At Czech & Speake, we know small details make the biggest difference. Which is why every product created by founder Frank Sawkins is designed with careful consideration of the functional needs and materials of each element. Utilising his experience as an industry-pioneer, Czech & Speake Grooming products are ergonomically functional and beautifully crafted.

Designed to last a lifetime, our Shaving Set & Stand is just one example of this design knowledge and creative expertise. The Stand, which uses a single piece of anodised aluminium to hold a perfectly weighted Mach III Razor and Badger Hair Razor, allows excess moisture to drain away – thereby reducing wear and increasing cleanliness.

The Soap Dish, with its high-quality soap formulation and soft closing lid, ensures soap is kept fresh for longer. And, when this soap is finished, convenient refills are available to ensure your next shave is as effortless as the last.