Gentleman’s Grooming is Booming.

Czech & Speake has been focusing on niche gentleman’s grooming bringing design, innovation and traditional heritage in all we create. We are proud to have been part of a movement that allowed men to be confident and feel elegant with their appearance through the years with the assistance of our grooming products. We are also thankful for having so many cosmopolitan men relying on our expertise. As such, through the years we have felt a positive change not only in the men’s grooming market, but also in society.

Society has always used “beauty” and “female” in the same sentence. Women were the ones who seemed to invest with both time and money to pursue elegance, but in recent times, society has seen men investing as much, if not more. Nowadays, men’s products go beyond the traditional rugged look, giving them choices and options.

Men are now trying to satisfy their urge for impeccable appearance by spending more on consumer goods, such as skincare and accessories. Sparring to be the leader of the pack; that has not changed. However, how that is to be achieved has been updated, now revolves around gadgets and cars, with the addition of fashion and skincare.

… But Gentlemen, how important is grooming for you? Are you stereotype-free and booming with the grooming? Remember that:

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”.

We, at Czech & Speake, as an advocate of tradition, luxury and elegance will continue to support the men who care about their appearance and wish to become a timeless cosmopolitan gentleman.


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