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The Best Autumn Fragrances to Wear This Year

If you are searching for a new fragrance to see you through autumn, look no further as we have edited our fragrance collection to reveal the best Autumn fragrances for you.

Thinking about autumn can bring about some fond thoughts. While it is comforting to instantly think about cosy scarves, crackling fires and delicious warming food, it’s also worth thinking about swapping the light and summery floral fragrances for the more intense and lingering scents.

Over the past few years, we have noticed woody notes are a popular choice for autumn. Vanilla and sweet warming notes are usually the next most sought-after autumnal scents. Czech & Speake offer plenty of distinct and individual scents to add to your fragrance wardrobe so here are the ones we recommend you take note and take time to research and discover…

Dark Rose Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

Dark Rose is a unique fragrance that takes its inspiration and ingredients from the traditions of Indo-Arabian perfumery and heritage. The symbolic fragrance made from generous, nocturnal rose, is designed to appeal to both men and women. The luxuriousness of both fragrance and cultures that have inspired this delicious perfume is enhanced by the rich pomegranate-coloured glass bottle.

Dark Rose Fragrance



  • Top Note: May Chang – a spicy, lemony oil
  • Middle Note: Rose of Taif, Saffron Extract, Lily
  • Base Note: Cambodian Agarwood (Oud), Musk, Cedarwood


The Vibe:

An exhilarating combination of the most hypnotic essential oils, to create a rich, lingering and indulgent fragrance. It is perfect for the transition of lighter days to the darker nights of Autumn.  Sensual, intriguing and deeply mysterious. The lemony rose of the rose of Taif ads a distinctive characteristic.

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Spanish Cedar Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

An exotic blend of woods, resin and sensuous smoky notes. balanced with citrus spicy notes. Spanish Cedar has a sensuous warmth and depth, not like any other fragrance of the Czech & Speake collection.

spanish cedar fragrance



Notes: Top Bergamot

Middle  Plum, Blackberry, clove and Galbanum

Base Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood and Tar

The Vibe: Feels like a deeply woody autumnal evening warmed up by the fire – with its natural sweet aromas and cedarwood notes, it provides a warm and earthy scent, that is quite comforting. It is an extremely addictive fragrance that deepens and develops over time on the skin. Super sexy.

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No.88 Cologne Spray 100ml

No.88 is a favourite with both, men and women, and it is the Czech & Speake signature fragrance, known as a truly English scent. No.88 has a fresh, woody top note of reviving and uplifting bergamot, the richness and warmth of geranium, rose otto, cassie and exotic frangipani. Presented in our own iconic black opal glass bottle. This cologne is rich and has depth, instantly recognisable amongst fragrance connoisseurs and remains our No. 1 bestseller.  Although we are sure this is an all-year favourite fragrance, the No.88 still makes our perfect autumnal scent list.

Notes: With notes of bergamot, sandalwood and geranium.

The Vibe:  It feels like you’ve stepped into a leafy garden on a frosty Autumn morning with a woody edge courtesy of bergamot roots infused with sandalwood and geranium with a subtle hint of rose embedded into the background. Haunting and lingering.

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Cuba Cologne Spray 100ml

If you like a deep classic scent and a distinct scent for autumn then Czech & Speake Cuba colognes zingy peppermint, bergamot, rum & lime will have you bewitched. Cuba is everyone’s favourite tobacco fragrance.



  • Top notes: peppermint, bergamot, rum & lime
  • Middle notes: rose, clove, bay & tonka beans
  • Base notes: frankincense, tobacco, vetiver & cedarwood

The Vibe:  Anyone who has spent time in Cuba will be immediately reminded of their time there. The mood of this fragrance is warm like a Cuban evening, with humid tobacco leaves, rum, amber, a hint of zesty citrus and a few culinary herbs. A wet, shady floral heart develops after application, with notes of dry flowers left under the rain.  A passionate fragrance.

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Autumn has a dark and sensual feel about it, and we think that these fragrances encapsulate the essence and mood that we all look forward to in the Autumn season.

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