin. On the other hand if your skin is dry, choose a fragrance with a heavy base to ensure it will last.

How do I make my fragrance last longer?

Apply to moistened skin

Fragrance ingredients are attracted to moisture. To help your scent last from first spritz, apply to hydrated skin after showering. The water and hot steam from the shower opens your pores to allow the scent to lock in. You can also moisturise before applying perfume to get the same effect.

Match scented products

If a brand offers product ranges in the same scent, such as shower gels, bath oils and moisturisers, use these alongside your fragrance to build the scent in layers. Czech & Speake’s most popular fragrances come in the form of bath and body products. Our Neroli fragrance comes as both a bath oil and body wash, which means you can soak in the oil, wash with the soap and then spray the perfume. 

Scent clothing and hair

Our perfumes mainly come as a cologne spray, so you can spritz the scent over your skin with ease. Applying scent to skin is the most usual approach, however, you can also scent your clothing and hair, a method traditionally used in the Middle East. This is another way of layering fragrance to increase its weight. 

Apply to pulse points

It is most usual to spray perfume along your pulse points, such as the wrists, behind your ears and your inner elbows. Your pulse points are areas where the veins run close to the skins surface, meaning they emit the most heat from blood flow, and crucially, fragrance reacts best with heat. 

No.88 Eau de Parfum as worn by Igee Okafor

Do not rub or shake

A perfume formula is a delicate blend of essential oils, therefore it needs to be applied and handled with care. It is a common misconception to rub your wrists together after spritzing, but in fact this action breaks down the chemical formula and causes the top notes to disappear. If you want to transfer the scent, gently dab it. Avoid shaking the fragrance bottle as this could also break down the formula and shorten its lifespan.

Store in a cool, dark place

To ensure your fragrances’ formula lasts, store it away from direct sunlight. If it gets too warm or fluctuates too much in temperature, the fragrance will be set off before it is released from the bottle which will break down the chemical compounds and weaken its strength over time.

Long lasting scent in the Czech & Speake collection:

Each and every Czech & Speake perfume is crafted to last throughout the day. The quality of ingredients and high concentration of our fragrances mean that you won’t need to apply a vast amount of perfume to ensure it lasts. On average our perfumes will last 6 months to a year when used daily, but this, of course, depends on how much perfume is applied each time.

Which are our most popular, long lasting perfumes for each season?

All year round: No.88 EdP Spray 200ml

No.88 Eau de Parfum 200ml

No.88 is our most popular and well-known fragrance. It has become somewhat of a signature scent due to its unique aroma that harbours a variety of surprising perfume notes. Its bergamot top note is fresh and woody, its base is earthy and rich with vetiver and sandalwood, with a heart of warm geranium, rose otto, and frangipani. Our latest release of the No.88 fragrance, No.88 EdP 200ml, is the longest lasting yet. The new eau de parfum formula is a stronger version of the original scent, while the larger sized bottle means it will last on your dresser for much longer. 

Autumn: Spanish Cedar EdP Spray 100ml

Spanish Cedar Eau de Parfum 100ml

In Autumn, Spanish Cedar is perfect. It blends exotic woods, resins and sensuous smoky notes alongside spicy piquant notes, all expressive of the autumnal season, in a long lasting EdP formula. 

Winter: Dark Rose EdP Spray 100ml

Dark Rose Eau de Parfum 100ml

In the Winter season, the chilled weather urges you to opt for something deep, festivaly spicy and warming. Dark Rose combines the flower with a woody, oriental base of musk, cedarwood and agar wood, in a bold EdP formula.

Spring: Oxford & Cambridge Cologne Spray 100ml

Oxford & Cambridge Eau de Parfum 100ml

In Spring, our Oxford & Cambridge fragrance becomes the most popular. Its calming lavender heart notes are coupled with top notes of peppermint and bergamot making it a lovely fresh zing for Spring, while its woody base of Oakmoss anchors the scent.

Summer: Villa Ausonia EdP Spray 100ml

Villa Ausonia Eau de Parfum 100ml

In Summer nothing can compare to Villa Ausonia. Villa Ausonia captures the salty Côte d’Azur breeze and the lingering scent of distant pine forests, transporting you to a sun soaked beach. Fresh ocean notes on a gourmand base of vanilla and musk mean that this scent is able to be refreshing for summer but also deep and long lasting. 


If you are looking for a long lasting scent, browse our bold, Eau de Parfum range. Discover our Newest EdP, No.88 EdP Spray 200ml.

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