Long Lasting Scent: How to Make your Perfume Last Longer

Perfume plays an important role in our daily lives. Before you step out the door to start your day, a spritz or two of perfume does more than complete your look; it can give you confidence, enhance your mood and add further context to your chosen attire and personality – scent is something that others will remember about you. For this reason, perfume is worth spending on. To make the most of your investment, it is important to choose a fragrance that works for your skin and will last, as well as knowing the best ways to apply and care for it.

How to choose a long lasting perfume

When shopping for scent you’ll notice that fragrance comes under different categories; aftershave, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and pure Parfum. These labels define the concentration of fragranced oils in comparison to water and alcohol content, giving the fragrance its strength and ultimately staying power. Aftershave is at the weakest end of the spectrum as its purpose is geared towards skincare after shaving, while pure Parfum has the highest concentration of perfume ingredient. Pure Parfum is rare, so we recommend choosing Eau de Parfum, as one application still has the ability to last a full working day.

As well as considering the label strength, the notes and fragrance family the perfume belongs to can make a lot of difference to how long the scent will linger. The base notes will give you a good indication of this, as these are the notes that stick around the longest and hold together the body of the scent, which means they tend to be the most substantial notes in the mix. If the base contains rich ingredients such as woods, spices and musks, belonging to woody and oriental fragrance families, the perfume will have weight and will last. Floral and fresh fragrances with a delicate base may not last quite so long.

It is also important to be aware of your skin type when choosing a fragrance for you. Different skin types have their own properties and pH balances, meaning they will react differently to perfume. The key definer is whether your skin is naturally oily or dry. If your skin is more oily by nature, fragrance tends to magnify as perfume ingredients are attracted to oil. This means you will be safer to choose a more delicate scent as your skin can hold it for longer. If your skin is dry, you will be better off choosing a fragrance with a heavy base, as your skin won’t be as hospitable to softer scents.

Tips to make it last:

Apply to moistened skin

As already described, dry skin is no good for fragrance; the ingredients are attracted to moisture. The most effective way to make it last from first spritz is to apply to hydrated skin after showering. The water and hot steam from the shower opens your pores to allow the scent to lock in. To further enhance this, we recommend that you moisturise after showering and before spritzing to give your skin more chance of holding onto the scent.

Match scented products

It is of value to use scented products such as shower gels, bath oils and moisturisers that match your fragrance, to build the scent in layers. This will provide a deeper, longer lasting aroma. A number of Czech & Speake’s fragrances come in the form of bath and body products. Our Neroli fragrance comes as both a bath oil and body wash, which means you can soak in the oil, wash with the soap and then spray the perfume. Neroli is one of our more delicate fragrances so this technique will enrich the scent.

Apply to pulse points

By instinct, we tend to apply perfume to pulse points such as our wrists and behind our ears. There is good reason for this. Your pulse points are areas in which the veins run close the skins surface, meaning they emit the most heat from blood flow, and crucially, fragrance reacts best with heat. Other less conventional points include the inner elbows and the back of the knees.

Do not rub or shake

A perfume formula is a delicate blend of essential oils, therefore it needs to be applied and handled with care as to not disrupt the harmonious aroma. Many of us rub the sprayed liquid over to the other wrist, but this action breaks down the chemical formula and causes the tops notes to disappear. If you need to transfer the scent, gently dab it. Equally avoid shaking the fragrance bottle as this could break down the formula and shorten its lifespan.

Store in a cool, dark place

To keep your perfume in its freshest state, store it somewhere out of direct sunlight. If it gets too warm and fluctuates too much in temperature, the fragrance will be set off before it is released from the bottle which will break down the chemical compounds and weaken its strength over time.


Use our guide to explore Czech & Speake’s fragrance range to find the perfume that will last best for you. If you need some more guidance, have a look at our fragrance finder page.

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