Understated Service and Style
The Czech&Speake brand is based on an ideal of understated excellence and produces items whose quality and classic design speak for themselves. Czech&Speake is confident of the quality of its products and services, taking cues from the diverse artistic movements of the 20th century – Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Cubism, Minimalism and Modernism – with an eye to the design and ideals of the Edwardian era. Good manners go far, even in business.

Surrounding every Czech&Speake piece there is a great sense of authenticity. Czech&Speake is a specialist brand devoted to the endless improvement of the engineering and luxury
of the ultimate bathroom; because it does not make beds, desks or kitchens, it can be wholly committed to its cause and its customers. Czech&Speake is every inch the genuine article.

Czech&Speake products are genuinely exclusive: produced in small runs; distributed spa- ringly for discerning customers; priced according to the quality of materials; time spent crafting and finishing each individual piece; and unique, understated design. Czech&Speake knows the meaning of exclusivity and the value of rarity.

Czech&Speake offers a luxury based on uncompromising quality, rarity and style designed to make time stand still while bathing. Czech&Speake is not interested in overindulgence or brassy opulence but the idea of an English luxury borne of an understated attitude, to using the ultimate materials to perform at their best. Czech&Speake is not an extravagance but an example of perfect execution.

The legendary quality of Czech&Speake products comes from a belief in using only the very finest materials and employing dedicated craftsmen to work on them. Materials go through many different processes and many different hands to reach the customer. Czech&Speake is the stuff on which great reputations are made.

Czech&Speake designs for permanency. In the knowledge that its products and furniture will be used for decades, Czech&Speake designs so that these pieces will be admired for even longer. The original Edwardian range took the clear, clean, classic lines of early 20th-Century England as inspiration; the celebration of the man-made in its Art-Deco collection; and a cool, modern, yet organic feel for its most recent Contemporary series.

Czech&Speake is a high-quality English brand with its feet comfortably planted on a foun- dation that respects tradition but also keeps a keen eye on the future. The tone of voice should reinforce these values. Such a distinctive, high-quality product does not need to shout about its greatness: Czech&Speake communicates clearly, directly, confidently and honestly, in exactly the manner its customers appreciate and expect.

The Czech&Speake font has evolved from being a corporate typeface to becoming one of the unmistakable qualities of Czech&Speake as a brand. From Edwardian to the Contemporary range, all items and applications will retain this clean, confident font to continue the feel of a modern classic. The principles of Czech&Speake should be borne out in every application of company typography: clear, clean and confident.