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5 Ways to Properly Apply Your Aftershave & Fragrances


There is in fact a way to apply fragrances so that they will last longer and smell great all day. Granted, some fragrances are stronger and have more lasting power, but even those scents need to be applied correctly.


Why do people like to wear fragrance?

There are two main reasons why people enjoy wearing perfumes: backup for deodorant and for personal scent. When you become sweaty in certain places on your body, the odour protection that deodorant delivers starts to fall short after a while. That’s why you have fragrances like perfumes and colognes in reserve, to mask the natural body scents that people you meet are going to find offensive.

Furthermore, it’s nice to have a signature scent. When you walk into the room, you want people to identify your scent with something pleasant and to wonder, “What fragrance is this person wearing?” Therefore, wearing a fragrance is about wearing a scent that’s going to go well with your body chemistry, and wearing enough that it becomes your scent, while not fumigating the room around you. It’s the difference in wearing a smart tuxedo to a dinner or wearing a loud purple tuxedo to the same dinner. Applying cologne properly is about having a sense of yourself.


Tips on how to apply your fragrance:

Two on the neck and one on the wrist, right? No, that’s not how to properly apply perfume. Our fragrance experts unbottle thepractisedd knowledge you need to make every spritz a sensation.


Source:  Fab Magazine


Spray at a distance

Spraying too close is not the way to go when applying fragrances. Experts say that holding the fragrance or cologne 15cm away from the skin is the best way. This allows you to create a mist of spray that covers to more bare skin rather than a dribble of liquid running down part of your skin. Create a spritz rather than a track line with your perfume. Creating the mist is what opens the fragrance, allowing you and those around you, to pick out the opening top notes.


Avoid Rubbing

It is advised that you do not rub the fragrance into the skin. Every scent is made from a pyramid of top, middle and base notes, with each note being released from the top down as the fragrance develops.

However, rubbing your wrists after applying a scent destroys the scent pyramid down to its base notes instantly so it reduces the lasting power. You’ve paid for a luxurious fragrance with several depths, so it’s best to allow them to make an appearance by themselves.  


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Absorb into the skin

Although scents can be applied onto the scent at any time of the day, for the best impact you can opt for a spritz of fragrance after a hot shower. This is recommended because the skin’s pores are open and so the scent will be absorbed into the skin better. This reduces the rate it is released, making your fragrance last longer.


Where to apply a cologne or fragrance

Most people will spray their fragrance on wrists and under their neck. Apply cologne or fragrance to the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows. The areas that you apply the fragrance will react with your body heat and continue to release the scent. The aim is to harness body heat to spread the scent.


Don’t overdo it

If you leave your bathroom in a cloud of perfume spray each day, then you’ll be overpowering those close to you with a scent that is too much to handle. Often, the less is more rule applies when it comes to luxurious fragrances.

Stick to three or four sprays and reapply later in the day if you need to impress. Each spray lasts the same amount of time, which means that using more perfume doesn’t increase the staying power of your fragrance, it’ll just make the initial meeting with you overpowering.



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