How To Master The Art Of Fragrance Layering

September 2023

Fragrance layering is the art of combining two or more fragrances or scented products at once to create a new, unique scent. An underappreciated artform, experimenting with layering perfumes can reinterpret classic scents, elevate unsung notes or even create an entirely individual formulation.

With almost endless combinations, fragrance layering can appear overwhelming. Whether you’re a first-time fragrance combiner or a layering aficionado, we’ve consulted our finest fragrance specialists to explain what perfume layering is, how to layer fragrance and which fragrance combinations work best.


Why Layer Perfumes?

Originating from ancient Mesopotamian culture, fragrance layering began when worshippers would layer up to 7 scents during religious rituals. Centuries later, fragrance layering has become the ultimate expression of personal style capable of creating a new, totally unique scent.

Because the way two or more fragrances react on your body is truly individual thanks to your skin biome, fragrance layering ensures your scent can never be copied or imitated. For fragrance fanatics looking for something new and luxurious, layered fragrances create a signature scent in the truest form.


How To Layer Perfume

Whilst we most typically think of fragrance layering as combining two or more Eau de Parfum together, combining fragrance oils or body washes with fragrances can also bring about a unique fragrance experience.

Because perfume molecules cling to moisture in the skin, a Body Oil is an important initial step in maximising the longevity of your perfume combination. So, for No.88 enthusiasts, apply No.88’s Bath & Body Oil before the Eau de Parfum to intensify its signature aromatic, woody notes.

Always begin perfume layering with the heavier scent, otherwise lighter notes will become overpowered and lost. If you enjoy green grass notes, for instance, apply smoky Perfecto Fino before the lighter Vétiver Vert to avoid losing the delicate citrus top notes.


The Best Fragrance Layering Combinations

The advantage of perfume layering is that there is no right or wrong because, like any artform, the beauty of combining fragrances lies in the nose of the beholder. In the same way fragrances smell unique on each person, the success of perfume layering combinations is unpredictable and unique to you: combining scents on your skin is the best way to discover what works.

Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to follow some guiding scent principles, so we’ve curated our favourite fragrance combinations, designed to guide you through the best fragrance layering combinations for your tastes. Remember, don’t just take our word for it. Find a combination and try it for yourself:


Spanish Cedar & Cuba

Our Favourite Travel Duo

For fragrance layering novices, combining two fragrances which share a common note is a strong place to start. Brought together by a shared cedarwood note in the base, layering Spanish Cedar and Cuba elevates the piquant fruits and refreshing mint in the opening, as well as intensifying the smoky woodiness at the heart of these powerful, indulgent fragrances.


No.88 & Neroli

Our Favourite Day To Night Duo

Our two original and most popular scents, the clarity of Neroli’s clean citrus accord is a charming accompaniment to No.88’s aromatic complexity.

Together, they make an ideal introduction to fragrance layering with different scented products. For a fool proof fragrance layering routine, follow the No.88 Body Wash and Bath Oil with No.88 Eau de Parfum 10ml Roll-On, before rounding your grooming routine off with a layer of Neroli Eau de Parfum.


Perfecto Fino & Vétiver Vert

Our Favourite For Dawn Til Dusk

Two unique and compelling scents in their own right, layering Perfecto Fino and Vetiver Vert together intensifies the numerous notes they match. From a sandalwood base to a bright bergamot top note, combining these green fragrances brings a sharp citrus freshness to the intense smokiness of Perfecto Fino’s powerful heart.


No.88 & Ausonia

Our Favourite Holiday Pairing

For fragrance fanatics with more experience of layering scents, combine your favourite aromatic or woody fragrance with a contrasting fresh, citrus or gourmand Eau de Parfum.

A clean, modern oceanic scent, Ausonia’s calone heart is a fragrance enhancer and therefore an ideal contrast to No.88. Layered together, Ausonia intensifies and reworks a classic scent to create a new, truly unique profile.


No.88 Body Wash & Dark Rose

Our Favourite For Evening Sophistication

Or take these contrasting scent combinations a step further by adding a new dimension to your go-to Eau de Parfum with a contrasting Body Lotion or Body Oil. No.88 Body Wash, for instance, is a charming accompaniment to Dark Rose Eau de Parfum, the combination of two dark, complex scents connected by a heart of rose creates an intensified, elevated scent worthy of the finest evening events.



Despite its impressive heritage, fragrance layering is an under-appreciated art which deserves greater recognition for its ability to create unique, deeply personal scents.

Mastering the art of fragrance layering comes with time and experimentation, so do not overthink the process. We’ve outlined our preferred fragrance combinations as a launch pad, allowing you to create your own ideas. Now is the time to be bold, to create a new signature scent designed by you, for you.