Gentlemans Grooming

Czech and Speake’s award winning shaving and grooming range includes impeccably made, traditional instruments which perfectly combine elegance and practicality. For shaving we offer our perfectly weighted razor; with a durable finish it carefully sculpts the faces of young and old alike. The shaving brushes are hand assembled using the best quality badger hairs that work perfectly to lather our shaving soaps. These specialist soaps are enriched with coconut oil and glycerine, fragranced with natural oils, which soften the beard and moisturise the skin. These components are perfectly designed to fit our elegant shaving stand, creating an impeccably stylish ensemble. Our aftershaves’ delicately scented natural oils and mildly antiseptic properties harmoniously tighten the pores and soothe the skin. All instruments within the grooming range exemplify Czech and Speake’s renowned attention to detail, surpassing even the high standards held by the London gentry.