Why Should You Change Your Fragrance in Autumn

Now deep into September, the transition from summer into autumn can take quite a dramatic shift. All of a sudden, the temperatures drop and floral blooms are replaced with crunchy leaves in golden tones. As you would layer up to suit the seasonal change, you should also adapt your choice of fragrance

If you’d like to know more about why it is important to change your fragrance in autumn, we’ve created an informative guide alongside an edit of the best Autumn fragrances in the Czech & Speake Collection.

Why you should change fragrance according to season

Does temperature affect perfume? 

Yes. A good reason to change your fragrance in autumn is because perfume is very sensitive to the climate, and will react differently depending on the temperature and humidity. In colder temperatures, scent does not lift as well as it does in warm environments as odour molecules move at a much slower pace in cool air. 

As well as this, our bodies change to be less hospitable. Our skin tends to become dryer in the cold which can make it difficult for scent to ‘stick’ as scent molecules are attracted to oils. Receptors in our nose instinctively bury themselves deeper in protection from the cold, which can mildly suppress our sense of smell. In order to tackle this, you should swap your light, summer scent for richer autumn fragrances with a strong base so that your perfume will last and be noticed.

Autumn fragrance notes

Although you may be wistful to see the end of summer, autumn too has its own charm. A season defined by comfort; picture the thick scent of crackling wood burning fires or the rich, earthy smells of fallen foliage. It is worth changing your fragrance in autumn as it is natural to desire scents that fulfil our seasonal cravings. In the summer, light citrus scents refresh in the heat of the day, while in autumn you need something warming that captures the delightful autumnal aromas. 

To identify scents that are warming and will last, you should look at the base notes in a fragrance. The base notes tend to be the strongest as they hold together the body of the scent and last the longest, but this can vary depending on the fragrance formula. In autumn, look out for oriental/spicy, woody, or sweet base notes such as vanilla, sandalwood and amber, you might just find an autumn leaves perfume.

The Best Autumn Fragrances 2020


Although our signature fragrance, No.88, is an all-year-round favourite, it still holds a strong place on our list for best autumn fragrances. Its complex formula contains a uniquely fresh yet woody top note of uplifting bergamot, followed by a rich and warm floral centre, completed with the all important earthy and oriental base notes of vetiver and sandalwood.

Citrus Paradisi 

If you’re not quite ready to let go of summer, Citrus Paradisi could be the perfect transitional fragrance for you. This unique fragrance gives you a citrus scent that will last. It combines the extreme freshness of Californian Grapefruit with warm herbs, spices and an earthy base. 

Perfecto Fino

Our recent release, Perfect Fino, is a must have for Autumn. This spicy floral scent is built around woody sharp notes with intensive leather notes. Caramelised charred bark creates its distinctive and unique smokey scent; perfect for the autumnal climate.

Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar was inspired by boyhood holidays to Menorca, but its exotic blend of woods, resins and sensuous smoky notes alongside spicy piquant notes make it a flawless autumn fragrance.


If you feel inspired to update your fragrance for autumn, explore our Autumn Fragrance Range. Or perhaps you’d like to browse our Full Fragrance Range.

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