Care & Maintenance

A Czech & Speake fitting is expertly designed to last a lifetime if treated carefully and correctly. The quality of the materials and finishing does not require any special chemicals,  however, we do advise a soft cloth and nothing abrasive which can damage your fitting. For those of our clients in hard water areas we advise regularly removing the limescale to avoid build-up. Additionally for those that require servicing, such as thermostatic mixers, we advise doing so regularly as required this will ensure your fitting will last for decades. That to us is a true sign of luxury and sustainability.

Fittings that last a lifetime

Standard Finishes

Polished Chrome

Chrome is our most durable and popular finish with a silver/blue shine. We recommend wiping off any watermarks after use with a soft cloth or towel. Clean regularly with a nonabrasive bathroom cleaner and take care when drying – use a soft cloth or towel.

Advice from our bathroom expert

When in doubt a general mild detergent such as Fairy liquid, will clean and restore the shine after a polish with a soft cloth to clear residual water, which can leave a markFor stubborn limescale build up chrome plating is robust enough to withstand a propriety limescale remover, but this must be used sparingly, washed off and repeated for neglected fittings.  Surfaces such as marble surrounds must be well protected, as I have seen a lot of damage created by cleaning attempts that have not been thought through, and damage has been preventable. 

Polished Nickel

Nickel is slightly less durable compared to our chrome finish, however, its warm silver tones make this finish timeless and extremely popular with our USA customers. We recommend using a soft cloth or towel to wipe away any watermarks. Use a nonabrasive bathroom cleaner and dry with a soft cloth or towel. To maintain its original aesthetic, ensure to polish regularly, otherwise an aged patina can develop.

Advice from our bathroom expert

The nickel finish has always been my favourite finish to maintain, as the results can be so dramaticA high polish finish can be obtained by using a general mild detergent such as Fairy liquid, that will clean and restore, after drying off with a soft cloth to clear residual waterIn the showroom I used a premium metal polish such as PEEK, apply sparingly with a slightly damp cloth and polish off with a dry cloth straight away (do not leave the polished area to dry), this will help bring out the depth and lustre, you may need to repeat for stubborn marksTo maintain and protect the nickel finish, a household furniture polish such as PLEDGE (spray for wooden surfaces, as it contains wax) will help keep the lustre and shine and will also build up a protective finish, this will also help to repel water droplets, therefore minimising watermarks. 

Matt Nickel

Matt Nickel is an excellent design choice as this finish is a lot easier to keep clean in comparison to our polished finishes. Maintaining a Matt Nickel finish is quite different to caring for a chrome finish. Be sure to avoid using acid, alcohol or solvent-based cleaners as these can ruin or discolour the delicate surface. Do not use abrasive cleaners and scrubbing brushes. Use a wet cloth to remove any impurities. Use a mild soap solution such as dishwasher soap. Use a soft cloth to fully dry the fitting. Finish by treating with a suitable wax if desired (always read the instructions of the wax treatment to ensure its suitability).

Advice from our bathroom expert

See Polished Nickel above for our recommendations.

Polished DuraGold

Our DuraGold finish is the most luxurious from our selection. We advise taking extra care when cleaning DuraGold fittings. Firstly, wipe off any watermarks after use with a soft cloth or towel. Clean on a regular basis with a mild, gentle bathroom cleaner and dry with a soft cloth or towel.

Advice from our bathroom expert

Mild soapy water and polish off straight away, harsh bathroom or abrasive cleaners must never be used on the DuraGold finish, it should never be necessary. This finish will last for many years if respectedDuraGold adds a warmth that only a quality gold plating can bring. Livening up a “cold” bathroom, as it’s always cheery, and has aged well in the showroom. 


Several of our fittings and accessories are designed with porcelain. Clean regularly with a mild, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner.

Shower Head & Roses

Clean and descale on a regular basis, paying particular attention to the holes in the shower head as these can become blocked with limescale, especially if showers are not in regular use.

Wooden Lavatory Seat

Clean with a damp, nonabrasive cloth and dry immediately. Never use an abrasive bathroom cleaner on your lavatory seat as this is likely to damage the high-quality finish. We recommend using a furniture polish with wax such as Pledge occasionally to help maintain the high gloss finish (always read the instructions of the wax treatment to ensure its suitability).