DCA/FSD Collection

“The DCA Collection was born out of a collaboration with internationally renowned architect, Sir David Chipperfield, a specialist in the field of contemporary and minimalist architecture. He had been commissioned to work on a landmark hotel project in New York and sought our assistance with the bathroom fittings.

Due to the nature of the project we designed a completely new collection. The important thing to me was to develop a handle design that had a comfortable, almost organic feeling, rather than the typical association of stark, modernist fittings. The outcome was top works that although aesthetically crisp and sharp had a beautifully soft grip.

For the complementing accessories I desired to bring a touch of my love for traditional materials by adding Bristol Blue Glass. Although the English hand-blown colour goes back to the Georgian period, I felt the bold, cobalt blue worked well in a contemporary setting alongside the sharp fittings in Chrome and Nickel”.

Frank Sawkins
Czech & Speake Founder