Which Incense Scent is Best for You?

Your down time is precious. It’s important to get the most of the moments you have to yourself to allow your body to properly rest, or to work on aspects of your mind, even little worries that need attention. This will better prepare you for busy work days and consuming social plans.

How can I relax?

You may already use incense as an aid to relaxation. If you don’t, we highly recommend lighting fragrant sticks in your chosen calm environment. With the right scents, the aroma released can activate channels in your brain to relieve stress and enhance clearer thinking.

Which incense is best for me?

Any selected incense would create a desired serene environment, but you might not be aware of how certain scents can cater to your more specific relaxation needs. To help you get the most out of your down time, we’ve listed some key incense aromas and what they are best for.

Frankincense & Myrrh

The ancient resin of Frankincense remains a significant substance, with genuine healing properties having been used in medicine for hundreds of years. Its aroma has purification properties as well as the ability to calm the central nervous system. Myrrh similarly stills the mind, meaning the iconic duo would be the perfect choice if you simply need to quiet your thoughts and recline. It is also a top choice for meditation with its calming abilities.

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As you may already know, lavender is a natural sleep remedy. If you’ve been suffering from insomnia or some level of sleep disruption, then using lavender oil before bed could be a life changer. The unique aroma interacts with the brain to reduce stress, anxiety and restlessness which helps to lull you into a gentle sleep.

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If you feel that your life is lacking in affection, a floral incense will help you to intensify your emotions. The sweet aroma that comes from flowers has naturally occurring aphrodisiac properties, which will help to reduce tension and promote harmony and love in your relationships, whether that be romantic or not. Rose would be the top floral choice, known by many as the essential oil of love.

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Sandalwood is another ancient and greatly desired scent that derives from aromatic trees. It can be found in traditional medicine, cosmetics, soap and perfumes and is considered a ‘holy wood’ with belief of powerful healing properties. If you’ve been suffering with negative thoughts or low spirits, this scent will help ease this unfavourable way of thinking and soothe emotional turmoil.

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