The Benefits of Soap

Following the launch of our Neroli Hand Wash this month, the latest addition to Czech & Speake’s Bath & Body range, we wanted to share with you our passion for soap making and why it is so important to our daily lives. By the end of this guide, you’ll know all there is to know about the art of soap.

Soap has existed since 2800 BC, with evidence of its use in Ancient Babylon. As humans evolved, they quickly realised the importance of cleanliness and preserving the health of skin for a longer, more comfortable life. The materials and processes our ancestors discovered are still used and interpreted to this day.

How is soap made?

All soap, whether it be a solid bar or liquid hand wash, begins with a simple chemical reaction between oils and an alkaline; almost any oil can be used, from animals or plants, i.e. olive oil. The alkaline tends to be sodium hydroxide for solid soap and potassium hydroxide for liquid soap

How soap works and its benefits

As well as the wonderful, uplifting feeling of being clean, soap has many benefits in caring for your skin. One way it does this is by maintaining the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Soap stimulates the glands to produce sebum, a substance which moisturises and protects the skin, which is beneficial for dry skin. 

Can soap kill bacteria and viruses?

One of the major benefits of soap, especially in this current climate, is its ability to prevent and remove the growth of bacteria. Soap dissolves the fat membrane which holds the bacteria together and inactivates it, proving to be one of the most simple and effective methods against viruses. 

Liquid Soap Vs Bar of Soap

Whether soap is liquid or solid, it will be just as effective at removing dirt and bacteria. It simply comes down to personal preference, but there are a few differences that might sway your choice. The formula of liquid soap or body wash tends to have added moisturisers, so can be more effective in preventing dry hands. With bars of soap, the friction created by rubbing can be very effective in removing dirt.

About our new release: Neroli Hand Wash

Following the release of our lavender scented Oxford & Cambridge Hand Wash earlier in the year, the Neroli Hand Wash marks the latest addition to our Bath & Body range. Its natural antimicrobial properties make for a sophisticated solution to sanitisation, its formulation is specially designed to improve skin hydration.

Delicately fragranced with the same essential oils as used in our timeless Neroli fragrance, this cleansing hand wash is presented in a 300ml white pump soap dispenser. The Neroli Hand Wash is fresh, classic and invigorating, making it the perfect booster for warmer temperatures.


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