Cuba Eau de Parfum

A vibrant, sensual and spicy fragrance that inspires dreams and joie de vivre. Cuba celebrates the old town of Havana and its Latin rhythms, its people, their stoic ability to endure difficulties and produce world-class cabaret, music, delicious rum, and fantastic cigars.

The initial burst of the top notes of bergamot, lime, peppermint and rum is layered with a melange of spicy and floral middle notes of clove, bay and rose. Woody base notes of tobacco, frankincense, cedarwood and vetiver round off this striking fragrance.

The new Eau de Parfum version of Cuba fragrance has a bolder, stronger character – an intense, longer-lasting scent for those who love this exciting fragrance.

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Vétiver Vert Eau de Parfum

The new Vétiver Vert Eau de Parfum is an enchanting, intoxicating scent – an intense and longer-lasting version of the original Vétiver Vert Cologne, combining deep woody notes with a citrus burst. A modern interpretation of a classic masculine fragrance, paying homage to the likes of Guerlain.

Green and balsamic middle notes of laurel and galbanum enhance the longevity of the fragrance, rounded off by a sweet and woody base of pure Haitian vetiver and sandalwood.

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