Why Traditional Methods are Making a Comeback

With the ever-advancing speed of technology, the production of material goods has spiralled and in response fast fashion and throwaway culture has dominated for sometime. But at long last, awareness for our planet has heightened and remains continuously topical, prompting a growing impulse to shop mindfully with a preference for quality. Traditional brands such as our own are remerging and finding a new relevance to the modern consumer, providing products and remedies that have stood the test of time for their quality, thoughtful design and longevity.

Discover selected products in our range and learn why traditional methods are the most sustainable:


Traditional shaving

Our shaving sets complete with a silver tip badger brush, weighted razor and imprinted shaving soap unified with a co-ordinating stand, certainly look the part when stood handsomely on your bathroom shelf. But it is not simply the elegant classic design that gives it purpose. The substantial nature of the anodised aluminium that makes up the foundation for each product, prevents throwaway habits. You simply only need to replace the blades when no longer sharp and the soap when used up – but believe us, the traditional, quality soap formula enables extended periods of use. These soap replacements are re-bought packaged in recyclable paper as apposed to non-biodegradable throw away plastic razors and harmful aerosol cans that only last a second.


The classic bar of soap

At Czech & Speake we have always advocated the classic bar of soap. For a while, the bar of soap was neglected, only found infused with olive oil in Greek tourist shops or balanced on a hotel towel. But it’s making a comeback with likes of Tom Ford imprinting their logo onto their rebranded ‘cleansing bar’. There is a reason it is regaining relevance, the traditional bar just asks for simple paper packaging while only requiring a little handling to throughly lather your hands. In comparison the more contemporary liquid pump design is much weaker in its effect and empties so rapidly, usually contained in unsustainable plastic. With our soaps, the same manufacturing method has been used since the 19th century, and yet provides a product that has far surpassed more recent developments in soap production. 


Pharmacy bottles and shaker tops

An interpretation of the reagent, glass pharmacy bottle. The traditional vessel used to package our aftershaves, bath oils and colognes is acknowledged for its recyclable, reusable and robust material, while its simplicity is something quite beautiful and timeless. A contemporary twist on the classic shaker top design is engineered to provide you with carefully measured drops, ultimately preventing wastage while extending the products life line. Perhaps most brilliantly, the formulas inside are made up of natural essential oils using traditional perfumery methods, which means not only are they beneficial to your skin through antiseptic or soothing properties, but when washed away no nasty artificial chemicals will end up in the ocean.


If you’re looking to invest in products that will last, discover our Grooming, Bath & Body and Fragrance ranges. Bottle refills coming soon…

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How Fragrance Tells a Story: Understanding the Notes

It is 2019 and advancements in technology have quickly transformed all elements of our society, whether that be how we socialise, how we work and significantly, how we buy. Online shopping provides us with the ease and convenience to trawl through vast amounts of consumable content to make comparisons, assess reviews and select the perfect product to be delivered straight to our door. At Czech & Speake we have embraced the digital world and are proud of our up-to-date ecommerce service, but we cannot deny that shopping for aromatic products online can be rather challenging.

In light of this we thought we would provide you with a guide to better understand the complexities of a perfumes notes and layers, enlightening you to the story telling power of scent. Hopefully then you will be well equip with the perfumery lingo to confidently purchase through a screen.

Top, middle and base notes

When you look at the descriptions of a fragrance on our site or through other perfumers, you will see its components listed in the form of top, middle and base notes. These determine the complex way in which the fragrance sets off and reveals itself to you once released from the bottle and when in contact with your skin.

The top notes, which tend to be fresh, citrusy and herbaceous, are the lightest and the very first notes that you smell. It is in this sense that perfumery can be compared to narrative, as the top notes set the tone or ‘scene’ for that scent, giving you an indication of whether you will enjoy the full aromatic experience. There’s a sort of romance associated with the top note, as it quickly fades, giving you just a tantalising taste for you to savour and relish.

As the top notes evaporate, you are guided into the middle notes, sometimes known as the heart notes, which are as the name suggests, the heart of the fragrance. These are fuller in body and therefore longer lasting with a strong influence on the later appearing base notes, which you can relate to the core structure of a story. It is typical for these notes to be floral or fruity; scents that are pleasing and well-rounded.

As you reach the end of the sensual journey, the base notes unfold. These notes correspond and intermingle with the middle notes to provide the fragrances full body, which is considered to reveal the scent in its truest form – perhaps you could call it the ‘grand finale’. This stage of the perfumes transformation is known as the ‘dry-down period’, with the purpose to ensure that the scent leaves a lasting impression. Heavier notes are used to achieve this such as woods, musks and spices

As with narratives, it won’t always be so straight forward and linear as that, for example sometimes the base notes can make their way from the base to the top to provide a sense of instant gratification. With any luck, from this guide you can now recognise the prominence of your favourite perfume notes.


If you feel more confident shop online for fragrance, discover our full fragrance range. If you would like further information on which fragrance families our colognes belong to, click here.

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Why Wimbledon is the Most Stylish Sporting Event

Sporting tradition is an aspect of British culture that we love at Czech & Speake. All year round, the calendar is packed full of age-old events that stay true to their spirited roots, from Ascot to the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race that inspired our namesake Oxford & Cambridge product range. The summer months are of course the most thriving in an attempt to avoid Britain’s famously unpredictable, rain-likely weather, offering us a stupendous line up of competition, each with their own unique charm.

A quirk that is common for many, as seen across race days throughout the country, is the dedication and usual requirement to dress up for the occasion. But for us, Wimbledon holds a certain prestige in terms of style. This is perhaps due to the quiet, understated nature of the game that is by some means hypnotic, enabling spectators to remain fixated for up to 3 hours of play. As a result the crowd bares a sense of respect, reflected in their attire. 

It is not unknown that Wimbledon is closely associated with fashion. Unlike other sports, the players all-white uniform is incredibly chic and has become iconic since its establishment by the Victorians, extending to influencing fashion outside of the sport. Aptly, this summer Burberry have released a limited edition collection inspired by the court, having dressed players and spectators since the games conception. 

Rene Lacoste won the Davis Cup in 1932, wearing his iconic embroidered crocodile motif. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

In terms of the attendees, remarkably there is no strict dress code outside of the royal box but an unspoken agreement to arrive groomed and suited, generating such strength in individual style with a true sense of willingness to look the part. Each year an array of famous faces grace the stands in the suavest of tailoring with fresh haircuts, clean shaves and slick specs. 

Jude Law and girlfriend Phillipa Coan dressed with a sense of cool at Wimbledon 2018. (Getty Images)


If you’re lucky enough to attend, let Czech & Speake prepare you for the day. These are our top picks for the event:

Neroli Cologne

A spritz to the wrists and the neck of Neroli is our recommended fragrance choice for the day out. The delicate scent is paired back but not without impact, much like the understated event. It’s crisp, lightness will refresh in the warm summer sun.  


No.88 Shaving Set & Stand

Wimbledon is not the place to don your rugged took, use our No.88 Shaving Set to achieve the closest of shaves. The traditional brush and soap method is far superior to a shaving foam canister, for the brush aids in lifting the hair away from the face so that they can be easily caught by the razor


Manicure Set

The nails must not be forgotten! It would be a great shame to have put all that effort into your attire but to be let down by unkempt hands or toes peeping from your best sandals. Our manicure set is made up of 8 instruments, covering you from simple clipping to cuticle care


If you’re attending Wimbledon or other stylish sporting events this summer, click to shop Neroli, or explore our grooming range.

Cover photo, Palace and Adidas tennis-ready streetwear collaboration 2018, GQ

Combining the Bathroom and the Bedroom

Traditionally a concept reserved for hotels, the bath in the bedroom is an indulgent commercial design choice, now emerging in the layout of contemporary residential interiors. This is unsurprising when you consider the popularity of open plan living, with every modern kitchen equating to a diner and living space.

Combining the bedroom quarters with a bathroom sanctuary may be a little more risqué, but it is a concept we are fully behind. In history, the baths purpose was not simply reserved for hygiene, rather bathing was a form of recreation, therapy and a means to socialise. It seems puzzling that the bath should be boxed off to a utilitarian space when the vessel aids relaxation as much as the bed, so why not bring the two together for an enhanced living experience?

Below we have selected our favourite projects that seamlessly combine the bathroom and bedroom:


Peter Fleming and Pfeffer Torode Architecture 

Peter Fleming has his fingers in many pies. With an initial education in interior design, Fleming furthered his studies in iconic institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, allowing him to not only curate a space but design the furniture within it. One of his career successes was founding Building No.9, a design focused gallery producing objects that blur the line between sculpture and furniture. His vision is clear in the design of this bathroom-cum-bedroom, with the usually functional bath tub displayed as a piece of art in synergy with the surrounding furnishings. 


Gervais Fortin and Ecologia Foundation

Incorporating the bathroom into the bedroom made perfect sense for Gervais Fortin’s ‘Ecologia Montréal’ house. The homeowner commissioned Gervais Fortin in collaboration with the Ecologia Foundation to build a house that is both architecturally stunning and conscious. With carefully considered shapes proportions and clever BioGeometry science, the open plan, voluminous and multi-functional space is designed to be a healthy place for inhabitants to live. 


Johnny Holland of Hackett Holland and interior designer Suzy Hoodless  

The collaboration between interior architect Johnny Holland and interior designer Suzy Hoodless brought together two individual tastes, resulting in the creation of an eclectic space filled with striking yet harmonious contrasts. The liberal mind set expressed by the pair challenged conventional residential layouts and most significantly, allowed for the bathroom to look in place in the bedroom. This was achieved through marrying the hardware with the soft furnishings, using clashing graphic prints and repeated flashes of gold in the fittings, accessories and details. 


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Interiors Instagram account.

Sources: lesleemitchell.com, contemporist.com, houseandgarden.co.uk

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Your Guide To Grooming On-The-Go

We’ve teamed up with Neat Nutrition to create the ultimate guide to grooming on-the-go. Created with convenience in mind, we’ve got unmissable advice to help you create a grooming regime that fits within your busy lifestyle, including the key, intelligently designed and great quality products you need to enhance your daily routine…


PART 2: 

Dive Into Your Diet

Maintaining glowing, youthful-looking skin isn’t just about the products you use – what you’re putting in your body is also crucial. Make sure you’re getting a full range of good quality vitamins & minerals to boost the health of your skin. Start the day strong with a nutrient-dense protein smoothie – try Neat Nutrition’s chocolate avocado or green peanut shake recipes to sneak in a healthy dose of greens first thing.


Check Your Protein Intake

Protein is an organic compound made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of our bodies. Tissue in the body then use these amino acids to build and repair. But what does this have to do with your grooming routine? Well, hair, skin, nails, even your body’s immune system, are all built from protein.

If you’re looking to improve the health of your hair and skin, try adding a good-quality protein supplement into your diet. Neat Nutrition’s whey and vegan protein plans, are fully customisable and delivered straight through your letterbox.


Get Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health. Water is the main component of all cells and tissues in the body, and plays a key role in physiological balance, including many different skin functions. Staying well hydrated will help your skin to retain more moisture – giving it a more supple appearance – and will help to flush out impurities and improve blood flow.


Don’t Scrimp On Sleep

When life gets busy, sleep is often the first thing to slip down the priority list. But it’s time your body needs to restore, recover and rejuvenate – so when you’re lacking sleep, all elements of your health, including your skin, hair and nails, will suffer. Drift off with ease after a stressful day with the help of lavender (read more here) – soak in a lavender infused bath before bed using our lavender bath oil or simply dab a few drops onto your pulse points for your skin to release its calming aroma.


Read more: click here to head over to Neat Nutrition for Part 1 of our guide to grooming on the go…



Our Top Yacht Designers

Czech & Speake have had the fortune to be included in numerous exciting interior projects throughout the years, from Ralph Lauren’s New York country house to opulent hotel suites, but some of our most impressive cases see us fitted in the bathrooms of luxury yachts. You can see our Cubist collection in Nuvolari & Lenard’s interior for ‘DB9’ or our Edwardian collection in Laura Pomponi’s ‘NERO’.

With a keen eye on the world of yacht design, we are deeply anticipating the arrival of The Superyacht Design Forum at the end of this month, held in the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour. If you need more background on the exclusive event, it was established for industry insiders to provide them with specialist new thinking, intelligent solutions and spark inspiration to push forward the future of superyacht design.

In response to the upcoming event, we have chosen our top three yacht designers working in the global market, paired with some of their most influential projects:


Winch Design

Extraordinarily, we are lucky enough to have a number of world-renowned yacht designers born out of Britain. One we admire most is Andrew Winch, who’s studio has a prolific portfolio, working with private jets, helicopters, lavish residents and significantly, yachts, where Winch received his original training. Inspired by ideas of freedom and seclusion, the team design each space with the intention to enclose the client within a safe and serene setting. Our two favourite projects, ‘Cloud Nine’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’, incorporate the studios signature stone and cream colour palette, enriched with textural detail in reference to the natural elements – apt for a vessel that resides in the ocean.

Cloud Nine by Winch Design


Bannenberg & Rowell

Dickie Bannenberg and Simon Rowell continue the legacy of the father of contemporary yacht design, Jon Bannenberg. The London based studio may have a modest team of fifthteen, but this by no means limits the remarkable scale and quality of work they produce. Perhaps it is this intimate work environment that enables designs that emit such pleasure; ‘Moon and Sand’, ‘Promise’ and ‘Galactic Star’ are just a few, named accordingly to reflect the hopeful and utopian sensation the team wish to convey. Most appropriately named ‘Joy’, is a yacht that has truly embodied this notion with its streamline form and imaginative use of glass to bring the blissful natural surroundings inside.

‘Joy’ by Bannenberg & Rowell


March & White

Elliot March and James White came together as two architects with an acute understanding of luxury. Establishing a headquarters in their capital of London, the brand achieved international recognition, opening further design studios in New York and LA. The vast scale of the company allows March & White to fulfil their all-encompassing interests in aesthetics, designing for architecture and interiors as well as yachting to achieve their comprehensive vision of providing ‘lifestyle experiences’. Our favourite of their projects, ‘M.Y. Blue’ certainly serves an experience. The interior is like no other, with luxurious textual materials sweeping across the ceilings, walls and floors, coloured in a neutral, refreshingly light palette designed to elates the senses.

‘M.Y. Blue’ by March & White


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Interiors Instagram account.

Sources: Winch Design, Bannenberg and Rowell, March & White websites

Cover Photo: ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by Winch Design

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How to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, commences this weekend. The occasion may not be as widely acknowledged as other marks in the calendar, but it is one we believe is worth celebrating.

For obvious reasons, we love the solstice for the prolonged daylight it bestows, due to the sun reaching its highest point in the sky. In light of this (quite literally) we are filled with anticipation for the coming months of summer parties, picnicking, and every other excuse to immerse ourselves in the outdoors.

But it is the very happening of the solstice that we are most inspired by. In Latin, ‘Solstice’ translates to sun-stopping, and this is because the sun appears to stand still at its peak height, before reversing to continue our seasonal cycle. Taking that time to pause, reflect and gratify is significant to us at Czech & Speake as it is the basis of what our products provide.

In homage to this, we’ve created a guide of how you can celebrate the celestial event:


Rise early and refresh

To feel the full effects of the longest day of the year, begin your day early and rise with the sun. It may not be easy to leave the comforts of your bed or abandon your curious dream narrative, but there are some serious benefits in doing so. Your skin is in its best state in the morning having had the chance to mend itself and rejuvenate overnight. This means the AM is the best opportunity to care for it in its freshest state. Use this time to properly groom, moisturise and cleanse, not only for your body but to put you mind at ease for the day ahead.


The solstice is a chance to self-reflect. In preparation for the occasion, spend your evening amongst nature, whether that be in your own secluded garden or travelling to a nearby woodland. To further enhance the calmative atmosphere, incorporate scented candles and outdoor incense sticks into your surroundings as an aid for meditation. Bask in the warm evening sunshine or practice yoga and perform sun salutes to the solstice. Try our Frankincense & Myrrh Outdoor Incense Sticks; the aroma of frankincense has the ability to lower stress and promote relaxation.

Sip a floral brew

Once you have reached an optimal state of calm, sit back and enjoy the solstice with a suitable pre-prepared drink. Traditionally, elderflower has deep-rooted associations with the summer solstice, as the fragrant shrub is in peak bloom around June time. A homemade, elderflower cordial would be a divine addition to the evening set up. Alternatively a warming tea would do, perhaps infused with the famously soothing buds of lavender.


If you feel inspired to celebrate the summer solstice like us, discover our Body & Bath or Grooming range to enhance your early morning routine, as well as our Home Fragrance range to set the scene for the occasion.

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A Look Back at Our Favourites from Last Years Masterpiece Fair

The Royal Hospital Chelsea becomes a visually immersive hotspot during the summer season in our capital. Mesmerising displays of horticulture graced the gardens of the institution just last month for the prestigious event of Chelsea Flower Show. Next in the calendar, arriving at the end of this month, is high-brow art fair Masterpiece London – and we couldn’t be more delighted.

If you know little about the event, Masterpiece showcases some of the finest art ranging from collectables to brand new talent in the market today. The show is a true spectacle, with a vast range of art, design, furniture, jewellery and antiques curated in a uniquely interwoven way, with placement decided by visual effectiveness as opposed to categorisation by subject.

Take a look at our three favourites from last year:


Mattia Bonetti, Elle Lui chair

Represented by the David Gill Gallery of Saint James is contemporary artist Mattia Bonetti. Known for his surreal, dreamlike furniture, the Paris-based designer is an exemplar of those who are able to merge the worlds of art and design. The Elle Lui Chair exhibited at the show last year is evocative of the artists affection for nature; a feature that has recurred in his designs throughout his expansive career. The idea to attach sculptural figures to an organically twisted chair frame is imaginative in itself, let alone to pair this with playfully appliquéd, colour-rich cushioning – inspired.


Cindy Chao: The Art Jewel

Branded ‘The Art Jewel’ besides her own name, Cindy Chao crafts each of her fine jewellery pieces with the mentality to create ‘miniature pieces of art’. She uses 18th century artisan techniques to form elegant designs with contemporary flair. Last year at Masterpiece, Chao exhibited her Black Label collection, catching the eye of a judging panel consisting of art-world experts. We can see why; the intricacy and technique expressed in every element of her work, from the concept drawings to the final 3-Dimensional pieces, is truly flawless.


Koike Shoko

Internationally renowned Ceramist, Koike Shoko was represented at the fair last year by Galerie Dutko’s showroom in Mayfair. The Beijing-born artist creates gracefully formed vessels inspired by her love of the ocean, and the choice to use earth-deriving Shigaraki clay lends the perfect material-tool to bring these creations alive. Formed with slab building techniques, each piece is hand-crafted with individual grooves, curves and scores with a glaze coating that embraces the uncontrollable but beautifully organic effects of the firing process.


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Interiors Instagram account.

Sources: Masterpiece London, The Jewellery Editor ,Galerie Dutko

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Which Scent is Your Father

For many countries, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June and each year it tends to creep up on us, as dad modestly expects and asks for nothing.

It is true for the majority, that the father in our life does not rely so heavily on things, but instead has developed extraordinary character and appreciation of experience – but one thing he is likely to have an affinity for is a personal fragrance. Scent has the power to speak on a personal level, highlighting personality traits and interests with its story and distinctive perfume notes.

In response, we’ve come up with four discernible father types and paired them with a corresponding Czech & Speake fragrance.

Which scent is your Father?


The Fun-loving Father

Products featured from left: Cuba Cologne Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake, Mr Leight Roku S Sunglasses; Mr Porter

The Fun-Loving Father is younger than his years. He would never turn down a social occasion and is always the last to leave, enjoying the challenge to outlast his minors. Certainly not shy, he is well known for his vibrant character, booming voice and distinctive look; loyal to his classic shades and signature drink, typically with cigar in hand.

Paired with: Cuba Cologne Spray 100ml. Contained in a brilliant red bottle, the heady, spicy mix of Cuba is striking when it hits the nose, which matches up to a man of such character. Not to mention it contains notes of rum and tobacco – some personal loves to a father of indulgence.


The Father Who Means Business 

Products featured from left: Black Onyx & Rhodium Half Suite Shirt Studs and Cufflinks; Budd, Turnball & Asser Ribbed Silk Tie; Mr Porter, No. 88 Cologne Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake.

This father had a clear vision of his future from a young age. Motivated by quality and classic design, he has passion and adrenaline to work hard in order to achieve the life he desires. He has seriousness for his work and purpose, but with an underlying sense of wit that comes forth and surprises. Each of his suits are tailored to fit without flaw, opting for elegant black cuts from reputable brands that he relies on.

Paired with: No. 88 Cologne Spray 100ml. Our signature cologne is undoubtedly the fragrance for The Father That Means Business. It’s rich, complex formula has earned its way to becoming a classic scent, perfect for a man of refined taste and sophistication.


The Domestic Father

Products from left: Japan Best Gardening Set; Mr Porter, Neroli Cologne Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake, Suede Winter White Slipper; Mulo.

A creature of comfort. The domestic father is reserved, calm and collected. A sensitive soul, he keeps himself to himself but when he speaks it is greatly insightful and will always come to aid when help is needed. His taste is cultivated and appreciates simplicity and routine, finding solace in the garden with a natural green thumb.

Paired with: Neroli Cologne Spray 100ml. Neroli is a timeless scent, and Czech & Speake’s interpretation is light, fresh and delicate. Its poignant notes evocative of the naturally occurring antiseptic in orange blossom depict the kind, nurturing qualities of the Domestic Father.


The Adventurous Father

Products from left: Spanish Cedar Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake, Ami Cotton-Satin Bucket Hat; Mr Porter, Serapian Leather Cabin Trolley; The Rake.

Having worked hard for most of his life, The Adventurous Father feels as though he deserves his hard-earned leisure time; taking as many holidays as he pleases. With a natural sense of adventure, this father has always been one for a spontaneous trip with an eagerness to explore and take risks; bestowing him with endless life stories. As with his approach to life, his taste is daring, choosing clothing and products that are bold in colour and design.

Paired with: Spanish Cedar Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml. The exotic, resinous aroma of Spanish Cedar reflects The Adventurous Father’s cultural interests, while the vivid casing and high concentration of the EdP formula, embody his courageous character.


If any of these scents epitomise your father, click here to shop: Cuba, No. 88, Neroli or Spanish Cedar.

To see the full range, visit our fragrance pages.

Most of the featured products come from our collaborators or brands under our stockists.

Our Favourite Contemporary Projects

The contemporary bathroom is the pinnacle of luxury. Of course we are advocates for classical and iconic design styles that will always remain luxurious in their own right, but there is something quite spectacularly immersive about a space designed to reflect ultra-modern development. These state-of-the-art interiors are designed with the upmost intelligence providing streamline functionality, sensitivity to the senses, and the ability to amaze through visual innovation.


It is within Finchatton’s Mantra to remain at the cutting edge. The Chelsea based design studio has been going for exactly a decade, but it could be easy to assume that they’ve been around much longer with grand projects that emit a great sense of dignity and interior wisdom. This master bath designed for a Knightsbridge penthouse apartment is every ounce luxurious. As dominant within contemporary interior design styles, minimalism is key here with a focus on functionality and use of high quality, natural materials, understanding that it is good design rather than ostentation that is the truest indulgence.


Zaha Hadid

You’ve been living under a rock if you have not heard the name Zaha Hadid. Sadly no longer with us, the architect left her legacy with a rich portfolio of projects that defy architectural geometry, as well as being the first woman to receive the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects. Not long before her death in 2016, Hadid had been working on a large body of interior work, including a unique collection of bathroom fittings in her signature curves, intended to imitate water flow. This showroom featuring the collection pieces in their intended interior setting astound with avant-garde shapes, monochromatic contrasts and intelligent lighting.


Mayfair Residence featuring Czech & Speake

We must not forget our very own contemporary designed bathroom range in collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects. The prolific, London-born architectural practise is recognised for its elegant, modernist design style. Having established around a similar time to us, Chipperfield seemed like the perfect partner to develop an exclusive contemporary Czech & Speake collection. The images show the titled DCS/FSD range fitted within the shower-room of a Mayfair residence. The fittings in this range have been cleverly designed with definitive lines under a minimalist aesthetic yet carry a certain softness in the finish, so the choice to pair them with a sweeping interior of natural, light stone is a stroke of genius; for both elements are striking yet soothing in conversation.


If you’d like to view our DCA/FSD range as discussed in this article, click here. Alternatively, discover all three of our collections.

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What Would Your Garden Look Like at Chelsea Flower Show?

It’s an exciting week ahead, as today is the start of this years Chelsea Flower Show. Located a mere five minute walk from our Pimlico Road showroom, a ripple of anticipation has hit as vibrant floral displays emerge, adorning the fronts of the surrounding stores in Belgravia and Chelsea to honour the prestigious event.

If your knowledge is lacking, the event is held each May in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, dating back to 1913. At this time it was known as the Great Spring Show and was a quiet affair, modestly confined to a single marquee. As you must know by now, the event expanded to become the worlds most famous flower show; having survived the war, each era saw growth in the number of exhibitors, attendees (including famous faces and Royale’s), and increasingly daring and more immersive garden designs.

A group of young women pose with flowers at the show in 1973, source The Telegraph

With sponsorship from brands and charities, garden designers are given the opportunity to bring concepts to life in a landscape form, whether that be to raise awareness of our planet, showcase the work of charities or a celebration of the beginnings of great brands. There have been many superb and awe-inspiring show gardens over the years, but one we felt particularly compelled by was sponsored by fellow beauty brand L’Occitane in 2016. The L’Occitane Garden designed by James Basson, brought to life the Haute Provence; the home of the brands founder who in 1976 discovered an abandoned steam distiller which influenced him to produce essential oils from the local herbaceous plantlife.

The L’Occitane Garden, source the BBC

As perfumers, the incredible resources that come from the natural environment act as the inspiration as well as being the fundamental element of our products. A brand with the same wisdom, The L’Occitaine garden inspired us to conceptualise a Czech & Speake Garden, which perhaps one day might just go to show…

This is how we envisage the Czech & Speake Garden…

As you enter the Czech & Speake Garden, your eyes will be transfixed on the grand, Edwardian water feature, central to the opening lawn – water being symbolic and the core of everything we do within our luxury bathing concept. Surrounding the feature sit four unique flower beds for each of the overarching fragrance families; floral, oriental, woody and fresh. With a closer look, the significant flowers, herbs and fruits of each of our twelve fragrances can be found nestled within the appropriate beds, producing a gorgeous and heady and aroma.

As you venture past the opening section, you find yourself in an enclosed leafy pergola, adorned with circular vanity mirrors that create the most beautiful dappled light as the sun seeps through and bounces between them. Amongst the mass of reflection is an outdoor seat, crafted from a regal freestanding tub with ball and claw feet, cladded with bespoke leather cushions in our signature brilliant red.

As you leave the almost hypnotic pergola enclosure to the final section of the garden, you are faced with a large stretch of lush striped lawn to give space to great British sporting activities or perhaps a leisurely afternoon tea in the sun. 

…What would your garden look like?


Vist our Pimlico Road store to see our floral display in homage to the event.

Cover image sourced from the rhs.org. 

Are you excited about chelsea flower show? Discover our floral scents. If you’d like to know more about which fragrance families our scents belong to, click here.


Our Favourite New Entries on House & Garden’s Top 100 Interior Designers List

This month, House & Garden magazine released their distinguished list of the top 100 interior designers working in the United Kingdom. If you do not know of this list, it has been running for 20 years by the leading interior magazine, with the team extensively researching and carefully selecting the best in the industry. The list contains a number of mainstay greats, but with each new addition comes a handful of fresh faces who have been chosen for producing particularly spectacular work in the last year.

It is these exciting newcomers that we most anticipate, as we love to see the innovation and current direction the interior world is heading towards. These are our top three:


Kate Guinness

Kate Guinness is certainly new to the game, only establishing her interior business in 2016 having previously worked in design for performance. She told House & Garden:

‘My first career was in set and costume design for theatre and opera. I loved it, but I came to realise that I wanted to create real spaces for real people, which would last and grow over the years’.

Her theatrical roots show through with spaces expressing a buoyant use of colour, pattern and cultural references, yet they never feel artificial with an astute understanding of the homes function. We particularly admire Guinness’ ability to be incredibly eclectic with her style in a way that is sensibly harmonious, pairing beautiful antique pieces that eek character and life with modern fittings, stylised paintings and playful glassware.



The London based Kitesgrove is a more established interior design house but had never previously made the list. The studio is known for their focus on using artisanal craftsmanship and combining luxurious materials, with the company promise to provide comfort, quality and authenticity. Being Chelsea based, Kitesgrove have the good fortune of being tasked with grand townhouses and apartments as their canvas, which they dress in soft toned colour palettes to honour the classical architecture and spatial volume. Often, a token colour-rich, design-led furniture piece is added to cut against the neutral backdrop and breath life into the space.


Rachel Chudley

Rachel Chudley is a brand new name to us at Czech & Speake, but when her exuberant interiors made the list this year, our eyes were fixed and our hearts were stolen. The young designer is highly motivated by the arts as she told House & Garden:

‘ My style is playful with a focus on art. I think that interiors should reflect their inhabitants’ quirks and passions’.

With a team that consists of artists as well as designers, Chudley is able to produce spaces of refined comfort and creative expression, and if you take a lot at her portfolio you will be exhilarated by the drama and originality that each space projects.


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Interiors Instagram account.

Sources: Kate Guinness Design, Kitesgrove, Rachel Chudley

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Behind the Scent: Vétiver Vert

Green is the colour of the moment. Not only is it the vernal season, but we’re seeing limes, neons and sage front the catwalks for Spring, while every trendy cafe in London is decked top to toe with plant life. Most significantly, environmental protection is eternally topical with desires raised high to feel closer to nature, for both the benefit of the earth and for our own health and wellbeing. In light of this, we’d like to share with you the ins and outs of our greenest fragrance, Vétiver Vert.

Bottled in Emerald glass within a box debossed with the namesake perennial, the green-family scent was created in homage to the classic masculine fragrance. Our founder, Frank Sawkins, has always loved the earthy and unusual notes of Vétiver fragrance, which lead him to create his very own interpretation. The intention was to refresh the traditionally spicy formula, which was achieved through incorporating green woody notes to add depth and complexity, then finished with a zesty citrus-mandarin top note to rejuvenate and modernise.


About vetiver fragrance

The essential oil derives from the Haiti grass Vetiveria zizanoid, or as its better known simply as vetiver. It is a perennial plant with stiff stems, long narrow leaves and fine, entangled roots which contain the unique aroma. Extracting from this part of the plant provides an earthy, woody, musty scent with facets of bitter chocolate and smoke.

Why it has remained a classic

The plants fragrant earthiness with its darker, musky undertones provides a scent that is distinctive and surprising, evocative of our natural land with an element of mystery. The essential oil has been used in perfumery for centuries, but these curious properties were recognised and acclaimed during the 20th century, and surged to popularity for use in masculine fragrances by the likes of Givenchy, Carven, and perhaps most iconically, Guerlain, who produced their sophisticated, geometric encased scent in the 1950s. Not only has it lasted for its unique fragrance, the oil has valuable fixative qualities that are able to support delicate or more volatile fragrance notes, making it a highly sought after ingredient.

Original poster advertisements for Guerlain’s Classic Vetiver Mens fragrance.

The benefits of vetiver

Vetiver is unique in the sense that it can not be substituted with reconstituted oil, and it is impossible to replicate synthetically which means it can be relied on as an entirely natural oil. In history, vetiver was referred to as “The Oil of Tranquility”. Similar to lavender, the aroma is a relaxant, and has been found to balance emotions and quieten busy thoughts.


Vetiver is iconic, exceptionally different, and in-line with modern mindsets regarding affinity with our earth and personal wellness. Our refreshed and genderless formula that is Vétiver Vert upholds the natural characteristics of the oil, and enhances them with clever combinations to make relevant in a contemporary setting.

This week if  you spend over £90 on aromatics, you can receive a complimentary traveller 15ml Vétiver Vert when applying the code VERT15.  Alternatively, click here if you would like to purchase a 100ml bottle.

Sources: Daly Beauty


Natural Colour Palettes: Our favourite projects that evoke pure relaxation

The bathroom is a valuable room in the home. It acts as an operative space to perform your daily morning ritual, or a private refuge to wind down and recharge. In order to achieve full relaxation, the setting plays a fundamental part – It can be the difference between a harsh fluorescent light and a warm-glow bulb, but it is the colour of the walls that ground the space and set the tone for the entire interior.

It is true that with the right styling a multitude of colour palettes can be worked with to produce a luxurious, sanctuary atmosphere, but natural, earth tone palettes have stood the test of time, remaining perhaps the most successful in achieving a total state of calm. This is proven by the likes of the Japanese and their concept of zen or the timeless, clean nordic aesthetics of Scandinavia.

See our three favourite earth tone projects that embody relaxation:


Itlas Pavimenti

Masters of wood, Italian flooring and furnishings brand Itlas Pavimenti, focus on producing sustainable product taken from, and reflective of the environment. In this interior the stunning, ancient architecture of the build has been appreciated along with its natural, time-worn deterioration, and become the inspiration for this project. Striking, contemporary features have been fitted within the grand space, using Itlas Pavimenti’s signature material of wood alongside furnishings that colour-match the surrounding stone. The light backdrop induces a welcoming, airy atmosphere while highlighting the soft textural details of the worn brickwork.


Sophie Paterson Interiors

This London and Surrey based design studio creates luxury, residential interiors with the philosophy that the spaces they design must be comfortable and liveable, as well as being beautiful. Using the buildings Art Deco facade as its inspiration, a neutral colour palette sweeps across the interiors of this Marylebone apartment, but by no means does this make it minimal. As visible in the bathroom, a patterned wallpaper has been used to line the walls, yet it does not feel obtrusive through a considered selection of calming colour-ways and careful pairing with the furniture and fittings.


Pierre Yovanovitch

French interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch has developed a reputation for designing  spaces of great strength and sobriety, fitting his expansive architectural spaces with strict lines and balanced volumes. Despite the interior of this space being entirely angular, it is softened by Yovanovitch’s use of smooth textured stone and wood in a natural, taupe palette, warmed by the glow of the feature fireplace.


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Bathrooms Instagram account.

Sources: Living Etc., Brad S Knutson, Sophie Paterson Interiors, Boca Do Lobo

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Smelling Colour

If you think about some of the leading names in perfumery many package their products in the form of a branded uniform, often monochromatic and minimal, which perhaps sprang from Coco Chanel’s iconic black and cream box. At Czech & Speake, something that makes us a little different from the rest is our proud use of colour. Our product shape stays true to the original antique pharmacy bottle form, while the design of each perfumes packaging has been developed independently to tell the unique story of each scent, and this is significantly expressed through colour.

When we inhale a scent our mind makes connections with visual interpretations, which you might assume is largely down to life experiences and our cultures frequent associations with physical objects and smell. For example the zesty aroma of a lemon triggers visions of yellow. Although this is a factor, our brains can in fact be far more complex than that, as a research study published by PLOS One showed how individuals from a range of cultures consistently linked smells with certain colours, and when unexpected colour-smell pairings were made, the experience was noted as unpleasant. These compatible connections suggest that our sense of scent is working on a neurological level.

With all this in mind, we are passionate that our sense of smell has the capacity to be extremely visual, which is why a defining colour was chosen to tell the story of each Czech & Speake scent. We’ve selected some of our most evocative fragrances with details of its inspiration relating to colour.

Spanish Cedar

The scent of Spanish Cedar was inspired by our founders childhood memories of holidays to Menorca. The formula aimed to capture visions of sandy coves and sun bleached pines, and the key component to achieve this was to incorporate the unforgettable resinous aroma from the cedar tree. The woody notes in this fragrance produce a scent that is musky by nature, which in research was proven to be widely associated with orange and brown. The tangerine orange box is as radiant as the Mediterranean sun, paired with an amber toned bottle to embody the resinous, earthy aroma.


Vetiver Vert

Vetiver Vert personifies Czech & Speake as a brand associated with the classics and our founders interests in traditional perfumery. The modern interpretation of a notorious masculine fragrance is made up of a majority of green components, with the leading note of vetiver – a form of bunchgrass. The study suggested that a vegetable scent is most consistently linked to the colour green, while nature is innate, and the fresh, raw smells of the wild are inbuilt. An almost entirely green box and bottle seemed the most appropriate way to represent this lush scent from the green fragrance family.



Our most iconic No.88 is an exception to Czech & Speake’s colourful fragrance range, as the bottle and box are packaged in the achromatic colours (colours without hues) of black and white. The woody fragrance named after the address of the first Czech & Speake showroom is the most complex, containing a range of contrasting notes that produce a deep and mysterious scent. The dark exterior alludes to the hidden and unknown as well as power and control, which perhaps is why it has remained our most popular; it is a scent that can be interpreted individually, encouraging unique visual perceptions and provides confidence to each wearer.


If you would like to explore our colourful fragrance range click here. To know more about the different fragrance families, view our fragrance finder.

Cover illustration by Maria Yugen.

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Best of Belgravia and Chelsea in Bloom

May is an exciting month for us as it’s the return of the coinciding flower festivals, Belgravia in Bloom and Chelsea in Bloom. We’ll forgive you if you have not heard of the annual event as it is something a little alternative for the classical streets. To give you some insight, stores within these districts (some big named brands alongside London independents), participate in producing magnificent floral displays reflective of an inspiring theme.

We eagerly await the influx of immersive installations commencing on the 20th of May, but in the meantime we’d like to reminisce and share with you our favourites from last year:



Located in Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea, independent fine jewellery brand Annoushka laced their beautiful red brick archway with elegant flora in response to last years theme ‘Summer Of Love’ for Chelsea in Bloom. The bursts of delicate white clusters capture the precious nature of Annoushka’s jewellery while mimicking that ecstatic and passion enthused feeling of love – not to mention its likeness to a floral wedding arch.



We appreciated contemporary Butcher, Provenance’s quiet execution amongst candidates that can sometimes feel too showy. The Notting Hill based butcher provides their city village with high quality home bred meat from good-minded farmers, and their modest display alluding to nonchalant summer days well reflects their honest philosophy.



Italian furniture brand Poliform instilled an entire garden in their grand showroom window on the Kings Road. Grass, shrubbery and flora formed a trailing dress that encased a female lover; elegantly seated in the appropriately named chair design ‘Grace’. A nod to Italy’s prominent place in both the luxury fashion and interior worlds.


Les Senteurs  

Just around the corner from our showroom in Belgravia is fellow Perfumer, Les Senteurs. The installation task was nothing out of the ordinary for the stores visual merchandisers – adorning the powder blue exterior with captivating floristry is something they do all year round. The theme for Belgravia in Bloom last year was Frieda Karlo, and Les Senteurs chose a lemon tree to represent Kahlo’s exotic and vibrant artwork inspired by her native surroundings of Mexico. The yellow fruits popped against the brands signature blue store front.


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Bathrooms Instagram account.

Sources: Chelsea in Bloom, Mayfair and Belgravia

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A Guide to the Floral Fragrance Family

With spring in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to opt for floral fragrance. Florals are the most popular of all the families, and are the backbone of virtually all perfume formulas. Notes can be easily recognisable when the natural scent is left to speak for itself, but may also be cleverly disguised when combined with complex notes to create a complete scent that is very unique. If you’ve ever sniffed our mysterious and most classic No.88, would you believe its base is entirely floral?

If you’re a devotee to floral fragrance or perhaps have been charmed to know more about this significant family, see our guide to three of our favourite floral notes:



Rose is historically connected to perfumery, gaining its status as the ‘Queen of Flowers’. For centuries, the rose symbol and its fresh, heady scent has had deep associations with romance, which is perhaps why it has remained so iconic – subconsciously we use scent to attract a mate, and the natural aphrodisiac in flora plays with our endorphins. Rose oil can be extracted in two different forms; a natural steam distillation process provides the essential oil ‘rose otto’ while a solvent extraction is used to obtain the precious and highly concentrated ‘rose absolute’. The process requires haste as the dewy petals must be picked before 10am to catch the fragrance at its best, before the sun evaporates its powerful aroma.

Czech & Speake fragrances containing rose: Rose, Dark Rose, No.88



Lavender is extremely recognisable in its scent, and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to heal, sooth and aid with sleep through its calming aroma. The Romans used the essential oil to heal wounds and added drops to their bath water. The name in fact derived from the latin word ‘lavere’ which means ‘to wash’. The scent can range between sweet and sharp depending on the variation of the plant. French lavender, for example, sits closer to a sweet, floral aroma where as Dutch lavender has a crisp and medicinal scent. Although the scent is so distinctive, its herbaceous nature can be played with to push it towards cool, mint, herb-y or warm, spicy herb-y when combined with different fragrance notes.

Czech & Speake fragrances containing Lavender: Oxford & Cambridge 



Neroli is an essential oil extracted with steam-distillation from the blossom of the bitter orange tree – the bitter orange may be too acidic for consumption but it is this intensity that makes it more aromatic than other varieties. Through using the blossom of a fruit tree, the aroma has the unique character of being both floral and citrusy, which provides a scent that it fresh and uplifting. It could be placed in a similar category to lavender as the oil works as a relaxant with properties that are restorative. The orange flower has become synonymous with weddings, originally used in ancient China as a symbol of purity, love and fertility which is reflective of the fruit-baring tree.

Czech & Speake fragrances containing Neroli: Neroli


If you’ve been inspired by floral fragrance, explore our floral fragrance range. If you would like to know more about the different fragrance families, view our fragrance finder.

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Spectacular Lighting

Considered lighting is essential to any interior space. If time has been invested into the design, layout and selection of the most beautiful furniture and fittings, then it would be a great shame if they were not well lit to display them at their best. Of all the rooms, the bathroom demands the most complex lighting; not only is it a task-oriented space where clarity of sight is required for your daily grooming rituals, but it is also a space of indulgence, desiring ambient surroundings and visual appeal.

We’ve been on the hunt for exciting light designs that are both beautiful and fit for purpose, and these were some of our favourites:


Porta Romana, Scallop Shell Wall Light

London brand Porta Romana promise to produce highly crafted, original and quirky designs, and they have more than fulfilled with this fanciful, oversized wall light that imitates a scallop shell half. Using the natural shape of the scallop shell, warm white light is directed upwards to create a soft but compelling ambience. Throwing light up at the celling illusions a larger space, while adequately filling the room. Along with its functionality, the antiqued plaster finish brilliantly depicts a valuable artefact, which makes it a rather luxurious focal point – perhaps a treasure found deep at sea, or Goddess Venus’ iconic shell plinth.


Arteriors, Linkka Chandelier

Much like Czech & Speake, Arteriors is family run, so we’re always inclined to support fellow brands with this authenticity. The Linkka Chandelier is a modern interpretation of the iconic Spudnik chandelier, which initially took its inspiration from the radical form of the first satellite sent to orbit in 1957; Spudunik-1. We love Arteriors’ elegant take on the retro fitting; by toning down the more usual and sometimes too flashy starburst effect, the piece remains striking through its unexpected vertical composition and oversized opal glass spheres which emit softened but radiant light. The graceful design and calming light source will be perfect for setting a tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom sanctuary.


Curiousa & Curiousa, Swan Tassel

We’re thrilled that award winning British brand, Curiousa & Curiousa, have progressed their wall light range to IP45 standards, allowing their elaborate, blown glass designs to be used in wet areas such as the bathroom. Founder, Esther Patterson started her brand with a passion for British-made craftsmanship, and has successfully used these traditional skills to produce bespoke designs with a very contemporary aesthetic through an exciting use of colour and contrasting materials. We’re particularly fond of the Swan Tassel design; the long hanging fringing attached at the lip of the glass shade is rather sultry, providing a desired sensuous tone for the place you self-indulge and beautify.


Czech & Speake, Cubist Wall Light

At Czech & Speake, we produced two wall lights to accompany our Art Deco inspired Cubist bathroom range. As with all our accessories, they’re designed to function in a bathroom space, made from high quality, hard wearing chrome or nickel with a beautiful black cased glass shade crafted from a traditional bohemian glass making technique. While the structure is as sturdy as our bathroom fittings, the sparkling light effects released from the bevelled glass shade truly embody a vision luxury, and evoke the glamour of the 1920’s as intended.


If you’d like to shop our Cubist light fittings click here. Alternatively you might be interested in exploring the entire Cubist Bathroom Accessories range.

Sources: Arteriors, Curiousa & Curiousa, Porta Romana, Andrew Martin.

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Sleep Better with Lavender

It has been officially spring for about a month now. Our days are longer, the sun is warmer, and the earth is awakening around us. With the arousal of nature, you would expect that we too would gain an energy kick after leaving our semi-hibernative states during the winter period. But instead, many of us find ourselves tossing and turning in bed each night, resulting in endless lethargia.

This is normal! It takes time for our bodies to adjust to sleep-wake cycles to match the changing season, especially with the man-made practice of daylight saving. The exposure to more daylight can encourage us to take on more each day, and discourage our bodies to wind down and rest. We certainly appreciate the additional evening sunlight, but the shift in routine can be rather jarring.

This disruptive process of change can be challenging to counteract, but an age old remedy we swear by is the use of Lavender. It is likely that your mother would have championed this form of aromatherapy, taught on from her mother, and so on. But this is no myth, there is a reason the use of this heady flower has been passed down through history.

Decades ago, it was being used by some of our favourite pioneers of health and beauty, The Ancient Egyptians and Romans (if you read our previous piece ‘Men Have Always Been Grooming’ you will learn how the men of these tribes proudly beautified). The Egyptians were known to incorporate lavender into massage oils, while the Romans used it for headaches and healing wounds. Through time, the soothing properties recognised by our ancestors have been well researched, now predominantly finding their place as a natural sleep remedy.

The potent, herbal aroma may not directly improve sleep quality but rather induces a sense of calm and lowers stress and anxiety, which relaxes the body to lull you into a deep and gentle sleep. The scent interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA, which helps to switch off the brain nervous system activity, diminishing unwanted anxious thoughts, emotion and restlessness. The power of aroma is quite remarkable.

If you’ve been yearning for a better nights sleep, here are some ways you can use the fragrant flower:


Oil the skin

A common form, when using for sleep therapy, is lavender oil. Apply a few drops to your pillow to allow the scent to be inhaled during sleep. It is advantageous to also apply the oil to your pulse points such as your wrists, behind the ears, your temples and your feet. The pulse points are areas on the body where the veins sit closer to the skin, therefore these spots emit the most heat to develop the scent most effectively. At Czech & Speake our lavender based Oxford & Cambridge Bath Oil can equally be used to lightly fragrance the skin, as it contains a high concentration of lavender essential oils.


Lavender Tea

Many of us rely on the caffeine in tea for alertness during the working day, but caffeine-free herbal options can create a calming bedtime atmosphere. As well as the comfort of sipping tea, the heat of the water diffuses the lavender scent around you while you settle down to rest. After consuming the hot liquid, it in fact results in cooling your body down by evaporating the excess water from your skin, so that your body is a comfortable temperature to sleep.



Similar to the effects of drinking tea, a bath before bed allows you to wind down, and prepare your body for rest. As well as applying to moistened skin, our Oxford & Cambridge Bath Oil’s can be added to hot bath water for a luxurious and aromatic experience, while our Body Wash from the same collection can be used to lather the skin. Through soaking and lathering, your entire body will be lightly fragranced, which is not only a pleasure for the senses but an effective method of allowing the calming lavender scent to reach you.


If you desire better sleep, explore our Oxford & Cambridge Body & Bath range. If you just love the scent of lavender, shop our signature Oxford & Cambridge Cologne spray.

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Why Easter Traditions Reflect Good Wellbeing

Easter is very nearly here, and far more anticipated for 2019 as its arrival is later than last year by nearly three weeks! The most desirable aspect to many of us is the rare double bank holiday that that sits either side of the weekend, which gives us abundant time to wind down from our busy lives and spend time with those we care about most.

Although the valuable time off seems most relevant to us now, the real, religious meanings of Easter can be somewhat lost in contemporary life. We’ve been busily refreshing our knowledge on the roots of the celebration, realising how the thoughts and traditions behind it promote a good mindset of hope – and can too, be rather indulgent. The concept of self-love has been highly drawn upon in recent years, so we’ve come up with some virtuous ways of how you can translate these easter traditions into your home life, for you and your loved ones to take pleasure in.


Fill your home with candles and flowers

Czech and Speake Frankincense and Myrrh Fragrant Candle

In churches worldwide, it is traditional for celebrations to commence at midnight on Easter Eve, with the lighting of candles as symbol of purity, and banishment of darkness. By dotting candles around our home, you too can use the warm glow of the flame to illuminate your environment and switch off from any gloom or unease that might be occupying your mind. Scented candles are better still, for they not only visually enhance your space but they also capture your sense of smell with scents that soothe and comfort. Our Frankincense & Myrrh candle contains cedar-wood; an aroma that triggers feelings of vitality and wellness, while its sandalwood notes provides mental clarity.

As well as candles, churches are filled with flowers on Easter Sunday to represent new life. By surrounding yourself with fresh blooms, you too will gain a boost of life, as plants are a natural mood enhancer. Their positive energy is also known to increase the level of compassion you feel for others, the perfect setting for you to welcome family and friends into your home during the celebration.



Czech Speake No.88 Shaving Soap

For the traditional Easter church ceremony, Priests dress in their best and most colourful robes. You should also take the opportunity to feel your best. With the downtime provided by the bank holiday, give yourself the freedom to take time, and self-indulge in your grooming and pampering routine. Take a long bath infused with your most luxurious products, give time to shave properly and dress in your favourite pieces with a spritz of the cologne you reserve for special occasions. When you feel good about yourself it raises your confidence and strengthens your relationships with those around you. You want to be glowing for the family affair.



And finally let’s not forget a tradition that has stood the test of time, an excuse to feast! Easter Sunday signifies the end of lent, for those more committed it means the end of fasting but many of us can put an end to simply being ‘good’ with what we eat. Put on a gallant spread of yours and your loved ones food luxuries; the weekend is a holiday after all, so treat it as so.


If you’ve been inspired to fill your home with candles, follow the link to browse our home fragrance range. If you’d like to pamper yourself for the Easter, click to view our aromatics, grooming or bath & body ranges.

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How to Add Art to Your Bathroom: Whether it’s a Painting, Objet d’art or a Mural

A space that is often confined to function is the bathroom, and if not left bare, it is lazily adorned with framed photographs of family holidays or gimmicky postcards and prints in response to the notion of toilet humour. As bathroom enthusiasts, we regard the space very highly. After all, the bathroom is the only place in the house where you can go to be completely alone; unquestioned – a zone of total intimacy. So what better room to put thought into the design and hang your favourite works? As art too is appreciated on a very personal level.

See these beautiful examples of how art can be incorporated into your bathroom:



In the master bath of this downtown manhattan loft, owners Alice Childress and Christopher Daniels’ have boldly hung an inherited 18th century painting above their reclaimed marble tub. With help from designer Courtnay Daniels Haden, the homeowners have artfully combined the usual focal point of the bathtub with the magnificent painting, which works through the complimentary antique nature of the pieces, both with gold details in the frame and fittings. The two coexist so pleasingly due to the unique coincidence that the width of the painting aligns almost perfectly with that of the tub. By choosing the artwork alongside your fittings, you too can include dramatic wall art in your bathroom.


Objet d’art

This bathroom designed by renowned British art collector John Kasmin, better known simply as Kasmin or “Kas”, is a brilliant example of how objects and sculpture can be incorporated into a bathroom space in a way that is both considered and without connotations of clutter. Shelves are a necessity to a bathroom to hold the ever increasing lotions and potions available on the market, and Kasmin has established a discerning method of fitting floating ledges to display the carefully selected objects so that they not only compliment one another, but also the toiletries that sit alongside them.



A space efficient way of featuring art in your bathroom is through lining the walls. This contemporary Southern California residence shows how flat-surface can make a big statement in the powder room. Unlike wallpaper which is made up of a repeat pattern and sold to the masses, a wall mural is a singular scene that covers the entire wall space, which by nature tends to be bespoke and more intricate in design. You might think of it as an all-encompassing, speculator work of art, which you could spend hours appreciating from the comfort of your bath.


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Bathrooms Instagram account.

Sources: Elle Decor, The World of Interiors, Architectural Digest

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Congratulations Cambridge! On Their Shining Victory

This week, we have the weekend blues stronger than ever as we relive the celebration of the just past, Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race – one of our favourite events of the year.

In Britain we are known for our eccentricities as a nation, and have many quirky customs that we’ve never thought to question, allowing them to become intrinsic to our culture. To name a few, have you heard of Cheese Rolling? This ludicrous tradition takes place in late spring in the Cotswolds; the event has become so renowned that thousands gather on Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire to watch contestants roll a wheel of Double Gloucester to the finish line. Some other bizarre sports include, egg throwing, pancake flipping and black pudding hurling.

Cheese Rolling record breaker, Chris Anderson. A victory photo from last years race

Not so humorously food based and a perhaps a little more sophisticated, is the iconic Boat Race – certainly the most recognised of all the eccentric sports, and one of our countries best-known annual sporting events. Let us tell you how it all started, how we celebrated and why we’re devoted.

Dating back to 1829, the rowing race begun as a head-to-head match between the prestigious Universities of Oxford and Cambridge boys boat clubs, which later included a women’s race in 1927, dividing the race into two open-weight eights. The original race occurred after old school friends challenged each other from their respective universities during their Easter holiday break. The first race was held at Henley on Thames, later moving to the River Thames in London in 1836, with much dispute of Cambridge preferring London and Oxford preferring Henley.

A photo of Cambridge training when Hugh Laurie rowed for the team in 1980 (Photo by Dennis /Getty Images)

In spirit of the longstanding race we put on our most elegant outerwear and wellingtons from brand Aigle, who are the official boot partners for the race this year (we recommend waterproofs in England’s unpredictable weather). We headed down with flasks of tea to our favourite viewing point of Chiswick Pier, a location with incredible views of the final stretch of the race. The audience roared as the earnest rowers gave a final, monumental push towards the finish line. to commemorate yet another year of buoyant play, we headed to the 150-year-old Duke’s Head pub at Putney for a celebratory drink.

Team colour boots designed by the official boot partners for the race, brand Aigle

It is this joyous atmosphere the sporting tradition instils that we love so much. What a brilliant notion that two young men playfully challenged their opposing university boat clubs to a jovial race all those years ago, and for it to make history as one of our most loved and globally observed sporting events. What better inspiration for our traditional lavender and truly British in character product range? The namesake Oxford & Cambridge collection.

Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge Cologne Spray


If you’d like to explore the collections inspired by the race, click here to shop our Oxford & Cambridge Cologne Spray, the Bath & Body collection or the Grooming collection.

Sources: BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Aigle.

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A Look Back to Milan Design Festival with Our Top 3

We have been eagerly anticipating the month of April, as it means the arrival of one of our favourite events of the year; Milan Design week.

If you have little knowledge of the prestigious occasion, the week-long event encompasses the global capital of fashion and design towards the beginning of the month, each year. With several events held across the city, the most significant is ‘Salone del Mobile’, translated as Milan Furniture Fair. The exhibition showcases the latest and most innovative furniture and design from countries across the globe.

Each year that we’ve attended, the monumental displays and inspiring works of talented designers have astounded us. Here is our choice from 2018:


The Bloom Cabinat by Adam Goodrum and Arthur Seigneur

A piece that couldn’t have gone unnoticed at the exhibition was the vibrant ‘Bloom Cabinet’ by industrial, Australian designer Adam Goodrum and French marquetry artisan Arthur Seigneur. Inspired by the exotic lotus flower, the pair used the ancient straw inlay technique of marquetry to form the bold yet delicate and extraordinarily luminous, petals. Through a careful selection of colour pigments, the layers of pattern form a brilliant gradient, transforming a traditionally crafted design into something very fit for a contemporary setting.


Open Sky by Phillip K. Smith III

American artist Phillip K. Smith III stunned us with his mirror installation designed in collaboration with fashion brand COS. The faceted mirrored structure was situated in the courtyard of a 16th-century palazzo, with the location providing the inspiration for the piece. Smith III described his intention to be to “pull the sky down to the floor” and to “merge the beauty of the surrounding architecture and the sky over Milan, creating an ever-changing experience”. And he did just that – we were overwhelmed with the sensational Milanese surroundings.


Les Petits Nomades by Louis Vuitton

The fashion house of Louis Vuitton put on a grand display to launch a collection of decorative leather objects for the home. Consuming numerous rooms, the objects were instilled atmospherically amongst the baroque walls of the 19th century Palazzo Bocconi. Each piece was imagined by selected reputable designers, provided with the theme of travel. The range included vases, portable lamps, mirrors, soft furniture, but one of our favourites was the striking ‘“conversation” chair by André Fu, which featured elegant, swooping leather-covered arms to imitate the motion of traditional Asian ribbon dance.

Ribbon Dance Chair was designed by André Fu


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Bathrooms Instagram account.

Sources: Yatzer, Dezeen, Arthur Seigneur



Men Have Always Been Grooming

At Czech & Speake one of our most distinctive and popular products is our Manicure Set and its travel-fit successor, the Air-Safe. A unique quality of our brand at its conception was the idea to create, luxurious and indulgent grooming products for men, in a market place where products were predominantly designed for women. Times have changed! And we’re thrilled. The word unisex is customary, and the minimal, honest design of our manicure set range is accessible to all. But what might seem the most radical is the amplification of the daily-use men’s grooming market; trendy barbers can be found on every corner in London, and high-profile fashion houses, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, have released subtle-use men’s cosmetic ranges.

We’re here to inform you that male grooming is no new concept, and should have never been restricted for one gender to relish in as it has been in recent times. Here are some intriguing men’s beauty tales in history you might not know about:

Would you believe it was originally men who first painted their nails? Dating back to 3, 200 BC in Babylonia, manicures were unrelated to gender, instead nail paint was used to determine status; the darker the colour the higher your ranking. The well polished hand was much rather a symbol of luxury. But most remarkably, warriors would paint their nails black and green before going into battle, with the belief that war-painted nails would provoke fear in their components. They would receive hours of treatment before combat to ensure their manicure was immaculate.

At a similar time, the idea of self-cleansing and the wearing of cosmetics was habitual to the Romans. Indulging in hygiene was deemed important, which is why we’ve been left with the magnificat public Roman bath houses in areas of the world. After soaking, men were known to bask in perfumes, powder their faces and wear subtle rouges on lips and cheeks.

One particular powerful male figure at this time in history who was said to be addicted to beauty, aromatics and grooming, was Alexander The Great. The undefeated warrior established a botanical garden in his city with plant cuttings he’d gathered on his travels, in order to extract the most lavish and diverse oils, perfumes and cosmetic products. He was also a pioneer of the clean shave. Previously it was considered emasculating and reflective of degeneracy, but Alexander challenged this notion, with his soldiers following suit, and became the ruler of the largest empire of the ancient world.

So there you have it. These gallant historic figures testify that grooming is, and always should have been, a powerful tool.


Illustrations: Joe Mckendry

If you’d like to view our award-winning Air-Safe Manicure Set, or our 8-piece Manicure Set, click here to view our range. Alternatively, click here to view our full grooming range.

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The Great Possibilities of Stone

There have been many impressive and exciting developments of man-made material in recent times, such as the exploration of concrete blends from brands such as Kast, or the sleek, solid surface material of Corian which had a surge of popularity in contemporary interiors. However, we must not forget the extraordinary and stunning material that can be received from the earth, and no matter how notable newly developed material may be, natural stone will never be surpassed. We’re here to remind you of the diversity of stone and how leading interior designers have been creative with it.


Jean-Louis Deniot

You may have heard of the prolific Jean-Louis Deniot, who has been at the top of the interior game for some time now; perhaps for his ability to be versatile and not cement himself with a signature design style, instead focusing on an aesthetic that reflects the location he’s been tasked with. Deniot doesn’t shy away from grandeur, filling his interiors with art, sculpture and eclectic furniture, but something he does quite remarkably is to incorporate interior fittings crafted from natural stone. As visible in this bathroom designed for a Miami penthouse, Deniot fitted the entire master bath in textured marble with incredible detail, in order to showcase the extraordinary natural stone. Notice how the walls, floor and cut-out vanity are panelled so that the intricate pattern flows seamlessly across the space.


If you feel swept away by Jean-Louis Deniot’s white marble master bath, we’ve pulled together a few swatches of stone varieties in heavenly pale tones.


Ryan Saghian

Jean-Louis Deniot has become somewhat an interior icon, meanwhile a designer who’s plummeted to popularity this year is Ryan Saghian. Saghian is extremely daring with his design style; he’s not afraid to pattern clash and often opts for darker colour palettes in unconventional spaces, such as the traditionally white bathroom. Fond of geometry, the designer is known for using parquetry, a technique more commonly used for wooden flooring. Saghian re-works this traditional method using stone and marble, either in contrasting varieties or cut from the same stone to create a unique pattern-on-pattern effect. The heavy use of pattern may be elaborate, but the dark and natural tone of the material maintains a sense of calm and certainly feels luxurious.


If Ryan Saghian’s unorthodox bathrooms inspire you, explore stone varieties in mysterious dark tones and breathtaking natural vivid colour.  


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Bathrooms Instagram account.


Sources: Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, Ryan Saghian’s website and Instagram

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Which Scent is Your Mother

Mother’s Day is almost here and it is certainly a celebration worth acknowledging – she lovingly carried you for nine months after all!

Childhood memories are likely to be the most defining of our mother, as it was a time we most needed her nurture and accordingly, she would have been a major role model in our lives. From years of observation and affection, a strong sense of our mother’s style and personality has been developed, and we believe this can be matched to the characterful notes and design of specific perfumes due to the powerful story-telling nature of scent. To demonstrate this, we’ve come up with four discernible mother types paired with a suiting Czech & Speake fragrance.

Which scent best suits your mother?


The Classic Mother

Products featured from left: Wonderlust Jasmine Bloom Teacup & Saucer; Wedgewood, Vintage brooch; Chanel, Rose Cologne Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake.


The classic mother is as the name suggests. She embodies the vision of the classic English rose; she is elegant, gentle natured and refined. Inspired by all things vintage, she socialises in tea rooms and her icons come from 1950’s Hollywood movie stars. Her fashion taste resides in classic cuts, devoted to the original fashion houses, with particular dedication to the style lessons of Coco Chanel.

Paired with: Rose Cologne Spray 100ml. This fragrance is the perfect pairing, with its original inspiration deriving from the essence and spirit of the classic English rose. The soft, floral notes depict the kind and tender nature of the classic mother.


The Yoga Mother

Products featured from left: Raffia Tote Bag; Toast, Yoga Mat; M&S, Sculpture; Ruth Duckworth, Villa Ausonia Cologne Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake.


This mother is most as ease amongst nature, with a particular inclination to be by the sea. Because of this she prefers to surround herself with objects made from organic material or that imitate natural forms, and chooses clothing with simple cuts in muted and earthy colour palettes. In her leisure time she focuses on self-care or cultural activities, with a passion for yoga and art.

Paired with: Villa Ausonia Cologne Spray 100ml. The contemporary and minimalist exterior of Villa Ausonia alongside its oceanic, green and citrusy notes is the ideal fragrance for a women who feels most content by the salty sea.


The Socialite Mother

Products featured from left: Pink Silk Bamboo Bag; Hai, Vétiver Vert Cologne Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake, Calici Milanesi glassware; Agustina Bottoni, Dimore Studio interior; source Another Magazine.


A natural hostess. The socialite mother is happiest when she’s entertaining and surrounds herself with a fun and fashionable crowd. Preferring the finer things in life, you’ll find her with a martini at hand by the bar in a stylish hotel. Her taste is sophisticated and chic, with an astute sense of whats in Vogue.

Paired with: Vétiver Vert Cologne Spray 100ml. Vétiver is a classic scent which represents fashionability and elegance, and Czech & Speake’s zesty, modern interpretation of this provides the À la mode mother with a fragrance she desires.


The Preppy Mother

Products featured from left: Le Jardin de la Maharani twilly scarf; Hermés, 13 Inch Magnetic Satchel in Leather – Vintage; The Cambridge Satchel Company, Oxford & Cambridge Cologne Spray 100ml; Czech & Speake.


Coming from a background of good schooling, this mother is well educated, polite and spirited. She prefers to live amongst grand architecture in a buzzing city, but equally appreciates an escape to the countryside where she can fulfil her love for natural surroundings, and take part in sporting activity. Her clothes are tailored and athletic; choosing brands that are reflective of her lifestyle.

Paired with: Oxford & Cambridge Cologne Spray 100ml. With lavender notes evocative of the British countryside and its inspiration taken from the famous top English Universities and sporting tradition, this fragrance is the perfect suit for the Preppy Mother.


If any of these scents epitomise your mother, click here to shop: Rose, Villa Ausonia, Vétiver Vert or Oxford & Cambridge.

To see the full range of fragrances visit our fragrance pages.

Our Favourite Projects that Use Pattern

When you consider the deluxe bathroom, it is likely that your head will jump to visions of minimalism, clean lines and single, light colour. This may be because this modernist design style has remained a dominant trend for some time now, promoting the idea that a clean, fresh space is the answer to achieving a sense of calm, serenity and pure luxury. We would like to contest this popular mindset and show you how colour and pattern can be used to make your bathroom a poised and chic sanctuary.

Here are some of our favourite projects that use pattern:


Patrick Puntny’s Oakland Bungalow

Designer Patrick Putney opted for wallpapering the ceiling instead of the walls in a mysteriously leafy print by Cole & Sons. The clever design ekes the patterned paper from the ceiling just down to a high level border which sits upon painted panelled walls. This is no new concept, the Victorians were advocators of the decorative ceiling in their lavish homes, wallpapering every inch of the space, with the principle that the higher the ceiling the more elaborate the decor. This modern interpretation pairs an ornate celling with clean, white walls, to gain a sense of drama and opulence without feeling overbearing or claustrophobic, achieving the freshness a bathroom space desires.


Beauta Heuman’s Vibrant Zebra’s

Award winning Beauta Heuman has developed a studio known to create playful and imaginative interiors who work closely with their clients in order to reflect their unique personalities in their homes. A strong example of their work is a project designed for artist owners of a grand London house. Every room in the house is bold in colour with distinctive fittings, and the bathroom is no exception. The use of pattern and full colour, specifically vibrant red, is rather daring but in fact works well in making the space feel intimate, warm and sensuous – and where better for that then the space in which you cleanse and pamper?


Poppy Delevingne’s West London home by Joanna Plant

Daughter of a notorious socialite, It girl and model Poppy Delevingne, is a true West Londoner. When she left her family home in Belgravia she settled nearby in a beautiful townhouse in Notting Hill. To ensure the decor did justice to the houses’ grand architecture, interior designer Joanna Plant was enlisted, with her studio’s philosophy to provide quality of finish with a dedicated team of craftsman and suppliers. This was honourably lived up to in every room, but we particularly love the attention to detail in the master bathroom, with walls clad in an elegant, hand-painted silk covering from artisanal wallpaper brand, De Gournay. The skill in the painting is truly awe-inspiring, creating an indulgent, dreamlike space perfect for a young-at-heart English rose.


If you’d like to learn more about our brand,  follow us on our newly established Czech & Speake Bathrooms Instagram account.


Sources: Architectural Digest, House & Garden, Elle Decoration

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Forest Bathing

At last, the weather is warming up and nature is abloom, gradually coaxing us out of the comfort of our homes. With self-care still a dominant notion in our society, we predict the return of the trend ‘forest bathing’. If you missed it the first time, let us enlighten you to the workings of this trend, how you can implicate it, and why we’re devoted to the bathing concept in every sense of the term.

The movement was originally lifted from the Japanese; a therapy known as ‘shinrin-yoku’. The theory suggests that by immersing yourself in a forest setting, there will be great advantages to your health and wellbeing. With scientific proof of the benefits such as slowing down heart rates, reducing blood-pressure, improving sleep, it is no surprise that the newly coined term of forest bathing has had a surge of popularity.


Transport yourself to a rural setting with our Villa Ausonia fragrance, which captures the lingering intoxicating scent of distant pine forests.


Bathing by definition refers to the submersion of the body in water for cleansing and for medical treatment. If you delve into history you’ll discover the importance of bathing across cultures, and there are no surprises that bathing holds great significance in Japanese culture; the primary purpose is relaxation as apposed to the function for hygiene. Other cultures have been truly dedicated the idea of bathing as a form of healing, such as the ‘ayurvedic’ bath in India in which the body is cleansed in water infused with medical plants and essential oils.

At Czech and Speake, our founder recognised the power and importance of the the ritual of bathing which inspired Frank Sawkins to develop his luxury bathing concept; something that is often lost in a contemporary fast paced society, where no one has a moment to pause and bathrooms are built solely for performance. We’re passionate about bathing, both in the traditional sense, and theoretical, modern interpretations of term such as our current favourite; forest bathing.

To make forest bathing more accessible to you and to enhance the often neglected bath time experience, here’s how you can combine nature into your ritual:


Bring the outside in

Why not fill your bathroom with plants, herbs and blooms – if you live in an urban environment, venturing to a forest to bathe would be simply impossible to fit into your daily routine. But whether or not you live somewhere green, it will only benefit you more to be surrounded in your home due to their ability to purify the air and relieve stress and anxiety, heightening the already relaxing power of the bath. Choose Air Plants and Ferns, as these plants will survive in low light and thrive with moisture.


Bring the nature to the bath

Taking inspiration from the India’s ayurvedic bath, infuse your bath water with flower buds, leaves, herbs and oils. You can place these in a muslin bag of convenience. As well as the pleasure of intense natural scent the plants will provide, their properties will sooth muscles, reduce stress and even draw out infection. You may use chamomile, Eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, rosebuds – the list is endless. Unlike the majority of man-made bath products available, our bath oils are made from a high concentration of fine essential oils, and therefore will act as an effective remedy.


Bathe Outside

Szechenyi Baths, Budapest

Many of us may not have the luxury of owning a bath, or perhaps do but the space is built for function and is so far displaced from comfort or nature. Across the globe it is possible to bathe in natural hot springs, one of the most famous is ‘The Blue Lagoon’  in Iceland, a geothermal spa with naturally steaming water. Others include Szechenyi Baths in Budapest, Conundrum Hot Springs, Colorado, United States and the Thermae Bath Spa here in England. Unlike the others, this may have to be a more occasional retreat, but would be the ultimate forest bathing experience.


If you would like to bring nature to your bath, try incorporating our Oxford & Cambridge Bath Oil with high quality, pure lavender.

You can shop our full range of bath oils by clicking here.

Sources: Gardenista, Katrian Lee Chambers, The Evening Standard

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Top 5 Basins we are Loving at the Moment

In the contemporary world we live in, we are so spoilt for choice with the vast amount of stunning and unique interior design styles available in the global market. When designing a new bathroom, it is commonplace for most attention to be channelled into the selection of the bathtub, the archetypal focal feature of the space. We believe however, that every design element should be considered in unity, and in this article we’re advocating the often overlooked basin.

Here are five bold basin designs that hold their own:


London Basin Co.

We’re completely taken by London Basin Co. not only for their beautiful basins, but also for the Mother-Daughter partnership that founded the company. With Czech & Speake being family run, we earnestly support this authentic business style. In their manifesto they state: “We want to create basins that transform bland bathrooms into stunning spaces.” and they do just that with hand finished porcelain, adorned with patterns that mimic ceramic design predominately from eastern and oriental cultures. Our favourite in their range is named ‘Coralie’ which resembles traditional Chinese blue-and-white porcelain; refreshed when paired with contemporary tap and plug features. Cobalt blue holds huge significance in the history of Chinese ceramics, a precious pigment used on products reserved for special occasions. This sense of luxury still resonates and translates well into a contemporary environment.

Click here to view basin.


Kast Concrete Basins

The unlikely material of concrete has become a prominent and highly regarded choice in modernist design. Often seen in the architecture of spaces designed for the arts, the material holds the ability to be cast into dramatic, clean shapes and sculptural forms, while still possessing the softening, organic properties of natural stone. We love how Kast have embraced the material and explored its versatility through producing a broad range of distinctive, cast shapes, as well as unique finishes and colour tints achieved through specialist blends. From the range, we are particularly drawn to the ‘Iva’ basin for its pleasing grooved texture and elegant duck egg tone which so beautifully compliments the rose gold fittings.

Click here to view basin.



American manufacturing company, Kohler, may not be so niche and strictly bathroom focused, but with so much to offer it is very possible to find gems amongst their product ranges. We love their ‘Antilia’ wading pool glass vessel basin. The basin is simple in form, but holds huge strength due to the unconventional material of cast glass which has been lightly textured to give the illusion of gently rippling water. The effect is glorious both visually and tactically, so much so that it provokes an unruly desire to touch and feel.

Click here to view basin.



Italian brand Antoniolupi very much holds the same values as us, with its creator’s original concept to look at the bathroom in its entirety. Because of this ethos, their range is expansive, with focus not only on sanitaryware, but also cohesive accessories, from mirrors to lighting and even wall decor. With high attention to detail on each bathroom element, the brand has come out with some spectacular individual pieces. Their free-standing basin named Ago185, is an example of when art meets design; the elegant marble, available in white Carrara or black Marquinia, is deceptively seamless where the basin meets the base – a purposeful sculpture.

Click here to view basin.


Czech & Speake

And finally how could we not include one of our own basins? We’ve explored some great innovations in modern bathroom design which make use of exciting new materials, daring colours and flawless manufacture, but alongside all of this – our Fs Hand Washbasin stands strong. The Fs collection in which the basin is included, was designed inspired by Ferrovie dello Stato, Itlay’s beautifully designed state railway, with each piece containing gentle curves and bevelled edges. The basin is produced in fine vitreous china with a durable finish in alpine white. The classic approach to design remains prominent through its elegance, timelessness and functionality. After all white is the easiest to keep clean!

Click here to view basin.


If you’d like to view our Fs Hand Washbasin as discussed in this article, click here. Aternatively you might be interested in exploring the entire Fs collection.

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Spring as a Time of Renewal


With the weather perking up and our days are growing longer, and yet this realisation consistently takes us by surprise each year; as if the endless darkness of winter blackens out our previous memory of the seasons before.

The official start of Spring, 20th March, is marked by Spring Equinox. One of the two points in the year in which the light and dark is balanced, and our days and nights are equal. An old wives tale suggests that only on the day of Spring Equinox can you balance an egg on its head. Whether you believe it or not, this is myth we’re very fond of, partly for the absurdity and humour of it, but primarily because of what the egg and ultimately Spring represents – a universal symbol of re-birth.

We believe that revival is vitally important for our well-being and progression as human beings, whether that be refreshing our environment, clearing our headspace or trying something new. In preparation for the arrival of the Equinox we’ve come up with a list of rituals to aid you on your journey to renewal. (No we are not going all “new age”!).


Refresh your space

You will have certainly heard the expression of spring cleaning, in which it is traditional to deeply clean your home from top to toe. There are many origins to this, with roots in religion, history and even our biology, as in winter we have lower energy levels due to lack of sunlight to fulfil a deep cleanse. With the arrival of more daylight you should take advantage of your elevated energy levels and declutter, rearrange or redecorate your home. Once the space is refreshed, uncluttered and cleaned, to avoid it feeling too sterile, light some incense sticks as a way to stimulate an atmosphere while maintaining the intention of the spring clean, through their ability to purify the air and leave behind a sensation of freshness.


Clear out emotional baggage

As brilliant as it is that us beings have evolved to be so in touch with our emotions, they can be rather destructive. For example, when you are not able to let go of a memory of something that once was, but no longer is. With a chance to restart, we advise that you focus on the present, and try your best to let go of the past. In this process of letting go, you will allow you body to unwind, and if you have cleansed your space as described in the first ritual this process will go hand in hand. As well as the the purifying properties of the incense sticks, aromas such as Frankincense, Sandalwood and Cedarwood are calming fragrances and will encourage relaxation and reduce stress.


Try something new and self-refresh

A key method of rejuvenation is to try new things and limit convention. This could be done by saying yes to new social opportunities, visiting a new location or challenging your day-to-day routine. All of these things will benefit you by broadening your mind as well as bringing a sense of excitement to your life.

As well as physical activity, it can be beneficial to make changes to your personal style. Move away from the products you rely on – you may have a signature scent that you’ve trusted for years and never allowed yourself to explore different fragrance families. You could be surprised to find that you equally suit a very different scent, which can be rather reinvigorating.

To enhance the sense of a ‘new you’, allow yourself to be pampered and groomed to feel refreshed, whether that be done professionally or as a personal ritual in the comfort of your newly cleansed home.


If you’ve been inspired to sanctify your home, browse our home fragrance range. To learn more about our brand and keep up to date with our products, follow us on Instagram.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019


Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the leading ladies in your life. Whether it’s your wonderful mother, your partner or another female influence, nothing shows your appreciation like the perfect gift. Treat the women in your life to a little self-care luxury, and allow them to indulge in gifts that will revolutionise their ‘me’ time.

Here are our favourite gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2019, to give you some inspiration…


Rose Cologne Spray

This Rose Cologne Spray not only smells delicious, it looks wonderful too. It is presented in a beautiful frosted, etched glass bottle that will sit pretty on any dressing table. With notes of Rose, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, this fresh floral scent is rich in concentrate and therefore long lasting – perfect for the modern day women who is always on the go. This gift is beautiful both inside and out.


Mimosa Bath Oil

Bath oil is the perfect gift for a Mother who needs to put her feet up and relax after a long day. This Mimosa Bath Oil works as an alternative to spritzing; delicately moisturising and adding fragrance to the skin with natural essential oils. The shaker top ensures that the droplets of oil are carefully measured out, making this a long lasting, luxury gift.


Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers may be classic, but certainly remain effective as a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. Bloom & Wild have a wonderful range of carefully selected, hand picked gifts that can be delivered to your door. With luxury flowers, letterbox flowers and hand wrapped flowers to choose from, a beautiful bloom is always appreciated on Mother’s Day.

When choosing the perfect flowers, remember that pink and peach roses are for gratitude, red roses say I love you, and pink carnations are thought to symbolise a mother’s love.


Dark Rose Perfume

Women love to receive perfume as a gift, no matter the time of year. However, on Mother’s Day there’s something special about Roses. The Dark Rose Eau De Parfum Spray has a wealth of history that makes it a rich and intense interpretation of a rose. Whilst the Rose Cologne Spray is light and youthful, there’s something deep, warm and passionate about the Dark Rose fragrance that makes it synonymous with the mother.

If you’re looking for a bold fragrance and complex scent that will last all day, our Dark Rose Fragrance is the ideal gift.


New Mothers

Soon to be mothers and new mothers should be equally spoilt by their family and partners while the child is too young to do so. Bump to Box provide boxes filled with pregnancy products as well as luxury gifts to pamper the deserving mother, delivered in beautifully presented gift boxes. Bump to Box’s aim is to de-stress busy mothers by providing everything they need from an overwhelming marketplace. Why don’t you help ease the weight with a gift that has it all?


To find the perfect gift for any occasion, our gift selection can offer some inspiration.

Alternatively, if you’ve found the perfect Mother’s Day gift in one of the ideas above and want to treat yourself too, take a look at our selection of luxury wallets and card holders.

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Perfume Guide: Which Perfume Lasts the Longest?

Every fragrance that we create at Czech and Speake is designed to endure a long day of wear, but which stays on the longest and continues to exude a luxurious scent? Our fragrances range from light floral scents that are gentle on the nose, to deeper, more resinous smells like the Spanish Cedar. We’re passionate about creating luxury fragrances that add sensory satisfaction to everyday living.



Which perfume lasts the longest?

Each and every perfume is crafted to last throughout the day, whether in subtle hints after a days worth of wearing or a full hit when first applied. The quality and high concentration of our perfumes mean that you won’t need to apply a vast amount of perfume to ensure it lasts. This means that our perfumes often last on average 6 months when used daily, but this, of course, depends on how much perfume is applied each time.



How can I wear my perfume?

Different scents lend themselves to different uses. Our perfumes come as a cologne spray, so you can spritz the scent over your skin however you desire. It is most usual to spray perfume along your pulse points so that as your body pumps blood around the body, you will exude your chosen fragrance.

The above method of wearing a scent is the more traditional way, however, it is also common to scent clothing, hair and other areas of the skin in order to release the perfume. This is an easy approach that involves spraying the perfume directly onto hair and clothes to lock in the scent. Light floral scents which can be found in our Floral Collection work best for this method because of their refreshing qualities. Take a look at our blog on the power of the flower to learn more about the history of floral scents and why they are so defining.



What is our most popular perfume?

Generally speaking, the No. 88 is our most popular and well-known fragrance. It has become somewhat of a signature fragrance due to its uniqueness and the variety of notes harboured within it. The bergamot top note is fresh and woody, alongside dry notes of vetiver and sandalwood, which is then conclusively topped with geranium, rose otto, and frangipani. The No.88 was named after the first Czech and Speake showroom on Jermyn Street, London, therefore this scent resonates with the beginnings of our brand.

Of course, tastes vary, and fragrance popularity does change from season to season. In the Winter season, the chilled weather urges people to go for our Frankincense and Myrrh scent. This resinous and spicy scent has connotations of warmth and comfort – the perfect winter companion.

In Spring, however, the Oxford & Cambridge scent becomes more popular, most likely due to it’s calming lavender heart notes which are coupled with top notes of peppermint and bergamot giving it a lovely fresh zing for Spring.

In Summer nothing can compare to Villa Ausonia. Villa Ausonia captures the salty Côte d’Azur breeze, with the lingering scent of distant pine forests. With apple, basil and vanilla notes, this unisex perfume is a summer essential.


To find the perfect perfume for any season, take a look at our fragrances.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to understand more about beard care, read all about our 5 ways on how to improve your beard right here.

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Great British Brands 2019

Country & Town House released their annual edition of ‘Great British Brands’, which is now in its fourth edition. The publication showcases 150 luxury British brands from all areas of retail as well as art, culture, architecture and more. The industry bible provides company information along with the captivating stories of how the brands came to be. Czech & Speake was proud to be apart of the 2019 edition with a double page spread all about the world of Czech & Speake. Below you can read the publications full feature to discover more about the brand if you didn’t already know:

Czech & Speake brings a unique approach to a refined range of bathing products – from the most luxurious hardware to the finest fragrances. Despite the fact that this British Lifestyle brand has a global presence, it very much remains a London-based, family owned business, driven by the Sawkins family. It has a proud heritage and a classic, understated style that is recognised internationally for its definitively English character. All Czech & Speake products are designed, tested, developed and refined by Sawkins, along with his team of designers in London. All the designs, from the desirable manicure sets to the latest innovation for the three sumptuous bathroom collections, are developed in house and are exclusive to Czech & Speake.

Its particular brand of Englishness starts with its first location on historic Jermyn Street in London’s St James. From the middle of the 19th century to the present day, the street has been pre-eminent as the home of luxury habiliments and paraphernalia for the English gentleman. In 1980 Sawkins established his bathroom fittings business at number 88, where he worked independently as an interior designer. He quickly established a clientele among some of the country’s top architects and interior designers for his beautifully designed and high quality bathroom fittings. Never one to remain satisfied by success in one area, the next step was to pursue a lifelong passion for fragrance. This address subsequently gave the fledgling company’s first fragrance, No 88, its name. Since that time a comprehensive range of men’s fine fragrances, accessories, shaving sets and exquisite leather goods has been developed – showcasing luxurious bathing at its best. Today, the main showroom is on Pimlico Road in Belgravia.

Distinct from the grooming and aromatics business, Czech & Speake’s Bathing Division produces a comprehensive collection of exquisite fittings and accessories for the most elegant bathrooms worldwide; in fact, over half of all sales are for the international market. The solid and reliable quality of its products is unique. Its English origins and style inspirations uphold the brand’s promise of status, elegance and understated product design.

Timeless, classic and elegant in design and presentation, Czech & Speake uses only the highest quality ingredients for fragrances and always ensures that the standards of excellence and meticulous attention to detail are inherent to everything they produce. The Aromatics collection comprises a range of fine fragrances, colognes, bath oils and aftershaves, as well as distinctive burning sticks for indoor and outdoor use. Czech & Speake also adds to its diverse range of men’s grooming essentials with exquisite shaving sets, fine leather toiletry bags and manicure sets including a collection especially for the traveller. There are twelve fragrances, all made using the purest essential oils and the finest ingredients. Inspired by the unique and traditional pharmacy bottles, each is beautifully presented in etched glass and has the Czech & Speake logo embossed at the base of each. These modern yet classic men’s and women’s fragrances are presented in beautiful boxes, each telling a story about the fragrance. The boxes are embellished with Czech & Speake signature detailing, adding layers and texture to the intricate use of illustration and typography.

Czech & Speake’s bestseller, No 88, is a complex, character-rich blend of spicy notes with a dry base, and is worn by celebrities worldwide. Their global expansion, thanks to a rapidly growing digital luxury market, has led to the relaunch of Dark Rose, a fragrance that has proved popular in the Middle East. Similarly androgynous in scent, Czech & Speake’s newest fragrance, Villa Ausonia blends notes from oceanic ozone with citrus. Over the next year Czech & Speake will break new ground by developing its own Skincare range and a dedicated Aromatics and Grooming store.


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The Power of The Flower

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Roses of Heliogabalus1888 (source: artsy)


The celebration of romance, Saint Valentine’s Day, is soon approaching. For many of us, an immediate association that springs to mind is the symbol of the flower. This is undoubtedly down to the overwhelming use of floral symbolism as signifiers of lust and romance through age old literature and media that we’ve been exposed to since birth.

Many will know of the iconic film scene in American Beauty in which leading lady, Annette Bening, angelically rests upon a sea of red roses in the fantasies of character, Lester. A powerful depiction of passion for another.


American Beauty, 1999 (Source: Another Magazine)


As we live in a screen obsessed culture, we’re faced with a mass of visual content on a daily basis so it can be easy to assume that our deep rooted associations, such as the rose and romance, derive from image based mediums. We may be bias to say as perfumery enthusiasts, but we truly believe that floral scent and perfume was the initial ignition for these romantic connections. Let us enlighten you as to why…


An emotional trigger

Czech and Speake Rose Cologne


Have you ever been filled with emotion when a scent takes you back to childhood? Perhaps a certain brand of suncream provokes memories of family beach holidays, or a particular perfume note is the embodiment of your favourite aunt. This is because our sense of smell is embedded in the emotional part of our brain; the ‘limbic system’, which controls our feelings and memories. Just as with make-up and clothes, perfume is a form of self expression and identification, and has the power to evoke emotion and desire, subconsciously drawing others towards us. 


The secret language of love

The Illustrated Language of Flowers (Source: Planterra Conservatory)


As with all elements of modern life, cultural codes have their origins in history. The Victorians lived under an oppressive rule which effected how they could dress, behave and even restricted the conversations they could have. In rebellion, they developed a language using flowers known as ‘Floriography’, in which they crafted meanings for the different flower variations and used these flower symbols to send secret messages. Women would do this by choosing perfumes with specific floral scents, such as violet and honeysuckle, to seduce a suitor without sinning in the eyes of society.


A love drug

John Everett Millais, Ophelia 1851-1852 (Source: Daily Art Magazine)


You may now be wondering why the scent of flowers would hold any significant influence over other charming aromas? Their sweet and enticing smell is an obvious component, but the real magnetism comes from their naturally occurring aphrodisiac properties which tantalise the endorphins. So there you have it! The flower is a love drug, quietly playing with our hormone balance. 


If you’ve been inspired by the power of flora, take a look at our Floral Fragrance Collection. To learn about which scent is best for you, discover our Fragrance Finder.

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Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2019


Men are famously difficult to buy for, especially around the celebration defined by romance where the standard choice of flowers may not go appreciated. 

We believe the man should be spoilt just as much as his Valentine, so take a look at our top picks of luxury treats that can be enjoyed this Valentine’s Day.


Floral fragrances


Although he may not express much interest in a physical bunch of flowers, he certainly would appreciate a complex fragrance with floral notes.

Our Neroli cologne offers the blossom of bitter orange alongside orange flowers to create a refreshing, zesty fragrance. Neroli is known for its relaxing qualities and when coupled with ylang-ylang, the scent is heady and exotic.


Air-safe Manicure Set


If your Valentine is an avid traveller, then this award-winning travel manicure set is the perfect gift. With a luxurious leather and contrasting red interior, this manicure set represents both beautiful and functional design.

The internal instruments have been handmade in Germany, each with rounded edges to comply with travel regulations. Give your loved one something beyond novelty; rather a piece of kit that is both elegant and long-lasting – a new life companion.


Bath oils


Bath oils are a restorative gift that show you care. Bath oils are great for active men who need a moment to unwind and detox.

A No. 88 Bath Oil is full of natural essential oils that leave the skin feeling soft and nourished. With notes of bergamot, sandalwood and geranium, your other half will leave the tub feeling relaxed and smelling divine.


Weekend soaps


Another travel essential, for someone who wants to bring their indulgent bathing routine with them when they’re on the move. These weekend soaps create a lather that’s full of nourishing coconut oil to leave the skin feeling beautifully soft.

The soaps could work well as part of a gift selection or hamper, which you can create yourself. If you would prefer a well curated gift box set, then our luxury gift boxes can take the pressure off you.


Shaving Soaps 


The full size shaving soaps come complete with a shaving dish made from spun aluminium. Allow your loved one to indulge in their grooming routine with our luxury shaving soaps that contain coconut moisturising oil for the idealised soft skin finish.

For more gift ideas, take a look at our Gift Ideas Under £100 or browse our grooming range for more inspiration. To learn more about our brand and keep up to date with our products, follow us on Instagram.

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Our Top 3 Inspirational Hotel Bathroom Interiors


The pursuit of the dream bathroom.  For some it is the re-creation of their favourite hotel bathroom. We have been eagerly scouting out the most beautifully designed hotel bathrooms across the globe and these are the three that made us swoon the most, and perhaps will inspire your own bathroom design.


Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon

We are completely taken by the modernity of Santa Clara Hotel’s bathroom interior. The building is one of the few survivors of a catastrophic 18th century earthquake, meaning designer Manuel Aires Mateus had a unique opportunity to be inspired by the graceful, classical limestone shell and interpret the interior into something very contemporary but still in keeping with the building’s authentic elements. The utilitarian nature, designed to be suited to modern living, is softened by the choice of natural materials such as delicately draped linens, pale wood floor panels and most notably, the bath tub and sinks are carved from the gorgeous pinky-beige Lioz limestone found in Portugal.


Hotel Café Royal, London

We move on to another hotel bathroom that centres around the choice to use natural elements in the interior but carries a very different aesthetic due to the diverse qualities and effects of varying stone finishes. The iconic Hotel Café Royal in London has had many elite guests pass through its doors, Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill to name a few, and this is very much emulated by interiors that ooze luxury in their design, as well as the vast space available in the exclusive suites.  The Royal Suite, for example, includes an indulgent four bathrooms made almost entirely of Carrara marble with flashes of copper in the bathroom accessories and door frame. The space is similarly minimalist to the Santa Clara 1728, but the choice to use these striking, bright and contrasting materials is more overt in its representation of luxury, as well as the marble’s historic connections to decadence.


Viña Vic, Chile

On a hilltop over-looking the Vik Vinyard, you will find the Hotel Vina Vik in Chile. Typically, we envision a bathroom to be white or light in colour as we’ve seen with the previous two bathrooms, but we chose this sanatory space as a representation of how darker tones can be used successfully, and still remain fresh and contemporary. The bath tub is custom made by a UK manufacturer called Splinter Works, using lightweight carbon-fibre which enabled the shape to be slung from walls and off the ground to mimic the form of a hammock. Despite the man-made material choice, notice how the colours used reflect a natural palette of coppers and brass to indicate a sense of calm, and by replacing the entire outer wall with a glass panel allows in floods of light to prevent the darkness of the interiors from dominating.

Sources, Wallpaper*, Architectural Digest, Silent Living


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Beard grooming tips: 5 ways to improve your beard


Beard grooming could be a luxurious experience, not a mundane everyday necessity. If you are the proud owner of a beard, you might be wondering how to improve it with some new beard care tips. Achieving even growth, creating a thick look and finding the perfect products to help your beard feel good can be a challenge, so find out how to improve your beard with our top tips.


Be sure to have an even shave


This can be easier said than done, especially if you do not have the right equipment. In order to achieve an even shave, you need a razor that is expertly crafted to fit this purpose. The blades on our Oxford & Cambridge razor are designed to be accurately weighted in order to glide along the skin with ease to provide a perfect finish. No shave needs to require too much effort or thought and a good razor will help you have an even shave every time. Once the process has been started with an even shave, your hair will grow more evenly and will ultimately give you a better beard over time.


Keep it clean

A good beard soap is going to be essential to keeping your beard clean. Take a look at GQ’s pick of top beard shampoos for some inspiration, or browse our shaving soaps made to fit our beautifully designed shaving dishes. A good brush will keep your beard in order and brush any stray hairs away. A shaving set will provide a full luxury shaving experience as each product has been designed to complement and aid one another.


Eat the right foods

Often, beard growing guides focus on the beard improvement that happens after the growth has taken place, but what happens if you need to know how to grow the beard in the first place? Facial hair is largely genetic, but you can increase your chances of being able to grow a beard by taking in the right amounts of protein and fats that help you grow facial hair. Growing a beard relies on a good dose of B Vitamins which you can get from meat proteins and nuts, as well as leafy greens.


Invest in a good comb

Don’t let an unruly beard show you up once you leave the house. Although you may be able to craft a beautiful beard in front of your mirror in the morning, the natural elements can disturb your creative genius. Investing in a good comb you can carry with you means that you’re always able to brush your stray hairs back into order while you are out and about.


Travel with a grooming set


Using quality products to groom your beard is essential to improving it, and that shouldn’t have to be prevented when you go away. While you’re on your travels, be sure to carry a travel kit to keep things in order. Our No. 88 travel kit includes a travel size shaving brush, a dish with 25g soap and 15ml No.88 aftershave shaker so that you’ll never be left without high quality grooming products.


For more advice on how to turn your grooming routine into a leisurely experience, then take a look at our blog article on the top 8 tips to make your grooming routine more comfortable.

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The ultimate guide to incense sticks


What are incense sticks?

Incense sticks are aromatic biotic materials that allow a fragrant smoke to fill a room. The aroma can be used for many reasons – for how it looks, smells and when combined with aromatic oils the scents can aid meditative practice and relaxation. In order to release the fragrance of the incense stick, you simply light the stick and place it on a holder to keep it away from surfaces. Blowing out the flame when lit encourages the stick to produce glowing ash-like embers that release the soothing scent.



What is the best incense scent?

With so many incense scents to choose from, it’s not possible to pick the ‘best’ scent. This will, of course, depend on personal preference, and often each home’s style and mood will suit a different scent.


No. 88 Fragrant Incense Sticks

No. 88 is an iconic fragrance and our signature scent. The first and most complex in the Czech & Speake Aromatics Collection, No.88 has a fresh, woody top note of reviving and uplifting bergamot, the richness and warmth of geranium, rose otto, cassie and exotic frangipani. Combined with dry base notes of vetiver and sandalwood, this modern classic has a full-bodied, sophisticated sensuality.


Dark Rose Incense Sticks

A Dark Rose scented incense stick offers a rich and intense smell that fills any room. The spicy note of saffron is combined with an elegant bouquet of Bulgarian Rose in the top note, making this a beautiful fragrance that is blended with aga wood, sandalwood and rose to create an indulgent, mysterious fragrance.


Frankincense and Myrrh Giant Incense Sticks

With notes of orange basil, myrrh and pimento leaf, these incense sticks offer an exotic fragrance. The giant sticks are suited to being burnt outside, or in large rooms with good ventilation, making them perfect for summer gatherings or parties. Each of the 12 sticks will burn for approximately 2 hours, leaving a lasting aroma.



How are incense sticks used?

The history of incense dates back to ancient times, and the burning of incense has long been connected with spiritual practice and religion. In the present day, the peaceful connotations and influence of incense sticks have been adopted by the western world to create a calming atmosphere and a relaxing environment. Smell is one of the most powerful of all the senses and has the ability to alter emotions and perceptions in seconds. For this reason, burning incense is a simple but powerful way to enhance the surroundings.

Incense may also be used whilst practising yoga and meditation, the scents provide help with relaxation and focus. The clever fragrance is able to create a sense of comfort and homeliness within minutes. An ideal way to ease yourself into the ritual of burning incense is with a starter kit. Traditional scents like Frankincense and Myrrh are perfect for those who haven’t experienced incense before, as burning them reveals exotic scents that have been enjoyed by many cultures for thousands of years.


If you are looking for the perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere and freshen the scent of your home, incense sticks are a wonderful way to transform your home scents.

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5 Ways to Properly Apply Your Aftershave & Fragrances



There is in fact a way to apply fragrances so that they will last longer and smell great all day. Granted, some fragrances are stronger and have more lasting power, but even those scents need to be applied correctly.


Why do people like to wear fragrance?

There are two main reasons why people enjoy wearing perfumes: backup for deodorant and for personal scent. When you become sweaty in certain places on your body, the odour protection that deodorant delivers starts to fall short after a while. That’s why you have fragrances like perfumes and colognes in reserve, to mask the natural body scents that people you meet are going to find offensive.

Furthermore, it’s nice to have a signature scent. When you walk into the room, you want people to identify your scent with something pleasant and to wonder, “What fragrance is this person wearing?” Therefore, wearing a fragrance is about wearing a scent that’s going to go well with your body chemistry, and wearing enough that it becomes your scent, while not fumigating the room around you. It’s the difference in wearing a smart tuxedo to a dinner or wearing a loud purple tuxedo to the same dinner. Applying cologne properly is about having a sense of yourself.


Tips on how to apply your fragrance:

Two on the neck and one on the wrist, right? No, that’s not how to properly apply perfume. Our fragrance experts un-bottle the practised knowledge you need to make every spritz a sensation.


Source:  Fab Magazine


Spray at a distance

Spraying too close is not the way to go when applying fragrances. Experts say that holding the fragrance or cologne 15cm away from the skin is the best way. This allows you to create a mist of spray that covers to more bare skin rather than a dribble of liquid running down part of your skin. Create a spritz rather than a track line with your perfume. Creating the mist is what opens the fragrance, allowing you and those around you, to pick out the opening top notes.


Avoid Rubbing

It is advised that you do not rub the fragrance into the skin. Every scent is made from a pyramid of top, middle and base notes, with each note being released from the top down as the fragrance develops.

However, rubbing your wrists after applying a scent destroys the scent pyramid down to its base notes instantly so it reduces the lasting power. You’ve paid for a luxurious fragrance with several depths, so it’s best to allow them to make an appearance by themselves.  


Source: Getty Images


Absorb into the skin

Although scents can be applied onto the scent at any time of the day, for the best impact you can opt for a spritz of fragrance after a hot shower. This is recommended because the skin’s pores are open and so the scent will be absorbed into the skin better. This reduces the rate it is released, making your fragrance last longer.


Where to apply a cologne or fragrance

Most people will spray their fragrance on wrists and under their neck. Apply cologne or fragrance to the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows. The areas that you apply the fragrance will react with your body heat and continue to release the scent. The aim is to harness body heat to spread the scent.


Don’t overdo it

If you leave your bathroom in a cloud of perfume spray each day, then you’ll be overpowering those close to you with a scent that is too much to handle. Often, the less is more rule applies when it comes to luxurious fragrances.

Stick to three or four sprays and reapply later in the day if you need to impress. Each spray lasts the same amount of time, which means that using more perfume doesn’t increase the staying power of your fragrance, it’ll just make the initial meeting with you overpowering.



Fragrance from Czech & Speake

From exclusively English origins, our luxury fragrances are now available worldwide to be given as memorable gifts for all occasions or used for personal indulgences.  Our colognes are made by using the purest essential oils and ingredients, following traditional perfumery methods. The fragrances are beautifully presented in etched glass bottles; each has its own characteristic personality and is wrapped in fashionably embellished boxes which reveal the inspiration behind the scents. All our fragrances can be enjoyed by both men and women.


To see the full range of fragrances visit our fragrance pages.

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6 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas


Modern bathroom design is often characterised by sleek surfaces, simple fixtures, and minimalist decor; effortlessly depicting a casual, contemporary lifestyle.

Our expertise here at Czech & Speake provide their insight into achieving a beautifully designed, contemporary bathroom.  Here are some recommendations of how this can be attained:



Accessorise Boldly

Modern interiors tend to be stripped back and minimalist in design, but this style by no means lacks impact; this basis provides an opportunity to be bold with accessories; striking shapes or colour contrast pop against the blank canvas.

For modern bathroom design, keep fixtures and fittings minimal, white is undoubtedly the most desirable and refined option. However, this does not mean the room has to omit personality and character, ideally, the bathroom should be a sanctuary – it is the only room in a house where you can escape and have alone time unquestioned. To enhance the environment, adorn with plants, ornaments, carefully selected framed artwork, and for both functional and aesthetic purpose, fill a rack or shelves with the most beautiful and luxury bathing products and bottles of cologne.

Consideration of lighting fixtures and tone of light is a key component for intelligent contemporary design and construction of an idyllic space. Create an impact with a chic light fixture above a freestanding bathtub for unique and modern appeal.  



Modern is available in every size

Modern design considers every aspect, therefore practicality is equally as important as the visual effect. Sometimes you must use intelligent design to make awkward spaces work in your favour. Spaces do not always come with abundant floor space, especially with many moving to modern city flats. A streamlined vanity unit with matching vessel sinks leaves plenty of storage space below. Keeping the colour palette of a small bathroom light and airy will give the impression of a larger space.



Invest in the right bathroom products and tools

Keep a polished toothbrush holder, shaving kit holder and soap dish. A minimalist space requires maintenance to keep up with the clean aesthetic. Objects and accessories are best kept organised and in place, while surfaces remain sleek and pristine. Most importantly, the space should be kept clean and freshly scented.

Use home fragrances to maintain a fresh scent.

Display beautiful cologne bottles for a little luxury in your modern bathroom too.


Source: Country & Townhouse, Bathroom Ideas: Beautiful Interiors Inspiration



Source artwork such as illustration, paintings or posters from art markets or independent artists and have them framed and adorned on your bathroom walls to add character to the white space.


Experiment with patterns

Modest glass tiles provide a gleaming backdrop for a freestanding bathtub or a shower space. A black-and-white flooring in bold tiles also gives a feeling of luxury.


Czech & Speake’s Bathroom Accessories

If you are looking to add some unique finishing touches to your modern bathroom design, then take a look at our bathroom accessories. Here you will find inspiration from the Edwardian era. Brilliantly, these classic, industrial features compliment a minimalist living space beautifully, a concept continually used by architects.

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