Beard grooming tips: 5 ways to improve your beard

Beard grooming could be a luxurious experience, not a mundane everyday necessity. If you are the proud owner of a beard, you might be wondering how to improve it with some new beard care tips. Achieving even growth, creating a thick look and finding the perfect products to help your beard feel good can be a challenge, so find out how to improve your beard with our top tips.

Be sure to have an even shave

This can be easier said than done, especially if you do not have the right equipment. In order to achieve an even shave, you need a razor that is expertly crafted to fit this purpose. The blades on our Oxford & Cambridge razor are designed to be accurately weighted in order to glide along the skin with ease to provide a perfect finish. No shave needs to require too much effort or thought and a good razor will help you have an even shave every time. Once the process has been started with an even shave, your hair will grow more evenly and will ultimately give you a better beard over time.

Keep it clean

A good beard soap is going to be essential to keeping your beard clean. Take a look at GQ’s pick of top beard shampoos for some inspiration, or browse our shaving soaps made to fit our beautifully designed shaving dishes. A good brush will keep your beard in order and brush any stray hairs away. A shaving set will provide a full luxury shaving experience as each product has been designed to complement and aid one another.

Eat the right foods

Often, beard growing guides focus on the beard improvement that happens after the growth has taken place, but what happens if you need to know how to grow the beard in the first place? Facial hair is largely genetic, but you can increase your chances of being able to grow a beard by taking in the right amounts of protein and fats that help you grow facial hair. Growing a beard relies on a good dose of B Vitamins which you can get from meat proteins and nuts, as well as leafy greens.

Invest in a good comb


Don’t let an unruly beard show you up once you leave the house. Although you may be able to craft a beautiful beard in front of your mirror in the morning, the natural elements can disturb your creative genius. Investing in a good comb you can carry with you means that you’re always able to brush your stray hairs back into order while you are out and about.

Travel with a grooming set

Using quality products to groom your beard is essential to improving it, and that shouldn’t have to be prevented when you go away. While you’re on your travels, be sure to carry a travel kit to keep things in order. Our No. 88 travel kit includes a travel size shaving brush, a dish with 25g soap and 15ml No.88 aftershave shaker so that you’ll never be left without high quality grooming products.


For more advice on how to turn your grooming routine into a leisurely experience, then take a look at our blog article on the top 8 tips to make your grooming routine more comfortable.


The ultimate guide to incense sticks

What are incense sticks?

Incense sticks are aromatic biotic materials that allow a fragrant smoke to fill a room. The aroma can be used for many reasons – for how it looks, smells and when combined with aromatic oils the scents can aid meditative practice and relaxation. In order to release the fragrance of the incense stick, you simply light the stick and place it on a holder to keep it away from surfaces. Blowing out the flame when lit encourages the stick to produce glowing ash-like embers that release the soothing scent.

What is the best incense scent? 

With so many incense scents to choose from, it’s not possible to pick the ‘best’ scent. This will, of course, depend on personal preference, and often each home’s style and mood will suit a different scent.


No. 88 is an iconic fragrance and our signature scent. The first and most complex in the Czech & Speake Aromatics Collection, No.88 has a fresh, woody top note of reviving and uplifting bergamot, the richness and warmth of geranium, rose otto, cassie and exotic frangipani. Combined with dry base notes of vetiver and sandalwood, this modern classic has a full-bodied, sophisticated sensuality.



A Dark Rose scented incense stick offers a rich and intense smell that fills any room. The spicy note of saffron is combined with an elegant bouquet of Bulgarian Rose in the top note, making this a beautiful fragrance that is blended with aga wood, sandalwood and rose to create an indulgent, mysterious fragrance.



With notes of orange basil, myrrh and pimento leaf, these incense sticks offer an exotic fragrance. The giant sticks are suited to being burnt outside, or in large rooms with good ventilation, making them perfect for summer gatherings or parties. Each of the 12 sticks will burn for approximately 2 hours, leaving a lasting aroma.

How are incense sticks used?

The history of incense dates back to ancient times, and the burning of incense has long been connected with spiritual practice and religion. In the present day, the peaceful connotations and influence of incense sticks have been adopted by the western world to create a calming atmosphere and a relaxing environment. Smell is one of the most powerful of all the senses and has the ability to alter emotions and perceptions in seconds. For this reason, burning incense is a simple but powerful way to enhance the surroundings.

Incense may also be used whilst practising yoga and meditation, the scents provide help with relaxation and focus. The clever fragrance is able to create a sense of comfort and homeliness within minutes. An ideal way to ease yourself into the ritual of burning incense is with a starter kit. Traditional scents like Frankincense and Myrrh are perfect for those who haven’t experienced incense before, as burning them reveals exotic scents that have been enjoyed by many cultures for thousands of years.



If you are looking for the perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere and freshen the scent of your home, incense sticks are a wonderful way to transform your home scents.

5 ways to properly put on your aftershave & fragrances


There IS a way to apply fragrances that will make them last longer and smell great all day. Granted, some fragrances are stronger and have more lasting power, but even those scents need to be applied correctly.

Why do people like to wear fragrance?

There are two main reasons why people enjoy wearing perfumes: backup for deodorant and for personal scent. When you become sweaty in certain places on your body, the odour protection that deodorant delivers starts to fall short after a while. That’s why you have fragrances like perfumes and colognes in reserve, to mask the natural body scents that people you meet are going to find offensive.

Furthermore, it’s nice to have a signature scent. When you walk into the room, you want people to identify your scent with something pleasant and to wonder, “What fragrance is this person wearing?” Therefore, wearing a fragrance is about wearing a scent that’s going to go well with your body chemistry, and wearing enough that it becomes your scent, while not fumigating the room around you. It’s the difference in wearing a smart tuxedo to a dinner or wearing a loud purple tuxedo to the same dinner. Applying cologne properly is about having a sense of yourself.

Tips on how to apply your fragrance:

Two on the neck and one on the wrist, right? No, that’s not how to properly apply perfume. Our fragrance experts unbottle thepractisedd knowledge you need to make every spritz a sensation.


  • Spray at a distance


Spraying too close is not the way to go when applying fragrances. Experts say that holding the fragrance or cologne 15cm away from the skin is the best way. This allows you to create a mist of spray that covers to more bare skin rather than a dribble of liquid running down part of your skin. Create a spritz rather than a track line with your perfume. Creating the mist is what opens the fragrance, allowing you and those around you, to pick out the opening top notes.


  • Avoid rubbing



It is advised that you do not rub the fragrance into the skin. Every scent is made from a pyramid of top, middle and base notes, with each note being released from the top down as the fragrance develops.

However, rubbing your wrists after applying a scent destroys the scent pyramid down to its base notes instantly so it reduces the lasting power. You’ve paid for a luxurious fragrance with several depths, so it’s best to allow them to make an appearance by themselves.  



  • Absorb into the skin


Although scents can be applied onto the scent at any time of the day, for the best impact you can opt for a spritz of fragrance after a hot shower. This is recommended because the skin’s pores are open and so the scent will be absorbed into the skin better. This reduces the rate it is released, making your fragrance last longer.


  • Proper place to apply a cologne or fragrance

Dark Rose Fragrance


Most people will spray their fragrance on wrists and under their neck. Apply cologne or fragrance to the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows. The areas that you apply the fragrance will react with your body heat and continue to release the scent. The aim is to harness body heat to spread the scent.


  • Don’t overdo it


If you leave your bathroom in a cloud of perfume spray each day, then you’ll be overpowering those close to you with a scent that is too much to handle. Often, the less is more rule applies when it comes to luxurious fragrances.

Stick to three or four sprays and reapply later in the day if you need to impress. Each spray lasts the same amount of time, which means that using more perfume doesn’t increase the staying power of your fragrance, it’ll just make the initial meeting with you overpowering.

Fragrance from Czech & Speake

From exclusively English origins, our luxury fragrances are now available worldwide to be given as memorable gifts for all occasions or used for personal indulgences.  Our colognes are made by using the purest essential oils and ingredients, following traditional perfumery methods. The fragrances are beautifully presented in etched glass bottles; each has its own characteristic personality and is wrapped in fashionably embellished boxes which reveal the inspiration behind the scents. All our fragrances can be enjoyed by both men and women.

To see the full range of fragrances visit our fragrance pages.

6 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern bathroom design is often characterised by sleek surfaces, simple fixtures, and minimalist decor; effortlessly depicting a casual, contemporary lifestyle.

Our expertise here at Czech & Speake provide their insight into achieving a beautifully designed, contemporary bathroom.  Here are some recommendations of how this can be attained:

Accessorise Boldly

Modern interiors tend to be stripped back and minimalist in design, but this style by no means lacks impact; this basis provides an opportunity to be bold with accessories; striking shapes or colour contrast pop against the blank canvas.

For modern bathroom design, keep fixtures and fittings minimal, white is undoubtedly the most desirable and refined option. However, this does not mean the room has to omit personality and character, ideally, the bathroom should be a sanctuary – it is the only room in a house where you can escape and have alone time unquestioned. To enhance the environment, adorn with plants, ornaments, carefully selected framed artwork, and for both functional and aesthetic purpose, fill a rack or shelves with the most beautiful and luxury bathing products and bottles of cologne.

Consideration of lighting fixtures and tone of light is a key component for intelligent contemporary design and construction of an idyllic space. Create an impact with a chic light fixture above a freestanding bathtub for unique and modern appeal.  

Modern is available in every size

Modern design considers every aspect, therefore practicality is equally as important as the visual effect. Sometimes you must use intelligent design to make awkward spaces work in your favour. Spaces do not always come with abundant floor space, especially with many moving to modern city flats. A streamlined vanity unit with matching vessel sinks leaves plenty of storage space below. Keeping the colour palette of a small bathroom light and airy will give the impression of a larger space.

Invest in the right bathroom products and tools

Keep a polished toothbrush holder, shaving kit holder and soap dish. A minimalist space requires maintenance to keep up with the clean aesthetic. Objects and accessories are best kept organised and in place, while surfaces remain sleek and pristine. Most importantly, the space should be kept clean and freshly scented.

Use home fragrances to maintain a fresh scent.

Display beautiful cologne bottles for a little luxury in your modern bathroom too.


Source artwork such as illustration, paintings or posters from art markets or independent artists and have them framed and adorned on your bathroom walls to add character to the white space.

Experiment with patterns

Modest glass tiles provide a gleaming backdrop for a freestanding bathtub or a shower space. A black-and-white flooring in bold tiles also gives a feeling of luxury.


Czech & Speake’s Bathroom Accessories

If you are looking to add some unique finishing touches to your modern bathroom design, then take a look at our bathroom accessories. Here you will find inspiration from the Edwardian era. Brilliantly, these classic, industrial features compliment a minimalist living space beautifully, a concept continually used by architects.


8 tips to make your men’s grooming routine more comfortable

Grooming is an art form in itself. Gone are the days where it was considered emasculating for a man to take time and care in his appearance. In our current climate, traditional gender roles are increasingly challenged, lending access to freedom of expression; gentlemen around the globe are taking pride in their appearance. But with all this freedom, it is not always easy to fulfil these desires without the right grooming regime, products or tools.  

It should not have to come down to the hours spent on your daily grooming routine, rather it should be a leisurely, simplified process aided by well selected products and tools. Here are some grooming tips for a quick, simple and pleasurable experience.


Best shaving products if you shave daily

Most men prefer to maintain their facial hair, either through trimming or to shave it off completely, ideally on a daily basis. Therefore, it is vital that they are armed with the right tools to help make the shaving routine more comfortable. We recommend these luxury items for this purpose:

Complete with Mach III head and an aluminium handle, which is intelligently weighted to ensure a flawless shave.

No.88 Shave Brush is made with the finest badger hair, which provide extremely soft-touch bristles. This is paired with a solid aluminium base.

Our stylish Oxford & Cambridge Shaving Set & Stand is a luxurious buy. The sleek silver aluminium stand is elegantly curved and bold in design. Whilst classic in concept, the minimalist aesthetic means it is versatile to suit both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, shower and wet-rooms.

Treatments for the skin

It is important for everyone to moisturise. Men particularly should take great care of their skin pre and post shave.  

  • A good skin moisturiser for the face can be found in Kiehl’s Facial Fuel – it supplies a surge of needed moisture to the daily routine. It is vitamin-enriched, non- oily and energising.
  • Use bath oil to soften the rest of the skin. We recommend Trio Of Bath Oil (No.88, Oxford & Cambridge and Cuba) 3x50ml from our range. Fragranced with natural essential oils, add three to four shakes of bath oil into still water. When immersed in the infused bath water, your pores will be gently opened and skin will be cleansed and delicately fragranced.
  • Use a hydrating body wash such as our Oxford & Cambridge Hydrating Body Wash 300ml to prevent dryness and protect the skin.

Take care of your mouth

Invest in a good quality mouthwash, floss daily, and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Having a strong set of teeth and fresh breath are vital for keeping a man’s appearance stylish and presentable.

Take care of the lips. A nourishing lip balm used daily will help keep flaky lips at bay.  

Invest in Quality Products

This is a lesson that can be applied throughout life, but it bears repeating here. While you might be saving a few pounds in the short term by investing in a low cost aftershave or shaving set, in the long term it won’t prove to be so economical due to required replacement when it fails to live up to its purpose. It’s best to opt for high-quality, to ensure resilience as well as the added benefit of making the grooming experience a lot more comfortable.

Choose a signature scent

Owning a defining scent that reminds others of your presence is a powerful tool to make a lasting impression. Get your signature scent right by reading our blog dedicated to how to find and wear your signature scent. There is nothing sexier than a man who smells as great as he looks.

Regular Haircuts and maintain a healthy scalp

Hair must not be forgotten due to its influence on your appearance. Keep your hair styled and presentable, with regular visits to the barber shop. It is a good idea to treat your scalp weekly to avoid flakes and dandruff. Buying the right shampoo will make a huge difference to the desired texture of your hair.

Your grooming routine should not be a chore with our luxury products

Treat the man in your life this Christmas to a luxurious grooming set from Czech and Speake. You can trust that you’re buying quality products that will certainly make your man look his best. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated shaving set or a unique signature scent, we’ve got such a wide array of individual grooming products that you’ll undoubtedly find what you need. Check out our gifts section for more inspiration on what to buy.

Why our Frankincense & Myrrh fragrance will be your 2018 Christmas memory

The Frankincense & Myrrh range by Czech and Speake is truly exotic; a deep sensual scent that transports you to the opulence of the Orient. The rich blend of warm frankincense, the sharpness of myrrh and the woody rich base notes of cedar wood and sandalwood are topped by the fresh scents of orange, lemon and basil which give the Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance an exotic and distinctive twist. At Christmas time, our Frankincense and Myrrh range is meaningful to many households, due to its associations with the age-old biblical stories that define our festive season.


Why Frankincense & Myrrh Is Perfect For Christmas

We all know the Bible story about the Three Wise Men bringing Baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Matthew II tells us that the wise men journeyed from the East in search of the Christ child. They asked of King Herod where they can find Him, saying, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him” (Matthew 2:2). Upon finding the baby Jesus, “they bowed down and worshipped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh” (Matthew 2:11).

Why our Frankincense & Myrrh will be your Christmas memory this year

This Christmas narrative has been passed down to us through the generations, with particular significance to our childhood, in which we were taught the tale through family and education. The majority of us will have vivid memories of participating in school Nativities, centring around the gift-giving to the newborn Christ.

These deep-rooted connections mean that our Frankincense & Myrrh range has remained relevant and meaningful to households, enhancing the tradition and spirit of the season.

We have have been making some of the finest smelling toiletries since 1978 and the popularity of our Frankincense and Myrrh naturally rises during the winter months. This fragrance is often described as a cold-weather fragrance that will warm you up.

Favourite products from our Frankincense and Myrrh range:

Would you like to shop our favourite Frankincense & Myrrh Christmas products range? Here we have listed our most popular items under the Frankincense & Myrrh.

Make your house smell gorgeous this Christmas. The kit comes with a porcelain incense stick holder designed to catch the ashes which will inevitably fall. Each of the sticks will burn generously for approximately 1 hour (depending upon airflow). The incense will create an exotic and warming atmosphere in your living space with its harmonic influence. Notes of lemon, orange basil and clary sage will fill the air, and the exotic myrrh, chamomile & pimento leaf will enhance the festive spirit as the distinctive scents will complement the traditional associations with Christmas.


When a simpler, more instant approach is desired, opt for the room spray in the same range. The Frankincense & Myrrh fragrance in a room spray form has the added benefit of enabling you to infuse the smell into your soft furnishings so that when you entertain during the festive period, you can transform your home into a seasonal, and sensual experience for your guests.


Winter is the perfect time to indulge in a calming and luxury effect of candles. Our Frankincense & Myrrh candle is presented in a stylish etched glass holder, the deep and exotic fragrance is blended throughout and burns for up to 35 hours.

With notes of orange basil, myrrh, pimento leaf, cedarwood & sandalwood it has a spicy, heady scent. When stepping in from the bitter cold, this candle will promptly warm your senses with its sumptuous, inviting aroma. Curl up on an armchair while the notes of orange basil and sandalwood immerse your senses, and rebalance your mood.


Our Frankincense & Myrrh cologne mustn’t be missed from our list of favorites in the range, so we saved our best-seller till the end. This is a heavy, slow-evaporating scent perfect for winter.

Presented in a beautiful frosted glass bottle, this cologne is rich in concentrate and desirably long lasting. Aromatic, sensual, deep and delicately sweet with woody undertones. These revered aromatic resins resonate ancient, cultural history, in parts of the world such as Jerusalem, which define our celebratory season, therefore making it the perfect Christmas fragrance.  

The cologne contains notes of orange basil, myrrh, pimento leaf, cedarwood & sandalwood.

Czech and Speake Christmas gift guide

Wanting to spoil your loved ones this Christmas with the best luxurious fragrances? Czech and Speake do not disappoint as our extensive range of scents are accessible in a variety of forms – candles, colognes, aftershaves, bath oils, incense sticks and more – made to last and create a charming mood. The Frankincense & Myrrh range is ideal for Christmas – you can purchase your gifts from the range here.  

Aftershave & Fragrance Christmas Gift Sets Perfect for Him

Treat him to the perfect present this Christmas from Czech & Speake. One is spoilt with choice with our expansive range of unique  aftershave and fragrance gifts, from luxurious winter scents to the all-year-round colognes.

To simplify your shopping experience, here are our favourite Aftershave & Fragrance Christmas gift picks for men:

1) No.88 Cologne Spray 100ml

A classic and sophisticated fragrance, No.88 has been a consistent favourite from Czech & Speake. The iconic fragrance has retained a loyal following, remaining our most popular product. Presented in a satin finish, black opal glass bottle packaged in a striking black and white box, its unique design stands out from other brands in the market. This cologne is rich in concentrate and therefore long lasting.

With notes of bergamot, sandalwood and geranium.

2) Neroli Hydrating Body Wash 300ml

The latest addition to Czech & Speake moisturising body wash range is delicately fragranced with the characteristic Neroli scent. Our body washes have been discerningly researched and produced with the best ingredients and bio actives to soothe and revive. Natural emollients in the Neroli Hydrating Body Wash prevent dryness and protect the skin. The blossom of the bitter orange is suffused with the zest of citrus fruits to create a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance.

3) Villa Ausonia 100ml EDP Spray

Villa Ausonia personifies the breath-taking freshness of the Atlantic breezes in South West France with the lasting intoxicating scent of reserved pine forests. This androgynous, modern and light fragrance blends notes from oceanic ozone, green (a lighter interpretation of chypre) with citrus/fruity to sit in the gourmand fragrance family.

4) Cologne for the Traveller Collection 4x15ml

Our travel-sized gift set of colognes makes a great gift for those who take regular trips away. Presented in travel sized glass bottles, pack of 4 x15ml Traveller Collection cologne sprays include the No.88, Cuba, Neroli and Oxford & Cambridge.

5) Frankincense & Myrrh Cologne Spray 100ml

The Frankincense & Myrrh Cologne is a great Christmas gift for him. It is presented in a beautiful frosted glass bottle, containing a rich in concentrate cologne with longevity. It has refreshing and herbaceous qualities which gives it a distinctive scent, without overpowering the senses, and the rare flexibility to be wearable both day and night.

With notes of orange basil, myrrh, pimento leaf, cedarwood & sandalwood.

Christmas gifts for men from Czech and Speake

Relieve unnecessary strain in the hectic build up to Christmas, Czech and Speake may well absolve your gift buying duty. All you need to do is consider your loved one – what are their tastes? Which scent would charm their personality? Use our Christmas gift guide above.

To view the full range at Czech & Speake, head over to our gifts section where you will discover grooming, bathing and leather gifts.

The Essential Items In A Man’s Shaving Kit

Possessing the right tools is crucial to obtain the best shaving results. Men who take pride in their appearance will take the time and care required to shave their beards with the sharpest effect, and this couldn’t be achievable without well designed, quality products. While shaving with a standard, disposable razor may help you “get by,” when you swap this for a finer product, the difference is undeniable.

With an expansive range of shaving product options on the market, it can be easy to accumulate numerous products and increase the number of processes in your shaving routine. Refinement is key, and by selecting a set of complementary products which work together in harmony, will provide a sleeker, improved approach in attaining a greater shave.  

At Czech and Speake, our standards are high. We believe to carry yourself like a true gentleman, grooming is crucial; every gentleman should own a refined, high-quality luxury shaving kit.

Below we have detailed what we believe to be the essentials of a high-quality shaving kit:

Shaving brush


To create the desired shaving lather, use a good quality shaving brush.  The right shaving brush will exfoliate the skin and lift the hairs of the beard away from the face, aiding the razor blade to glide and cut through them effortlessly. If possible a badger hair shaving brush is recommended, (the higher the grade of badger hair the better the shave). Try to avoid Synthetic bristle shaving brushes.

Shaving razor

A shaving razor will vary dependent on your favoured shaving method (most common types include Mach3 razor, cut-throat razor, straight razor, open razor or safety razor). Our shaving razors at Czech and Speake are mach3 and are created with the intention to give a close, smooth shave and are kinder to the skin. Investing in a good razor is essential for the perfect shaving kit as it is this tool that will provide the most visible effects.

Shaving soap


An important palliative essential which not only protects your skin and softens the beard, a good shaving soap permits the razor to glide readily and safely over the contours of your face, to attain the most even and closest of shaves.


A luxury aftershave with your favourite notes is the perfect finish to a good shave. Apply over the shaved area of your face liberally. Our aftershaves contain carefully selected scented natural oils and slightly antiseptic properties to pleasantly tighten the pores and soothe the skin. This blend conserves skin hydration and helps ease the irritation often caused by shaving.

Shaving kit storage solutions


Shaving sets, shaving kits and shaving stands not only safeguard the gear to be stored properly and securely, but also contribute to the luxury aesthetics of your bathroom suite. Our Oxford & Cambridge shaving kit and stand are one of the most popular selling shaving products.

Storing your shaving kit when travelling

Good shaving equipment is designed to be accessible to you so that ‘the perfect shave’ can still be attained on your trips away. With intelligent shaving equipment such as travel razors, travel shaving brushes and travel aftershave readily available, you don’t have to compromise simply because you are away from home. Sophisticated wash bags to hold your shaving components means safe and easy storage on your travels.


For the perfect shaving kit essentials, head over to our shaving kit ranges and purchase quality products that will guarantee you an enhanced shaving experience.

4 Men’s Luxury Aftershave Gift Ideas

It is approaching that time of year when the apprehension to find the perfect gift for your loved ones set in. Christmas gifts should be an indulgence, and high end men’s grooming items are an excellent choice for the man in your life; a luxury product that will become a staple to his everyday routine.

Aftershaves differ from an eau de cologne and eau de parfum – each are unique in their own right. Aftershave contains a lower concentration of perfume oil in addition to a soothing ingredient which means it is designed to be applied to sensitive skin after shaving. All of the aftershaves in our collection contain mild antiseptic properties meaning not only do they  feel great after shaving, but also aid in the prevention of minor skin blemishes.

Here are our top four mens aftershave gift ideas:

1) Oxford & Cambridge

This aftershave offers notes of bergamot, peppermint and rosemary, with undertones of oakmoss. Oxford & Cambridge is a quintessential, classic scent of a high quality; the nostalgic elements provide a feeling of everyday comfort. If you are looking for a noteworthy and lively pairing of lavender and peppermint, this scent could be the perfect choice. It is ideal for a man who loves a crisp, white shirt which he wishes to pair with something refreshing.

2) Cuba

If seeking something zesty, pick up our striking red bottle of Cuba aftershave. A scent reminiscent of cigars, cedarwood and frankincense, Cuba is a silky smooth aftershave that will leave your skin feeling fresh. With top notes of lime, bergamot, peppermint and rum, and musky basenotes, this is a masculine, sweet and fresh scent. If you desire something lively and unique, Cuba is the aftershave you need.

3) Neroli

Neroli aftershave comes in a beautiful frosted bottle and is light in concentrate. The splash top design on each aftershave in our collection means it will emit carefully-measured drops of fragrance. This will provide you with the perfect ratio of product for your skin, avoiding overbearing scents. Reminiscent of exotic Asian fruit trees, the orange blossom note of this aftershave gives a unique and heady scent that will remain evocative in your mind.

4) No 88 Traveller

For men who regularly travel, our No 88 Aftershave for the Traveller is the perfect piece of kit. Using our original No 88 Aftershave scent, this gift box contains a set of four smaller No.88 travel size aftershaves; miniature versions of the beautiful black opal glass bottle. When travelling a far, there is nothing like than having your favourite scent with you to make sure you’re always smelling and feeling your best.


Luxurious aftershave gifts for men this Christmas

Treat the man in your life to a luxurious bottle this Christmas and there’s no doubt he’ll be gratified. Whether you’re looking for a crisp, clean and nostalgic scent or something that’s fruity and unique, we’ve got such a wide array of individual scents that you’ll be sure to find what you need. Our aftershaves enrich the skin’s hydration post-shave, and help ease any irritation that can happen as a result of shaving.  


You can take a look at our complete collection of aftershaves here


A Review Of Our New Villa Ausonia Fragrance – by Gentleman’s Journal

“This fragrance will take you back to summer

Escape the wintry days with the latest creation from this legendary London grooming brand…

In a world experiencing something of an identity crisis, in which the defining characteristics of what it means to be quintessentially ‘English’ are ever-changing, calling to mind a genuine bastion of the British style tradition can prove difficult. However, for the truly discerning customer, there has always been Czech & Speake.

World renowned for their premium men’s grooming, shaving accessories, fine fragrance and leather collection — the complete Czech & Speake catalogue fuses period and contemporary ranges, to offer pieces designed to make life a little more luxurious.

Now, with the latest addition to their fragrance repertoire, Villa Ausonia, this classically British brand are ready to transport you to the South of France…

A family affair…

In what was also a brilliant year for music, Frank Sawkins established his luxurious bathing concept from his design studio at number 88 Jermyn St. in 1980 — an address which provided the company’s signature scent with its now-famous name. From this discreet beginning, Czech & Speake now has a global presence but remains a London-based and family owned business, driven by its original founder with his wife, Frances and son Freddie.

Since that time, a comprehensive range of fine men’s fragrances, accessories, lavish shaving gift sets and exquisite leather goods has been developed – permitting for luxurious bathing at its best.

What’s in a scent?

Everybody knows that a signature scent is a powerful staple to any stylish man’s arsenal. A beautiful scent recalls memory, makes a lasting impression, and can transport its wearer from a rainy day in London to the rugged, wild sun-soaked Atlantic coast. As such, for Czech & Speake, the artistry of perfume-making is paramount to alchemy.

With their latest fragrance, Villa Ausonia, Czech & Speake have given a nod to the first Roman Governor who brought vines to Bordeaux from Rome, and the result is a fragrance that marries history with the captivating scents of the ocean.

Designed to simulate the  envigorating  Atlantic breeze, and the intoxicating fragrance of pine forests — ready to take you straight back to the summer months which now seem a distant memory.”

To read the original article, click here.

How to Design the Perfect Edwardian Bathroom

Czech & Speake founder, Frank Sawkins, coined the name Edwardian, for the most successful and iconic range of bathroom fitting and accessories.

This period in British history relates to the short reign of Edward V11, Queen Victoria’s son, however the Edwardian period is not about the King’s famed decadence, but the zenith of the British Empire and Industrial Revolution of the prior century bringing together craftsmanship and new technologies of the early 20th century, which realised the neoclassical style in furniture and architecture, lavish Ocean liners, plus the emerging motor car and aeroplane industries. A hay day for stylised design, of great simplicity and staying power.

The core of the range hasn’t changed much for over 100 years; except improvements in materials using lead-free brass; mechanical improvements valves, diverter mechanism and non-scold thermostats.

Unlike contemporary bath fittings, an Edwardian organic shape is fully exposed leaving little room for mistake in the finish and can only be hand polished by finest craftsmen.

The range is inescapably linked to traditional interiors alongside wood panelling, Turkish carpets, mahogany furniture, plaster cornice and marble.
And most projects are for heritage restoration, landmark building and traditional style interiors.  

However, some of the world’s most famous contemporary architects and designers have used the Edwardian range in the most minimalist modern interiors.

Here are some of the ways you can turn your bathroom space into an Edwardian sanctuary.

Focus in on the details


The Edwardian period was a time of optimism. For King Edward VII, it was a rebellion against his mother’s tight rule and a chance to take pride in the country. The wealthy, upper class joined him in an idealistic reinvention of their culture through extensive travel, high fashion, and spending prolific amounts on the interior and architectural design.

To channel the wealth and prosperity of this time, don’t cut corners with the details. Elevate your basin with striking gold taps, and enhance a freestanding tub with premium fittings. A beautiful bathtub can become the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom, transforming any space into a haven. It deserves those little hardware extras, like our Edwardian Deck-Mounted Two-Hole Bath Mixer.

Wallpaper vs. wall colours


Wall paint is often the most practical choice for humid rooms, which bathrooms commonly are. However, wallpaper can add both texture and depth if you have larger square footage and a well-ventilated area to work with. A feature wall can help to create a focal point and add intrigue to an otherwise cold space.

Florals, birds, gold foil prints and intricate patterns are synonymous with Edwardian home interiors and are an uncomplicated decorative solution to achieving the period bathroom effect.

In terms of colour, the Edwardian era favours a soft colour palette. Think springtime hues that follow the design narrative of bright, clean and fresh. Pastel shades such as duck egg blue, calming lilacs, soft pinks, light floral yellows and subtle greys work particularly well. Finally, contrast with rich mahogany finishes and solid wood bathroom furniture for a vintage look that oozes grandeur.

Decorate with high-end products


Spending time on the details doesn’t end at bath taps and fittings. The considered design approach should filter down to all bathroom décor, including the smaller finishings such as storage items and toiletries. Antique storage jars can also make a great feature (handy for keeping cotton buds or disposable razors tidy), whilst gold or chrome plant pots can bring out the finishes seen on your bath and basin, lifting them as a key design feature.

The bathroom products in this article should aid in providing you with an indulgent bathing experience, to mirror the hedonistic Edwardian lifestyles of the early 20th Century in Great Britain. A sign of a luxury bathroom has a lot to do with the products and fragrances seen on display, so opt for high-end brands and artisan makers.


Our luxury bath oils and fine fragrances come in beautiful display bottles, making them ideal to add to the décor of any Edwardian bathroom. We also have a collection of stylish bathroom accessories to aid a quick transformation.

For more inspiration on period bathroom design, take a look at our Edwardian fittings.

How To Freshen The Scent Of Your Home

Whatever your home-fragrance preference, we can offer a way for you to revive your environment, whether it is home or office, for every occasion and mood.

Scents and smells can trigger a distinguishing mood or ambience in your home. You may not be completely mindful of its presence, but notice how vividly your memory is triggered when a place accommodates a familiar scent. (Remember the particular characteristics of how your grandmother’s house used to smell?).

Obviously, we are not masking pongs here! Starting off with a clean and fresh environment is key to getting the full benefit of an inviting, enticing, and let’s face it relaxing space. Something you want to enjoy.

Use incense sticks to add atmosphere to your home



Incense sticks are a wonderful way to transform your home scents.  Even in large spaces, limit yourself to burning a single stick at a time, as that’s all you’ll need. They’ve been designed to be potent; they truly do fill the room.

Our favourite incense sticks are these No. 88 & Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Sticks, which include a Porcelain Holder and three different scents. You simply place the incense stick into the holder and light the tip, then gently blow out the flame. This will leave the glowing embers to smoulder and release the exotic fragrance. Each stick will burn for approximately 40 minutes.

Light it in a central location and let it permeate slowly through the house.

We now have revived our much loved Dark Rose incense, a deep sensual rose, smokey and beguiling.  Alternate the incense sticks for mood and smoky depth.


Candles and room sprays



There are plenty of inexpensive candles out there, but to find a scent of true quality and taste is not so straightforward.

It is well worth investing in luxury candles to emulate the atmosphere of your home. While the quality allows for longevity, the carefully selected fragrance never becomes insipid.

One tip to keep in mind is to not burn more than one candle aroma in a single room. Stick with a single scent to get the best results. For a luxuriously scented candle this winter, opt for our Frankincense & Myrrh Fragrant Candle 150g. Presented in an elegantly etched glass holder, the deep and exotic fragrance is blended throughout and burns for up to 35 hours.

If you are more inclined to use a room spray, we’ve given you to option to have the same fragrance in varying forms. The Frankincense & Myrrh Room Spray 100ml comes with the addition of zesty orange and cinnamon for a fresh and long lasting, subtle scent.

Use oil burners

Oil burners tend to create a stronger scent than candles and the smell lingers for a little longer too. The burners come in many shapes and sizes, all working in the same way. In most cases, a tea light is placed at the bottom, and a small amount of fragrance oil is poured into the top. As the oil heats up, the fragrance is released.

Start experimenting subtle scents when using oil burners because stronger scents can indeed be potent.  Unfortunately Czech & Speake cannot offer these at this time.

Try our range of home fragrances

If you’re after some deep and fulfilling aromas and scents for your home, head over to our Home Fragrances section.

For more tips on creating the perfect living space, take a read of our blog on How To Make Your Home More Intimate.

Art Deco


Authenticity and quality of design is something we pride ourselves on, and to reflect this we look to groundbreaking ideas and monumental movements in design history.

Czech & Speake was established on the basis of creating products of exceptional fine quality, with the intention to redefine elegance for the contemporary consumer.

With roots in fine art, architectural, interior and product design, our founder Frank Sawkins, has a strong sense of what makes solid design reflecting heritage with longevity, sourcing inspiration from significant, historical movements.  Following on from our signature Edwardian range, the Cubist collection takes inspiration from the era of Art Deco. This movement was visually and conceptually radical, with such an impact that it still continues to influence design.


A poster for 1925 Paris Exhibition ‘Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Moderne’


The movement’s name evolved from the 1925 Exposition in Paris titled ‘Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Moderne’, which was later abbreviated to ‘Art Deco’. The term became notorious when British historian Bevis Hillier titled his book ‘Art Deco of the 20s and 30s’. The style developed from its predecessor, Art Nouveau, which visually took inspiration from natural forms. Art Deco continued to take reference from nature, however was more defined by linear structures and geometric shapes, taking a lot of influence from the art movement, Cubism. Hillier proposed that it reacted to the demands of the machine, modern material and mass production. The influence of these developments consequently urged for more functional design.


Image of The Strand Palace Hotel in 1930


When Art deco came into popularity it dominated the scene, being used across art, fashion, interiors and architecture. The style was even seen in the design of cars, cigarette lighters and holders. After it’s birth in Paris, during the 1920’s and 1930’s, the movement became global, and could be recognised in the architecture of major cities, such as in the New York Skyscrapers. Equivalently the style came to prominence here in London; a major influence was in the architectural design of hotels, such as The Savoy, Claridges, The Strand Palace Hotel and the Dorchester which are now iconic. It was in fact London’s opulent hotels that triggered inspiration for Czech & Speake’s Cubist collection, as these grand buildings truly embodied the luxury of this period and have been used in the renovations of these wonderful hotels over the years.


Cigarette case designed by Jeweller, Gérard Sandoz, 1929


Despite Art Deco’s immense popularity at its prime, it was not just simply a fad. The movement has remained a highly credited period in design history, leaving its mark through architecture, collectible art pieces and its influence on new designers. The general concept of the period was to design simple shaped pieces with clean lines both elegant in style and function; a notion that still resonates with our customers



Czech & Speake’s Cubist Collection


To view Czech & Speake’s Cubist series, click the link below


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The Winter Fragrances To Keep You Warm

Masculine florals, warm powdery notes, or deep woody aromas. Whatever your favoured scent, winter provides the perfect opportunity to add exciting new fragrances to your collection. We’ve got a number of colognes, candles and bathing products that will create a feeling of warmth and comfort through the season change, evoking the most provocative of our senses; the sense of smell.

Smell is a powerful tool with the ability to recall memory so vividly, and that’s what makes winter fragrances so special. Nostalgic scents of Christmas will always remain prominent. During the cold season, we can use personal or home fragrance to awaken our minds and hearten a darker day.

Here’s our list of the most warming fragrances to see you through winter:

Frankincense & Myrrh

Add an element of the exotic to your home with our Frankincense & Myrrh collection. A distinctive and sophisticated choice in the men’s grooming market, but one that is equally loved by women. It’s a subtle choice that can transform any space into a sophisticated abode, with an alluring nod to the Orient.

The biblical association with Christmas may be the immediate connection, but the complexity of the famous scent is quite extraordinary. The deep woody notes, conjure up a feeling of luxurious comfort. The unique frankincense and myrrh resins, as extracted from tree bark, emanate the earthiness of winter, whilst the rich base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood warm your body and mind.

This unique fragrance is available across multiple ranges, including our fragrant candles and room sprays and our luxury colognes. Use all of these products together for an arresting aroma that will be arouse your memory, and the memory of those who enter your home.  


Dark Rose

Dark Rose Fragrance

For something seductive this winter, choose our rich and bold interpretation of the rose flower. Our Dark Rose collection features a unisex Eau De Parfum that can be worn day and night, along with giant incense sticks that fill the air with captivating Arab and Indian aromas.

A romantically symbolic perfume with a darker, masculine twist – this fragrance is far from understated. If you’re inclined to powerful scents that stimulate emotion, this is a great fragrance choice this season.  

The top note is May Chang, a spicy and lemony oil. The middle notes are the rare and exquisite Rose of Taif, saffron extract, and lily. And base notes are oud, musk and cedarwood, which combine well to create a deep warmth and intensity. Find out more about Dark Rose relaunched.


No. 88

No. 88 has been an all-around favourite fragrance, especially in Winter, thanks to the richness and warmth of geranium that it includes. No.88 is a much-loved fragrance with both men and women.

Our No.88 has a concentrated blend of bergamot,  geranium, rose, vetiver and sandalwood. Opt for the No. 88 this winter if you’re after a modern classic yet a full-bodied, sophisticated sensuality.

Regardless of age, gender and country, No.88 has been recognised as a consistent classic perfume since its inception.

Add this much-loved fragrance to every part of your grooming routines this winter 2018. To shop for No.88 products head over to our fragrance section for the colognes and perfumes or our grooming section for soap and shaving sets.

Heart-warming fragrances this winter 2018

Winter brings a time of cosy evenings by the fire, quality time with family and hearty food. To settle into the mood, treat yourself or a loved on to one of this winter heart-warming fragrances that fill you will warmth. To shop all of our fragrances ranges, head over to the fragrance section.

To read about finding your signature scent, head over to our blog, which gives you insight and tips into choosing that important all-year-round fragrance.

The Best Gift Sets For Men 2018

Buying gifts for loved ones can be a minefield; men being arguably the most challenging to buy for. With Christmas fast-approaching, gift shopping will soon be at the forefront of people’s minds.

To ensure your gift is well received every time, there are three things to consider.

  1. Ensure your gift has a purpose
  2. Keep the gift a complete surprise
  3. Make sure the quality is second to none

Our best selling gifts for men by Czech and Speake often get raving reviews — make that special person in your life feel appreciated with one of these gift sets:

Air-Safe Manicure Set – Blue & White £225


A fresh addition to our famous range of manicure sets for men, held in a handy travel-sized midnight blue, soft-surfaced, leather case with a crisp white interior. The 4-piece manicure set evokes class and elegance and will definitely be a welcome addition to a gentleman’s grooming collection. It includes slanted tweezers, nail scissors, nail clippers and a nail file.

The manicure tools are handcrafted for Czech & Speake in Germany. All have curved edges to conform to global restrictions on hand luggage for air travel. The long-life nail file was developed using extremely high tech and sharp synthetic crystals, which act like microscopic planes in the way they trim and shape the nail edge.

The Teflon coating applied to the instruments reduces corrosion to increase their lifespan, while acting as a dirt repellent, producing an extremely hygienic product.

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Three Compartment Gentleman’s Travel Case in black leather – 4.8L £450

If your loved one takes pride in their possessions and appreciates quality and class, then look no further.  The Three Compartment Gentleman Travel Case has been immaculately upgraded. The new model is architecturally superior, now able to open out flat onto a surface. The stiff leather casing and improved carrying capacity (4.8l) makes it a protective and organised piece of gear for men’s personal grooming – ideal for travelling as it is built to endure a nomadic lifestyle and will last a lifetime.

The product is made by craftsmen of an acclaimed Italian leather manufacturer using textured Santa Croce Italian calf leather of the uppermost superiority. The characteristic and fashionable granite interior cloth is of strong durability thanks to the hybrid water-resistant wax, developed exclusively for our products in Scotland.

The removable, water-resistant zip pocket has the option of being used as a separate wash bag, practical for the shower. It’s embossed with our Czech & Speake logo to match the large wash bag, and the reinforced insert design creates a more structured storage space.

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No.88 Travel Shaving Set

Timeless, classic and elegant in design, the No.88 collection of fragrances, shaving sets and soaps are loved by thousands of people around the world.

The No.88 Travel Shaving set makes a great gift for men because it is a fragrance and iconic label that makes an impact – the travel shaving set includes a travel sized shaving brush, a dish with 25g soap and 15ml No.88 aftershave shaker.

The beautiful scent is powerful, it opens with a sharp fresh gust of bergamot, leading to warm, rich and powerful middle notes of geranium, rose otto, cassia and frangipani, all grounded in a dark, smoky base of vetiver and sandalwood.  

The aftershave contains mildly antiseptic properties, which helps to close the pores and prevent minor skin blemishes. A perfect gift for men of any age.

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Zebrano Wood Shave Set

Our newest shave set has been crafted from sustainable tracked Zebrano wood and is known for its figured heartwood. The heartwood is straw-like in colour and uniquely marked with narrow veining or streaks of colour ranging from dark brown to almost black. These streaks give the heartwood a zebra- stripe appearance and its name.

Zebrano wood was classically used for boat building and in the production of skis, as it is tough, water resistant and decorative.

The razor features a Mach III blade and Silver Tip best badger hair to complete the brush.

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Sophisticated gift sets for men in 2018

Our gifts can be found under our gifts tab from the top menu, and are organised by budget, so whether you’re after:

gifts under £100,

gifts under £250

gifts under £500

We’ve got you covered with plenty of choices of elegant and sophisticated grooming gift essentials.

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To read more about men’s grooming, take a look at our blog providing five essential products for men’s grooming routine.

The Edwardian Period


At Czech & Speake, our signature and most recognisable collection of bathroom fittings is the Edwardian range, and there is good reason for this. Despite King Edward VII’s reign being relatively momentary, the design of this era had such power and innovation that it’s been able to stay relevant throughout history and remains a dominant interior style choice to the contemporary decorator and homeowner.


The Edwardian era commenced following long-reigning Queen Victoria in 1901, abruptly ending in 1910 due to Edward’s premature death. Although brief, the period is well acknowledged and often romanticised through the media and literature for being a time of advancement and leisure. Gradual changing social behavior led to the population becoming more liberal in rejection to Queen Victoria’s severe ruling.


Alongside the development of having a more diplomatic sovereign, with comprehension for his subjects, the Edwardian’s had a great deal of pride in their country. This was following the “successful colonisation” of the British Empire, previous technological advancements and invention, most significantly the industrial revolution, which in effect had provided Britain with considerable commercial power. With their current elevated position in the world, it seemed as though the more fortunate members of the British public were well aware of their moment in history, idealising their own era through living in relative leisure. They did this through holidaying, travel, sport, and embracing new, opulent fashion, interior and architectural styles, reflecting the general feeling of optimism.



Improved public transport encouraged professionals to relocate further out of the cities, providing land to build larger, more spacious houses which were less ornate in design. For interiors lighter colour palettes were selected, as opposed to the dark styles widely used by the Victorians. This was made possible by the revolutionary invention of electric lighting, which enabled interiors to have inbuilt ceiling and wall lights, replacing gas lighting.


In effect, design became less formal to promote a more relaxed and liberal mindset; durability and simplicity of design aesthetic for furniture and interiors became key and has remained a valuable concept.



At Czech & Speake, the capability of Edwardian design was appreciated and recreated in a collection of luxurious bathroom fittings and quality accessories showcasing fine engineering with use of premium materials and finishes.

The Edwardian collection continues to be our best selling and most complete range, suitable for both period and contemporary interiors internationally.



As anticipated by Czech & Speake many years ago, the era of design has continued to be influential, with both period and contemporary style of living, simple but stylish with a continual popularity due to its timeless design.



To view Czech & Speake’s signature Edwardian series, click the link below.

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The Best Autumn Fragrances to Wear This Year

If you are searching for a new fragrance to see you through autumn, look no further as we have edited our fragrance collection to reveal the best Autumn fragrances for you.

Thinking about autumn can bring about some fond thoughts. While it is comforting to instantly think about cosy scarves, crackling fires and delicious warming food, it’s also worth thinking about swapping the light and summery floral fragrances for the more intense and lingering scents.

Over the past few years, we have noticed woody notes are a popular choice for autumn. Vanilla and sweet warming notes are usually the next most sought-after autumnal scents. Czech & Speake offer plenty of distinct and individual scents to add to your fragrance wardrobe so here are the ones we recommend you take note and take time to research and discover…

Dark Rose Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

Dark Rose is a unique fragrance that takes its inspiration and ingredients from the traditions of Indo-Arabian perfumery and heritage. The symbolic fragrance made from generous, nocturnal rose, is designed to appeal to both men and women. The luxuriousness of both fragrance and cultures that have inspired this delicious perfume is enhanced by the rich pomegranate-coloured glass bottle.

Dark Rose Fragrance



  • Top Note: May Chang – a spicy, lemony oil
  • Middle Note: Rose of Taif, Saffron Extract, Lily
  • Base Note: Cambodian Agarwood (Oud), Musk, Cedarwood


The Vibe:

An exhilarating combination of the most hypnotic essential oils, to create a rich, lingering and indulgent fragrance. It is perfect for the transition of lighter days to the darker nights of Autumn.  Sensual, intriguing and deeply mysterious. The lemony rose of the rose of Taif ads a distinctive characteristic.

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Spanish Cedar Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

An exotic blend of woods, resin and sensuous smoky notes. balanced with citrus spicy notes. Spanish Cedar has a sensuous warmth and depth, not like any other fragrance of the Czech & Speake collection.

spanish cedar fragrance



Notes: Top Bergamot

Middle  Plum, Blackberry, clove and Galbanum

Base Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood and Tar

The Vibe: Feels like a deeply woody autumnal evening warmed up by the fire – with its natural sweet aromas and cedarwood notes, it provides a warm and earthy scent, that is quite comforting. It is an extremely addictive fragrance that deepens and develops over time on the skin. Super sexy.

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No.88 Cologne Spray 100ml

No.88 is a favourite with both, men and women, and it is the Czech & Speake signature fragrance, known as a truly English scent. No.88 has a fresh, woody top note of reviving and uplifting bergamot, the richness and warmth of geranium, rose otto, cassie and exotic frangipani. Presented in our own iconic black opal glass bottle. This cologne is rich and has depth, instantly recognisable amongst fragrance connoisseurs and remains our No. 1 bestseller.  Although we are sure this is an all-year favourite fragrance, the No.88 still makes our perfect autumnal scent list.

Notes: With notes of bergamot, sandalwood and geranium.

The Vibe:  It feels like you’ve stepped into a leafy garden on a frosty Autumn morning with a woody edge courtesy of bergamot roots infused with sandalwood and geranium with a subtle hint of rose embedded into the background. Haunting and lingering.

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Cuba Cologne Spray 100ml

If you like a deep classic scent and a distinct scent for autumn then Czech & Speake Cuba colognes zingy peppermint, bergamot, rum & lime will have you bewitched. Cuba is everyone’s favourite tobacco fragrance.



  • Top notes: peppermint, bergamot, rum & lime
  • Middle notes: rose, clove, bay & tonka beans
  • Base notes: frankincense, tobacco, vetiver & cedarwood

The Vibe:  Anyone who has spent time in Cuba will be immediately reminded of their time there. The mood of this fragrance is warm like a Cuban evening, with humid tobacco leaves, rum, amber, a hint of zesty citrus and a few culinary herbs. A wet, shady floral heart develops after application, with notes of dry flowers left under the rain.  A passionate fragrance.

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Autumn has a dark and sensual feel about it, and we think that these fragrances encapsulate the essence and mood that we all look forward to in the Autumn season.

To shop our full range of fragrances, explore our aromatics and fragrance pages.  

How To Create A Beautiful Bathroom With Detailed Finishes

Bathrooms are of fundamental importance to your home. Not everyone will frequent every room in your home, but many people will need to use your bathroom, and we bet that you spend a reasonable amount of time in there yourself.

It is important that this space is attractive, a place of relaxation and hygienic. When it comes to bathroom design, the finishing touches are everything. Your bathroom should look effortlessly seamless, and in order to do that, you will need to pay special attention to the finishing touches within your bathroom.

Make sure you consider the rest of your house

You might really want a period vibe in your bathroom, but you cannot go all out with this type of theme if the rest of your home has a contemporary feel. You may find that you need to inject your chosen theme in a much more subtle manner and search for less obvious ways to get the look you are seeking so that you do not make guests in your home feel as though they have stepped inside a different house.

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How to choose your bathroom interior theme and stick to it

It is a good idea to choose an era or theme and then stick to it. Bathroom themes exist for a reason, and that is because the individual elements of the furnishings complement each other.

You may think that nobody will notice if you have a contemporary cube-shaped light switch and then traditional Edwardian taps, but these items are unlikely to complement one another, and the decor in the room will not flow the way it should.

A knowledgeable bathroom specialist will have a good idea of what will best suit your home.  Work with them to achieve a balance that you are comfortable with.

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Pay attention to the details

If you want to know what separates a good bathroom from a great bathroom, it is the little details. They tie everything together and make your room look finished.

You may be tempted to blow all of your budget on your bath or shower, or on your tiles or wash basin, but make sure you pay attention to the accessories. Invest in our high-quality accessories to complete your design, such as:

  • shelves and mirrors
  • tumblers and holders
  • heated towel rails

You may invest more but it will be worth it. People do pay attention to the little things, and these aspects of your bathroom will bring everything together.

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Invest in good quality

In your haste for a new bathroom, you may be tempted to try and fund it before you are really ready, but it’s important that you try and resist the temptation to do this. Bathrooms are expensive and need to be well planned, to be durable and to stand the test of time.



A lot can be achieved with a few well-chosen accessories. At Czech & Speake, all of our bathroom fittings and accessories are beautifully manufactured, long lasting and serviceable.  In fact, it is the longevity and durability of our products that we are so well known for.

For great quality bathroom finishing, check out our Edwardian, Cubist and DCA/FSD collections.  

Our bathroom specialists would be happy to talk through any ideas you have.

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Five essential products for your men’s grooming routine

At Czech & Speake we staunchly believe that it is a man’s prerogative to groom however he wants to groom, but we are commonly asked for advice around the basics.

Grooming is not just about hygiene, it is about looking and feeling your very best. When we take care of ourselves, we can feel unstoppable. Invest in the right products and follow a basic men’s grooming routine, and you will feel incredible.  Remember the Czech & Speake mantra, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Back to basics, how do you know which products are a necessity, and which ones are a luxury?

Here are the five products we think are essential for men’s grooming.

A signature scent

A fragrance is important. If we asked you to, you could tell us who your best smelling friends are. The chances are they have found a fragrance that suits their skin, and they go back to it all the time.  Find a scent that matches well with your personality. You’ll know when you have it because people will tell you that you smell fantastic.

It can be tempting to go for the strong smelling fragrances, but we would recommend trying light scents at first and use it sparingly. Nobody likes an overpowering perfume. It will smell like you are trying to hide something. A good fragrance only needs applying once a day. Even if you can’t smell it anymore, everyone else can.

You can find further tips around selecting a scent in this article.


A wonderful shaving set

Even with a beard, you will need to shave from time to time, if you prefer, so it is worth investing in a proper shaving set. Cheap razors will not do; you will nick your skin or take the top layer off, leaving you with a nasty cut or an unattractive rash. Invest in a proper shaving set. It might cost you a little more, but it will last longer and give you a higher quality shave.

At the very least, even if you do not need to brushes and the foam, you need to invest in a proper razor. Stay away from disposables. Not only are they bad for your skin, but they are bad for the environment, too.


A good body wash


Nobody wants to be the smelly friend. A good body wash should leave a light, fresh smelling scent on your skin, without leaving behind any residue. Our hydrating body washes are actively engineered to soothe and refresh. They will cleanse you well, but will not strip your body of its natural oils.

Moisturising body & bathing oil

Your skin is the biggest organ you own, and you should be looking after it. Not only is its well being essential for your health, but the skin is the largest organ you can see on the outside of your body, so if you want to look good, you will need to give it a little bit of tender love and care every now and again.

Buy the right oil, and you can cleanse, moisturise and fragrance your skin in one go. Czech & Speake’s moisturising body and bathing oils are especially good if you have dry or irritated skin, because just a few drops can help you rehydrate, and they leave your skin lightly fragranced.


A manicure set

Your hands are hard to hide, and they reveal a lot about you. Dirty fingernails are often accidental, but they leave a lasting impression, and it can often be the wrong one. If you do not want people to think that you do not take care of yourself, it is time to start giving your nails some attention.

We are not saying you should sit there and buff your nails until they are bright and shiny, but clean and well-trimmed nails should be a staple part of your male grooming routine. Do not bit them off or use a toothpick, invest in a proper manicure kit and take real care of your digits.

We have a range of great products from essentials listed above available on this website. We’d love for you to begin your basic men’s grooming routine with us.

Win Czech & Speake luxury products: Three Compartment Gentleman’s Travel Case and Manicure Sets up for grabs! (CLOSED)

The brand emanates from 19th-century British gentry on London’s illustrious Jermyn Street, set up as the traditional grooming brand, we take inspiration from the best of luxury English heritage.

The famous No 88. Cologne is worn by many and has been quoted as some celebrities’ go-to cologne. It is a complex and rich fragrance of citrus, floral, spicy notes of Bergamot, Geranium, Rose and Cassia with base notes of vetiver and sandalwood.

In celebration of this wonderful scent, that’s been worn for almost 30 years, we are giving you a chance to win some of our most coveted grooming gifts.

You can win:


To enter, simply answer this question below:

Where did the inspiration for the name of the No 88. collection come from?

To read about the No.88 Cologne and discover the answer if you’re stuck, head over to our blog by clicking here: The History of the No. 88 Cologne.

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The History Of Our No.88 Collection: Czech & Speake

At Czech & Speake, we place ourselves in the long heritage of British perfumery. But of course, the story of perfume and cologne goes back much, much further.

Throughout recorded history, humans have experimented with different compounds to mask or enhance natural scents. We draw on these experiences to create our famous No.88 Collection.

Our bestselling fragrance, No.88 is a mysterious, characterful combination of floral, citric and spicy notes with a dry base.  It is worn by celebrities and other discerning customers worldwide.

Characteristically English, the fragrance reflects the heritage and tradition of London’s historic Jermyn Street. Around the middle of the 19th century, the street became the home of luxury items and paraphernalia for the distinguished English gentleman and remains so to the present day.

Our founder, Frank Sawkins, first established his luxury bathroom fittings business from his design studio at 88 Jermyn Street in 1980, so it was natural to give that name to his young company’s first fragrance. Since then, Czech & Speake have gone on to develop a wide-ranging collection of fine fragrances, accessories, lavish shaving gift sets and delicate leather goods, all aimed at providing the ultimate luxurious bathing experience.  –

The No.88 Cologne

Ageless, classic and graceful in design and appearance, No.88 cologne was created in 1989.

Full-bodied, it opens with a sharp fresh gust of bergamot, leading to warm, rich and powerful middle notes of geranium, rose otto, cassia and frangipani, all grounded in a dark, smoky base of vetiver and sandalwood.  No.88’s idiosyncratic and long lasting ‘trail’ relies on a finely balanced blend of essential oils.

Czech & Speake use only the highest quality ingredients for their fragrances with standards of excellence and careful attention to detail integral to all of their products.

How did No.88 come about?

Frank Sawkins says: “The creation of the fragrance came from my first experiences of New York in the late 70s. This to me was the golden period and I was introduced to artists, photographers and writers. NYC had the best department stores with wonderful fragrance halls offering a huge variety of fragrance especially for men who were a multicultural mix but with a desire for a fragrance from an ‘English tradition’”.

The design of the iconic 200ml black bottle with gloss label was unique in the early 1980s, its strong visual impact being unquestionably modern while remaining meaningfully drenched in the past. Frank says: “We needed a name which was graphically short but rhythmically contained; 88 fitted this perfectly, as well as being our studio address where the design was born. And there is a history of perfumes being numerically named across the centuries.


Who is this fragrance for?

Regardless of age, gender and country, No.88 has been recognised as a consistent classic perfume since its inception.

While initially marketed to men, the individuality and quality of our products are appreciated by all.


What do customers think of No.88?

See what our customers say about our No. 88 Collection:

“I’ve worn 88 for over 10 years and still love the smell every morning. I’ve also had many compliments 🙂 Thanks” Tony G.

“I use 88 for more than 40 years! Is it enough?” Antonio O.

“One of the best fragrances ever made. Elegant and Classy. My first experience with this fragrance was incredible, almost like an addiction.” Julio B.

And from the rich and famous, we’re gratified to overhear that Ozzy Osbourne wears our No. 88. We think that the uncommon dark rose, vetiver and sandal notes of No. 88 suit him impeccably.



Add this subtle fragrance to every part of your grooming routine.  To shop for No.88 products head over to our fragrance section for the colognes and perfumes or our grooming section for soap and shaving sets.

How To Find & Wear Your Signature Scent

A signature scent serves as a personal scent memory to beloved friends and loved ones. And finding the perfect signature perfume is an important thing as a fragrance can linger on clothes, in rooms and over the air, serving as a reminder of someone’s personality and presence.

Choosing one perfume as your signature scent can be quite overwhelming purely because of how many choices you have on the market. While you might feel like you need a signature scent, you should know that you don’t have to pick just one.

Smell only three or four perfume smells at one time

At first, particularly if you don’t have an idea of what you like, smell everything. But limit your explorations to sniffing only three perfumes per visit, because you will be overwhelmed by the number of smells, and your smelling sense shouldn’t be tried that many times.


Why you should try a lightly scented perfume before the stronger ones

Perfume specialists usually recommend that you should start with more natural or musky scents; research tells us that half the population can’t actually smell musk. Muskier scents are more fresh-laundry-type scents; aqueous ones are fresher. Go from musky to citrus to fruity florals into heavier woods.


What is Oud? It’s a bold scent – but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea

Everyone is talking about their love for oud these days and with good reason. Oud is synonymous for rich and expensive. oud’s sweet, woody scent is instantly recognisable but don’t be concerned if you don’t like it. Fragrance fondness is often deep-rooted in awareness and familiarity. If you smell an oud and have never done so before, it’s not necessarily disliked, it’s just that your nose is yet to become familiar with that smell.


Look for quality ingredients and understand what they smell like

Have a look at these categories to get an idea of the smells of certain ingredients:

  • Musk: The smell is subtle usually and can be likened to a clean-laundry scent.
  • Smoky: It can smell like a burning campfire burning, fragrant cedar chips, or a blown-out candle.
  • Citrusy: Think lemon, lime and oranges.
  • Woody: This will refer to a nutty flavourful scent, like sandalwood and cedarwood
  • Green: These scents coincide with nature, leaves, trees, wood, earth etc
  • Floral: Floral covers everything from white florals (gardenia, lilies, ylang, etc.), to roses, to violets, to lilies.
  • Oriental: Strong smell with a hint of sweetness or spice.  


Understand why some fragrances cost £20 and some cost £200.

Cheaper fragrances are inclined to have top notes that are primarily quite strong but fade quickly. The more expensive fragrances have the intricacy of a mood and tend to have longer-lasting power.


Find a quality signature scent with Czech and Speake

Our luxury fragrances are available worldwide to be given as memorable gifts for all occasions or used for personal indulgences.  

Czech and Speake offer Eau De Cologne made by using the purest essential oils and ingredients, following traditional perfumery methods. We also offer Eaux De Parfums, which have increased strength and are longer lasting.

If you want a sophisticated scent by a luxury brand, then Czech & Speake have such a wide range of extravagant scents: you’ll be sure to find one or two to label as your own signature scent.

The Travel Grooming Essentials for Men

Packing for your travels can be a nightmare. Most of us leave our packing until the last minute, and then get to our destination to discover we’ve forgotten something.

Forget waiting at the baggage carousel at the end of a flight – wouldn’t you rather pack smart and travel light? The idea with packing is to keep things manageable. It’s almost like a work of art that needs to be mastered – lucky for you, we’re on hand to guide you with our travel grooming essentials manual.

Things to consider when packing your grooming essentials:

  • Is there anything you can take out? If there are any items that you may not need then take them out.  
  • Small containers and travel sized items are handy – Don’t pack full sized bottles of shampoo, shower gel, aftershave and shaving foam.
  • Shop for the basics at your destination. We won’t pack an item in our bags if it can be purchased for less at the travel destination.
  • Rule for Carrying Liquids on Board: Passengers are allowed to carry liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes that are 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container.

Why are travel sized grooming products essential?

Instead of going jumbo and trying to get bang-for-buck, for your travels, you should opt for travel sized bottles when it comes to grooming. Travel-sized grooming products have become a way of life in the beauty industry too. It’s not about gimmicks or TSA guidelines either – it’s more about presenting the products so they can be used before their expiry date.

When packing your toiletries, it’s better for manageability to take travel sized items – Also remember the restrictions if you’re taking cabin luggage. Liquids must be below 100 ml, and hence think about buying miniature-sized toiletries, or alternatively buy some smaller bottles and transfer. You may also want to take a razor and shaving cream. It’s only a few days though, the stubble isn’t that bad.

How to carry your grooming essential for your travels:

Get organised by using a travel man bag made just for your grooming essentials. There are some great travel sized grooming cases which will be handy for you to keep all your toiletries.

Summer grooming essentials you’ll need:

Deodorant: You can buy a travel-sized deodorant. A full sized deodorant will no doubt not pass your hand luggage checks.

Teeth: Don’t forget a toothbrush and toothpaste – it’s a good idea to carry it out of your travel pouch because you may want to freshen up on the plane, or at the airport on a stopover.

Shampoo and Conditioner: Get a two in one if possible.

Shower Gel: Most hotels will provide shampoo and shower gels, but if you prefer a certain brand, buy your own.

SPF Lotion: If you’re headed to a sunny location, then remember to take sun lotion.

Shaving blades: These are not allowed on board an aircraft. Take cartridge razors or electric shavers instead, unless you’re putting them in the hold.

Shaving Dish and Soap: This luxurious shaving soap and dish is travel sized for packing convenience.

Lip balm: Choose one made of all-natural ingredients and preferably in the smallest size available.

Cologne: This Czech & Speake’s Traveller Cologne Collection is fabulous: About half the size of regular travel fragrances, they’re portable and there’s one for various exotic getaway mood: from the spicy sensuality of ‘Cuba’ to the freshness of ‘Neroli, to help you reminisce the good old times.

Click here to see the full range of travel grooming products in Czech & Speake’s Traveller Collection.

A Gentleman’s Guide To Shaving: Where Should A Gentleman Shave?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there are no rules around where gentlemen should shave these days and how frequently. When it comes to body hair, fashion & trends are reasonably lucid these days. Hairy chest, or soft and smooth? What about your stomach?

In our guide below, we’ll provide you with the official etiquette on where you should be shaving and where you shouldn’t.

Should I be shaving my face?

This one is relatively simple, and it all depends on whether you want a beard or not.

If you’re going to grow a beard, make sure it’s well trimmed and groomed. If you’re craving that shaven face, make sure you’re shaving properly.

You shouldn’t take a razor to your face unless it’s just after a hot shower. Use quality shaving materials and pre-shave oils to prepare your skin.

Whether you shave your face or not should inform your hair across the rest of your body. A beard and having no body hair looks strange, so think about what you’re comfortable with elsewhere before you make the decision on your face!

See here for our guide to achieving the perfect shave.

Should a gentleman shave his armpits?

It’s generally not recommended that men shave their armpit hair completely off, but 68% of men in the UK (men’s health) admit to giving them a little trim, mostly for aesthetic reasons but also for hygiene purposes.

If you choose to cut back on the armpit hairs, make sure to use a good pair of scissors to trim unruly hairs back.

Do men shave their chests?

It’s not fashionable to shave your chest, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to leave your chest hair to its own devices. A trim every now and again is advised, but make sure your torso hair and chest hair are uniform, otherwise, everything will look odd.

Should I shave my back?

This is a difficult one, but it’s non-negotiable. You must shave your back. There’s really no way of “taking care” of your back hair, because, it’s behind you.

Your options are limited – however, you can ask your friend or significant other to shave your back for you, or we recommend booking an appointment for a wax.

Make sure to take it all off. Across your back, and all across your shoulders.

Should a gentleman be shaving his legs?

Shaven legs on men are viewed as a little abnormal, but there’s no reason why you can’t shorten your leg hair if you feel it will suit your aesthetic better. Use a clipper with a longer attachment, and be careful. You can always go shorter, so start longer and work your way down if you need to.

Should I shave my arms?

Leave your forearms well alone, but if you have hairy biceps, it’s fine to shave them completely. It’s important that you blend, so take everything off on the shoulder and bicep, then let it get longer as you make your way down towards your forearms, where hair no doubt grows with more purpose.

Should I shave my stomach?

This really depends on what you have going on elsewhere. Don’t shave everything on your stomach if you can’t do it in a way that blends in with the rest of your torso. If you want rid of it, it might be a good idea to consult a professional on this one.

Check out our premium grooming range

To purchase top-of-the-range lavish shaving items, head over to our grooming pages, where you’ll find the latest aftershaves by Czech and Speake, grooming sets, shaving equipment and more to maintain your hairy aesthetic.


To read more about shaving, view our guide on how to achieve the perfect shave at home.

The Best Summer Fragrances To Wear This Year

Just as you wouldn’t leave the house wearing a winter coat in July, stepping out in your winter fragrance goes against the grain during the summer months. Summer undoubtedly necessitates a change in fragrance as well as attire.

The right cologne at this time of year is about far more than just raking in the compliments. It must not only be potent enough to see you through the most sweltering of commutes, but as subtly seductive as a summer evening.

Whether you’re on a quest for a new signature scent or are simply in search of a seasonal addition to your collection, here at Czech and Speake, we have a solution to every taste and expectation.

How To Get The Exotic Smell This Summer

After being removed from the market two years ago, our Dark Rose EDP has returned, more alluring than ever. Nocturnal and mysterious, the new edition of the eau de parfum brings the opulence of the East to the Western world, aptly packaged in pomegranate-coloured, gold-embellished glass.

As culturally as it is flagrantly rich, Dark Rose eschews typical Western interpretations of the flower’s fragrance in favour of the more complex, exotic version inspired by the Arab and Indian worlds.

The techniques and traditions of the Middle East are invoked to bring some extraordinary ingredients to life. In this new edition, Rose of Taif, a unique rose originating on the Arabian Peninsula, is blended seamlessly with Cambodian Agarwood.  A touch of Saffron balances this exquisite aromatic trinity. Top notes of May Chang add a spicy, lemony finale to musky base notes in a fragrance intoxicating to men and women alike.

How To Carry The Floral Scent This Summer

Others might crave something a little fresher to counteract the oppressive heat of summer in the city. Heady and floral, Neroli is delicate but by no means inconspicuous, and is concentrated enough to ensure that it cannot fail to capture both the senses and the imagination.

Alongside exotic base notes of ylang-ylang, a splash of orange zest permeates and elevates the richness of bitter orange blossom and flowers in an evocative and energising scent that is perfect for cutting through even the sultriest of days.

The frosted glass bottle lends added refinement to this already chic and elegant fragrance.

How To Keep Your Fragrance A Classic This Summer

Just because our No. 88 is a year-round favourite doesn’t mean that it can’t hold its own in a selection of the most summery fragrances.

No. 88 might be evocative of the gentleman of the past, but it is unquestionably modern. An alluring mixture of bergamot and rose is brightened by notes of geranium and frangipani. Sandalwood and vetiver form the foundations of this both long-lasting and timeless fragrance, which has maintained the devotion of many for decades.

Uncompromisingly artisan despite its popularity, this scent might be the perfect summer fragrance, but it’s one that you may well find yourself returning to well into the darker months.

Aesthetically as understated and elegant as it smells, No. 88 comes encased in a black opal glass bottle with a tactile satin finish.

Travelling this summer? The Fragrance To Carry With You

Summer, of course, is not only about enjoying the delights of British summertime, but an opportunity to seek adventure further afield. Far too often, however, have we endured the heartbreak and humiliation of having our favourite cologne confiscated by a grim-faced airport security official, to be followed by a holiday spent mourning its fate.

Luckily, our Cologne for the Traveller collection does away with such stress. The four 15ml bottles included ensure that you can keep your favourite fragrance tucked safely in your hand luggage, from take-off, to landing, and beyond.

Nor is there any need to agonize over which cologne to take with you. The collection ensures that you can not only travel light, but vary your fragrance choice according to mood and occasion. No. 88 and Neroli are accompanied by Cuba, a provocative and vibrant mix of bergamot, tonka beans and cedarwood, and the quintessentially English, lavender-based fragrance of Oxford and Cambridge.


You can shop our full range of fragrances by clicking here.

To continue reading our grooming recommendations, sharpen up your shaving technique with our full guide by clicking here.

The Art of Shaving: How to Achieve the Perfect Shave

Your quest for the art of shaving ends here. We’ve created a ‘How to achieve the perfect shave’ video guide for men who find that they’re tired of the razor burns, shaving rashes, the odd nicks and cuts, bumps, in-growing and missed hairs.

Did you know that the average gentleman’s beard grows approximately two millimetres per day? With this in mind, there’s no escaping the shaving routine, so we’ve perfected the technique over many years to reveal to you the art of shaving.   

Here’s a shaving secret: Shaving is less about the razor you use and more about the products you apply before and after it is used on your skin.

Use these valuable steps below to avoid skin irritation and achieve the perfect shave for a flawless, smooth complexion, every time.

How to open your pores before shaving  

A perfect shave begins with opening your facial pores and softening the hair with warm or hot water. Coarse, heavy beards stem from genetics, ethnicity and hormones. So, this step is a vital one, but especially if your facial hair is wiry and thick.  

Steaming the skin makes the shave easier and friendlier because it reduces the cut force needed for the blade to slice the hairs. The smoother the path for the razor, the less irritation on your skin. If you have time, take a hot shower, and allow the steam to open all the facial pores, but if you want a quick fix, then a flannel soaked in hot, rubbed gently over your face is good enough.

How to reduce friction when shaving

Lathering soap with a badger hair brush and one of our many soaps in shave dishes helps build a thicker foam that’ll raise your whiskers, letting the blade give you a closer cut. Lathering this way also helps soften the hair further and protects against razor rashes and burns.

  • Apply the foam you create with the soap and brush in a circular motion on your face. This helps the hair stand up and ensures every part of your beard is covered with the foam.
  • In order to ease the discomfort related to shaving a thicker beard, the beard must be softened and lifted, and the skin should be protected.

Use a sharp blade to achieve a cleaner shave

First, run some hot water on your razor blade. Then start to position it on your face in the direction of hair growth. Remember, modern razors are designed to work with relatively little pressure.

  • Don’t push the blade against your skin, let it glide to reduce the friction.
  • The lather will help to protect your face from nicks and cuts, and you’ll see smoother skin after your shave.
  • Rinse the razor and repeat this step until your face is clear from all the lather.
  • Use slow short strokes to achieve an even shave and to avoid the drag mark against your skin.

Finish with Czech and Speake Aftershave

Our range of Men’s Aftershaves are developed to moisturise to soothe, protect and invigorate the skin.

Our No.88 Aftershave Shaker is a popular choice for many – this aftershave contains antiseptic properties, which helps to close the pores and prevent skin blemishes. With notes of bergamot, sandalwood and geranium, its smell is lasting and powerfully alluring.

Aim to apply a moisturising product to your face twice a day – once post-shave and once before bed.


For more men’s grooming tips, read our post on Summer grooming.

The light summer scent you should be wearing

Gentleman’s Journal – words by Jonathan Wells

They say that ‘orange’ is one of the rare words in the English language that has no rhyme. And, luckily for aftershave aficionados, its scent is as unique as its syllables. 

This Neroli Cologne, from Czech & Speake, harnesses the blossom of bitter orange and orange flowers, suffusing their scents with the zest of the fruit to create a fragrance as sophisticated as it is singular.

The English family-owned brand have also introduced ylang ylang into the mix: A rich, floral essential oil derived from the blossoms of an exotic Asian tree — and an ingredient known for its effectiveness as everything from an antiseptic to an aphrodisiac.

Neroli is the light summer scent you should be wearing


Layered into the heady mix, this ylang ylang pairs perfectly with the orange. Smooth and subtle, the scent has been bottled in a similarly chic, frosted glass decanter, complete with a shaker top that ensures carefully measured drops and no waste.

Our choice for world travel this summer, this is an aftershave as well-travelled as the most jet-setting gentleman. The bitter orange that creates the eponymous Neroli scent crops up in destinations as diverse as Spain and The Bahamas. The blossom is found in Florida, and the ylang-ylang from the Philippines.

So, wherever in the world you splash on this scent, you’ll come up smelling of, well, oranges.

    Neroli Collection


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Czech & Speake Have Solved Summer Grooming

Article By Gentleman’s Journal – 29th June 2018

We’ve got some good news. This summer, you no longer have to put up with thin moisturisers that dry up the moment you step out into the sunshine. You don’t have to deal with aftershave that wears off halfway through a very warm day. And you don’t have to endure the pain of travelling without your favourite fragrance. You’ll be glad to know that Czech & Speake have you covered. From their travel accessories to a range of invigorating and deep cleaning body washes, the British brand has summer in hand, and have just launched their very first summer sale. Now’s the time to rebrand your bathroom cabinet, and these are the products with which do it. Shop up to 60% Off Aromatic, Grooming and Leather products in Czech & Speake’s First Summer Sale.

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Oxford & Cambridge Hydrating Body Wash

Extensively researched and developed to ensure that it hydrates and moisturises your skin in equal measure, this body wash is infused with natural emollients to prevent dryness and protect the skin. What makes it so good for summer? Gentle, coconut derived surfactants will clean any clogged pores, without stripping away the body’s natural oils that protect you from the sun. £45 £32

Zebrano Wood Shave Set

There’s nothing quite so uncomfortable as shaving during a heatwave. Your razor sticks, you sweat through your shaving foam and you end up with an uneven job and an itchy face. With Czech & Speake’s Zebrano shave set, however, you’ll be encouraged to make a ceremony out of your morning shave, take a beat and concentrate. It’s quite the bit of kit — just look at that highly figured heartwood. £450 £225

Cuba Cologne for the Traveller

How many times have you walked confidently through customs without being forced to throw away at least one of your grooming products due to size? Here, at Gentleman’s Journal, we’ve been heartbroken to part with some top quality colognes. But, with this handy pack of 4 vibrant travel-sized Cuba colognes from Czech & Speake, you’ll never board your flight fragrance-less ever again. £100 £75

Neroli Hand Soap


During summer, you can spritz on your aftershave with the best intentions, but a mixture of the weather and the heat will mask the scent by midday. With a potent hand soap, however, such as Czech & Speake’s Neroli-infused bars, you will delicately top up your fragrance throughout the day — whilst moisturising and cleansing at the same time. It’s a win-win. £40 £28

Citrus Paradisi Cologne Spray

Get the right cologne, and you’ll come up smelling of roses all summer long. Or, in this case, Californian grapefruit, clary sage and oakmoss. This is Czech & Speake’s Citrus Paradisi Cologne Spray — presented in a beautifully frosted glass bottle and potent enough to see you through the most overbearingly hot day. £100 £75



Dark Rose Relaunched

With the exclusive online launch of Dark Rose this week, we sat down with founder and creator, Frank Sawkins and discussed the latest addition to his fragrance line.

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“Learning about the beginnings of perfumery and celebrating the rare ingredients and rituals and traditions that have captivated the Arab and Indian worlds for generations led to the creation of Dark Rose. I wanted to create a very rich and intense interpretation of rose, a bold, complex and mysterious fragrance that was a far cry from traditional Western rose interpretations. I embraced Middle Eastern techniques and incorporated many of the rare and prestigious ingredients these cultures traditionally use but combined them in a way that would be understood in the West.

I decided to remove Dark Rose from the market two years ago as I was concerned with the authenticity of the ingredients. Over this period, I have been searching for the finest quality ingredients to produce a superior Indo/Arab perfume to make this fragrance an international favourite.

I am delighted with the results and for me the differences between the old and new version of Dark Rose can be summarised as:

❖ The addition of Rose Addition of Taif; an exquisite and expensive Damask rose oil, has raised the bar in terms of quality and will excite those who appreciate this unique rose from the Arabian Peninsula although the aromatic oil is sourced in Grasse to maintain consistent blend.

❖ Cambodian Agar Wood (Oud) – the most expensive material in perfumery, has been used because it blends exceptionally well with Rose of Taif – a fact known for hundreds of years in Indo Arabian perfumery.

❖ Addition of Saffron completes the trinity when used in combination with these truly exceptional extracts.

The fragrance is an indulgent, nocturnal rose designed to appeal to both men and women. The opulence of both fragrance and cultures that inspired it is evoked by the pomegranate-coloured glass bottle and dark red outer embellished with gold”

Top Note: May Chang – a spicy, lemony oil

Middle Note: Rose of Taif, Saffron Extract, Lily

Base Note: Cambodian Agar Wood (Oud), Musk, Cedarwood

Dark Rose Is now available in-store and online only at Czech & Speake.

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No.88 Cologne Spray 50ml

As part of our interview series with Czech & Speake founder Frank Sawkins, we sat down and discussed the conception of his most iconic fragrance to date, No.88.


Why did you launch No.88 and thus the fragrance business alongside the already successful bathroom business?

I have always had an interest in colognes and aftershave so it seemed a natural extension for Czech & Speake in Jermyn Street.  However, I do believe it is difficult to gain respect and confidence from customers and buyers for an unknown perfume, so we developed a softer concept; a range of traditional aromatic toiletries to be marketed in parallel to bathing products and fortunately they were well received.

From the relative success of the aromatic toiletries and experiencing the men’s fragrance offering in NYC I felt I had enough confidence and direction to create the first English fine fragrance from Czech & Speake that would be understood and appreciated internationally.

No.88 Cologne Shakers (100, 200ml) with the No.88 Shaving Set & Stand

Why called No.88?

The design of the iconic 200ml black bottle with gloss label in the early 1980’s was unique and made a strong visual impact being unquestionably modern but meaningfully drenched in the past. We needed a name which was graphically short but rhythmically contained; I decided on 88 which fitted perfectly as well as being our studio address No.88 Jermyn Street, London; where the design was born. There is a history of perfumes being numerically named across the centuries.


No.88 Jermyn Street: The original doorstep mosaic

What Memories does No.88 evoke?

The creation of the fragrance came from my first experiences of New York in the late ‘70’s
This to me was the golden period and I was introduced to artist, photographers, writers
NYC had the best department stores with wonderful fragrance halls offering a huge variety
of fragrance especially for men who were a multi-cultural mix but with a desire for a fragrance from an “English tradition”

What constituents create this iconic scent?

This a complex and rich fragrance of citrus, floral, spicy notes of Bergamot, Geranium, Rose and Cassia with base notes of vetiver and sandalwood.


Who is this fragrance for?

Initially, the fragrance was for me, but over the years it has transcended age, gender and territories to be continually coveted as a classic perfume.  I am often told that there is some kind of international acknowledgement when men recognise No.88 fragrance on others, they seem to have their own pecking order, I guess it may be an alpha male thing, but what most of our customers appreciate is that No.88 remains an “insider” fragrance and mostly chaps like to keep the secret to themselves!

Would you agree that No.88 has no seasonality?

Yes, all year round but is outstandingly effective on warm evenings.


Follow buttons below to view our No.88 cologne spray and the rest of our aromatic and grooming collection.

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How to make your home more intimate

Choosing a fragrance is the most intimate and personal choice that one can make. That specific scent is more than just a “lovely aroma”, it is a representation of who you are. It reflects your taste, confidence and, most importantly, your personality. When you find the perfect fragrance, it evokes fond memories and sets your mood in the right tone giving you the “that is the one” feeling.

Scenting your home is also self-expression. Your home is a temple, shelter, sanctuary, and a gathering place providing escape from the outside world.  As such, there is a need to make it as intimate as possible for yourself and others who are close to you. Choosing your home’s fragrance will help you to achieve that. There are literally millions of scents and products, but all you need is “that one” for the magic to happen.



There are several home scent products that you can choose from depending on your personal taste. Whether you want a smokier aroma, or a lighter and calmer aroma there are different products that will accommodate your needs.  You can choose from incense sticks, room spray, and candles.                                          

It is also worth remembering that first impressions count, and you want to provide a home with a comfortable and welcoming environment for your guests. After all, your home is a representation of your personality.

Making your home more intimate can also be fun. Try and mix it up, see what works best, and change it according to the season.




Maybe even light a candle while enjoying a refreshing and relaxing bath?



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The Memories of Oxford & Cambridge

Czech & Speake has been part of joyful and tender moments in people’s lives for many years. Frank Sawkins, Czech & Speake Founder and Creator shares some of his Oxford & Cambridge memories with you. A fragrance brings back a sense of nostalgia, you relive that exact emotional experience, a connection, all over again. Maybe when you wear Oxford & Cambridge you remember your first love, or your child’s first steps…We want to continue to build this lifetime partnership with you, and we would love to hear about your Oxford & Cambridge fragrance memories.

For now, we leave you with Frank’s memories:

I Remember…

Where does the name “Oxford & Cambridge” come from?

Czech & Speake lavender scent is quintessentially English; an invigorating aromatic fragrance which pays homage to the established English universities of Oxford & Cambridge, seats of learning, classical architecture and British sporting traditions. The most famous of these varsity matches is the boat race, which has taken place each year since 1856. My maternal ancestors held royal warrants to ply their trade on the Thames and so being drawn to the river, I have watched the boat race every year since I can remember.

What are the memories behind it?

I occasionally wander pass these august colleges with a snapshot view through the portal of ancient doorways to see immaculate quadrangles with sumptuous lawns and herbaceous borders of lavender rosemary. This gave me the idea of the English association of lavender and Oxford & Cambridge, a great compliment and addition to Czech & Speake. For many years Atkinson’s eau de lavande, created in 1910, was my favourite lavender scent of my early adulthood but the original company close its doors in 1980s. So, I decide to produce my own lavender fragrance as a light cologne for everyday use.  I considered it to be a fresh cologne for everyday use, a sort of “Preppy” cologne, that was in the early 1990’s, these clients still seem to be enjoying the scent, in fact for many years this has been number 2 best seller.

What is the inspiration behind its packaging?

Our design is based on light and dark blue ‘colours’ of Oxford & Cambridge university using graphic details that reflects traditions and the classicism of these English university cities. The iconic Czech & Speake bottle is hand made using a traditional apothicary blue medicinal glass. Apologies to Cambridge as we have chosen an altenrnative light blue…

What are the main ingredients in the Oxford & Cambridge?

A refined blend of English and French lavenders, topped with herbaceous peppermint, rosemary and bergamot on a base note of warm oak moss and sandalwood.




What about your memories? If you would like to share your Oxford & Cambridge memories, send us an email to Alternatively, you can post on social media and include #ShareYourMemories at the end of your post.



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First impressions start with a handshake

There might be two reasons as to why you do not take much care to your nails: Manicuring your own nails is difficult and you see it as part of the feminine grooming ritual. However, these are not valid reasons anymore, at least not in this century.

Everyone should pay attention to their nails, because first impressions start with a handshake. They are not only seen as an indicator of one’s personal hygiene but also as a “business card” that you are handing out throughout the day. To ensure you always look presentable, you should include a manicure into your weekly grooming routine. And no, using your teeth is not a worthy substitute for cutting edge technology.

To show how easy it is to manicure your own nails and to help you taking care your nails, we prepared a step-by-step demonstration:

STEP 1: Preparation

Prepare a bowl with warm soapy water, we find that our Oxford & Cambridge body wash perfectly preps the skin for the task at hand. After, lay out a towel on a table and wash your hands under warm water and scrub your nails with soap.

STEP 2: Clipping 

Place your hand on the towel and cut your nails using the clippers. Do not clip them too short, just roughly to the shape of your fingertips.

STEP 3: Filling

Now using the nail file in your manicure set, file to round any edges and smooth the desired shape.

STEP 4: Cuticle Shaping

Your manicure set includes a cuticle trimmer and a cuticle clipper, that will help you with this step. First, soak your fingertips for approximately 30 seconds, in the bowl with the warm soapy water that you have prepared on Step 1 (this will soften the cuticles). Now grab your cuticle trimmer and carefully push the cuticles back till the beginning of the “half-moons”. Next, using the cuticle clipper cut the excess skin – but be careful.

STEP 5: Aftercare 

Use a nail buffer to polish your nails to make then look more consistent, shiny and increase circulation to boost growth. After, using your indicator of the opposite hand, rub some oil into each cuticle and massage them without applying too much pressure. Give your hands another wash with a decent soap to finish off.

There you have it. No more excuses, gentlemen. Start giving your nails the treatment they deserve for young, healthy looking hands, destined to make a strong first impression.

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A brief interview with Frank Sawkins – Chapter 2


Claire Johnson: Most people refer to Czech & Speake as a “modern classic”. What is it that makes it such a timeless brand?
Frank Sawkins: Well “Brand” is a modern marketing term but in my view should be qualified with word “reputation” so one of the reasons to reach the status of Czech & Speake is by building an exemplary reputation with its customers, both loyal and new alike through heritage, design and authenticity.

C.J: What would you say it was biggest challenge building C&S as a brand?
Frank: The challenges for start-ups are multi-factorial requiring a concept, work ethic
dogged determination and not to dilute product quality also need to micromanage the quality of imagery and communication. Another challenge is the need to achieve the appropriate distribution to reflect the reputation of the product.

C.J: Would you have done anything different?
Frank: Speculation is not my demeanour.

C.J: What is “Czech & Speake” to you?
Frank: My eldest child – fear, foreboding, love, tears, pride and joy.

C.J: Finally, many of C&S’s loyal customers are curious to know if there are new product releases in a near future. Would you like to comment on that?
Frank: It’s a great compliment to me to have loyal customers that appreciate my designs and the quality that matter so much to me. We have new products for 2018/19; new fragrances, shave skincare and more men’s grooming and bathing products.

C.J: That is very exciting news! I cannot wait to try them myself, you have got me curious.
We are also excited to be launching new products. I am glad you are, Claire. good news is that Czech & Speake Friends will have all exclusive information about releases and promotions… Just make sure you check your e-mail box regularly.

C.J: I will do, Frank. Thank you so much for your time. It was a pleasure to interview you and I wish the best of luck for Czech & Speake and yourself.
Frank: You are welcome, Claire. The pleasure was mine.


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A brief interview with Frank Sawkins – Chapter 1

We had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Sawkins, the Founder and Creator of Czech & Speake. Frank has taken us on a journey through the Czech & Speake history, from how it all began to how it has become internationally recognised for its distinguished fine fragrance, desirable accessories, lavish men’s shaving sets, grooming items and exquisite small leather sets for the traveller.

This week, you to have the chance to read the first part of the interview. But be alert for the second part, which will be coming out next week.


Claire Johnson: Thank you for meeting with us today, Frank. As my first question I would like to ask what has inspired you to create Czech & Speake?

Frank Sawkins: My pleasure, Claire. Well, as a designer I needed a platform to present my ideas and give respectability to my concept. Inspiration, leading to creation is a lonely and internalised process – being entrepreneurial is not to be compromised.

C.J: The Czech & Speake concept is unique. Where did this concept come from?

Frank: When I started I needed to give confidence to our customers, national and international, so I decided on an imagery that reflected an English Heritage as a vehicle to carry my novel concept; exclusive designs, superior quality and therefore authenticity.

C.J: And why creating bathroom fittings, a line of fragrances and grooming products?

Frank: To me they are all part of one’s bathing routine and lifestyle; each part of our holistic offering represents a ritual of daily renewal, relaxation and confidence to give a feeling of wellbeing.

C.J: As you have previously mentioned, Czech & Speake comes from a place of inspiration. Where do you find inspiration for every design? Is there a story behind?

Frank: Yes, there is a story behind every design however it depends on the sector for instance fragrance is a complete inspiration and I find it quite an emotional experience.


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Gentleman’s Grooming is Booming.

Czech & Speake has been focusing on gentleman’s grooming bringing design, innovation and traditional heritage in all we create. We are proud to have been part of a movement that allowed men to be confident and feel elegant with their appearance through the years with the assistance of our grooming products. We are also thankful for having so many cosmopolitan men relying on our expertise. As such, through the years we have felt a positive change not only in the men’s grooming market, but also in society.

Society has always used “beauty” and “female” in the same sentence. Women were the ones who seemed to invest with both time and money to pursue elegance, but in recent times, society has seen men investing as much, if not more. Nowadays, men’s products go beyond the traditional rugged look, giving them choices and options.

Men are now trying to satisfy their urge for impeccable appearance by spending more on consumer goods, such as skincare and accessories. Sparring to be the leader of the pack; that has not changed. However, how that is to be achieved has been updated, now revolves around gadgets and cars, with the addition of fashion and skincare.

… But Gentlemen, how important is grooming for you? Are you stereotype-free and booming with the grooming? Remember that:

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”.

We, at Czech & Speake, as an advocate of tradition, luxury and elegance will continue to support the men who care about their appearance and wish to become a timeless cosmopolitan gentleman.

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12 Christmas Tales

Everybody enjoys a lovely Christmas story. The Twelve Days of Christmas tradition warms one up for celebration, sharing and giving. Stories are the best way of sharing these moments over the years from family, friends and sometimes strangers.

This Christmas we collected twelve stories from our patrons and guests and decided to share it with you. Reviews, social media interactions and in-store tales – all the following twelve moments are real and told by you.

Everyday we will unveil a new story, it might even be yours. Read them by the fire when you cozy up on your sofa, or straight out of bed with your morning coffee. Read them aloud, alone or to your partner. The season of goodwill, peace and magic is made to be enjoyed together. We are happy to enjoy the season with you.

Christmas Guide: Festive London

Have a holiday so jolly that it’ll make Santa jealous, with our Christmas guide to festive events and activities in London.

Christmas at Kew Gardens – from November 22 to January 1st 2018

Christmas at Kew Gardens is a magical world. Whatever your age you will feel transported into a genuine fairy-tale. Once the sun sets, enchantment starts with a sparkling festive trail of lights. As the Palm House leaps into life with a dazzling show of laser beams, jets of light and kaleidoscopic projections, you enter a fantasy world of singing trees, outsize flora, luminescent ribbons, giant baubles and a flickering Fire Garden.

Christmas entertainment is provided by Santa and his Elves at the North Pole village. You can warm up with your little ones and enjoy hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the fire. Or have some fun on a vintage fairground ride.

Christmas at Kew is open 5–10pm; choose your time slot for entry (last entry 7.40pm).

Ice Skating Rink at Somerset House – from November 15 to January 14th 2018

The beautiful Somerset House ice skating rink is famous both for its magical winter atmosphere and its energetic programme, day or night. This year Skate Lates have been added to the schedule, which make for a perfect evening’s action, where you can enjoy a specially curated programme of music nights throughout the season – the perfect start to your weekend.

Fortnum & Mason are the main feel good partners at the Ice Rink. At Fortnum’s Lodge the treats on offer include Mulled Wine & Sharing Mince Pie with Clotted Cream, Chocolate Fondue & Champagne, Wine & Cheese Fondue or a Champagne & Smoked Salmon Platter. By night, the kitchen closes, and the bar serves up spirits and cocktails alongside festive perennials Champagne, Mulled Wine and a very tipsy-making take on Hot Chocolate.

Over  the Christmas and New Year holidays, the seasonal variations apply to the opening times of the ice rink, Fortnum’s Lodge and Fortnum’s Christmas Arcade so be sure to check before your visit.

The Nutcracker @ ROH, December 5 to January 10th 2018

Would Christmas really be as festive without an indulgent overload of sugary goods?

The ballet’s candied cornucopia of sugar-frosted fancies makes it the sweetest work in the repertory of the ROH. E.T.A Hoffman’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King tells the enchanting story of a young girl adventures in a wonderful Christmas world, a tribute to the traditional marzipan makers of Nurnberg. The Royal Opera House Orchestra plays Tchaikovsky’s magnificent score as the protagonists travel along a path of nougat by a lemonade river that winds past glistening Bonbonville, crossing Rosewater Lake to reach the capital Confiturembourg topped by the Marzipan Castle.

The choreography is by Peter Wright after Lev Ivanov, and it is sure to enchant dreamers of all ages, making it a must for the winter holidays.

Belgravia Christmas market December 3rd – December 4th

Belgravia’s leading design district will host a Christmas celebration on 3rd December in the popular Orange Square. The area, well known for its Farmer’s Market and for Pimlico Road, is London’s premier destination for interior design, art, antiques and fine furniture.

This unique village, formed by a number of streets converging on Pimlico Road, has long been established as a niche of individual retailers and businesses catering for the discerning shopper, whether interior designer, collector or general bon viveur’

Belgravia is transformed into a winter wonderland with Christmas lights and festive window displays. The community organises treasure hunts for children and their parents alike. Bring the family and enjoy live music, Christmas entertainment and warming treats in Orange Square. Shop for your Christmas gifts on Pimlico Road and find your favourite stocking fillers on market stalls in Orange Square, hours  extended for the Christmas celebration.

Orange Square on Pimlico Road, Belgravia: 10am – 4pm

Pimlico Road Decorated Windows

Belgravia retailers are taking part in a Christmas window display celebration. There are awards up for grabs for the most creative, glamourous and festive Christmas windows. Take part and vote for the Fans’ Favourite Award by simply uploading an image of your own favourite window to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #BelgraviaChristmasWindows. You will have the chance to win a unique Belgravia prize, so get down to Elizabeth Street, Motcomb Street and Pimlico Road and start snapping!