Projects That Use Rich, Deep Colour Palettes

As we get deeper into Autumn, we slowly adjust to the temperature drop. Perhaps the most difficult moment of the day is leaving your warm bed and stepping into the cold, utilitarian bathroom. In this journal post we’d like to embrace London grey (which we’re seeing plenty of at the moment) and advocate the more unusual choice of a dark toned colour palette, for its ability to create an intimate, warming bathroom space.

We’ve selected our top three examples to inspire your own design:

Hertfordshire Contemporary Remodel, Cherie Lee Interiors

Interior design consultancy, Cherie Lee interiors, is recognised for renovating and remodelling properties in the Home Counties and London, making use of beautiful period features, bold colour schemes and striking fittings. The bathroom in this contemporary remodel is a perfect example of the companies daring design and how intense colour palettes can strive in the bathroom. By using powder toned darks such as charcoal, the interior is bold but softened with a closer appearance to natural material, better suited to creating a relaxing atmosphere required for the bathroom. The dark walls act as the perfect backdrop for the brushed bronze accessories and fittings to stand out, while the warm low lighting enhances the already intimate space.

New York Condo, Jae Joo

Being New York based, interior designer Jae Joo has an impressive portfolio of eclectically designed industrial lofts across the city, with the incentive to carefully consider the clients taste and personality. For this project, all the client asked for was clean white walls to highlight his expansive art collection alongside non-competing decor. Joo did just that with a monochromatic scheme and predominately white walls, but with the exception of the rebellious all-black bathroom. The jet black space fitted with rich glossy marble and a smoked mirror ceiling well reflects the modern art inspired brief, reminiscent of design found in trendy restaurant and hotel water closets. The controversial use of all-black, as in fashion, will always contain a sense of the cutting edge.

Kubili House, Julian Koski and Jacques Erasmus

Luxury residence Kubili House is a tad different from the other projects as it was not the work of an interior design firm but rather the embodiment of a dream held by South-African born entrepreneur, with the help of interior designer Jacques Erasmus. The luxury holiday home resides within the Limpopo province of South Africa, which is part of the Greater Kruger National Park. The design was intended to harmonise with the surrounding landscape, which was achieved by using natural materials and large scale windows to let the outside in. The design of the spa caught our eye most. The Moroccan, deep cobalt blue tiles stun with their natural rich pigment, and when paired with an entirely open wall, the sunlight bounces and glimmers across their glossy surface.


If you are tempted to be daring with a darker colour palette, discover our monochromatic Cubist range, which takes its inspiration from the cutting edge Art Deco movement.

Sources: Cherie Lee Interiors, Elle Decoration, Kubili House instagram @kubilihouse

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