How to Properly Apply Fragrance & Aftershave

men spraying fragrance on wrist
men spraying fragrance on wrist

Applying your fragrance is a seemingly simple part of your grooming routine, but to do it well, requires some thought. You might want for your scent to last longer, or wish to better know the difference between using perfume and aftershave. In this guide, you will discover how to apply aftershave, perfume and fragrances properly to ensure you get the most out of them.

Why do people like to wear fragrances?

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Fragrance tells a story, and like clothes, it tells people about your personal style and gives you the confidence to start the day, so it is nice to have a signature scent. When you enter a room, you want people to identify your scent with something pleasant and to wonder, “What fragrance is this person wearing?” Therefore, it is important to wear a fragrance that goes well with your body chemistry, and wearing just the right amount so that it sits tastefully on your skin without fumigating the room around you. Applying perfume properly requires a good sense of yourself.

5 ways on how to apply fragrance

Two on the neck and one on the wrist, right? No, that is not how to properly apply perfume. Our fragrance experts un-bottle the practiced knowledge you need to make every spritz a sensation. 

1. Spray at a distance

Avoid spritzing too close to the skin when applying fragrances. Experts suggest holding the fragrance or cologne at a 15cm distance away from the skin to create a mist that diffuses it over a good proportion of the skin area, with a subtlety that mingles with your natural scent as opposed to masking it, which is in fact rather desirable. Creating a mist opens the fragrance, allowing you and those around you to pick out the developing fragrance notes.

2. Avoid rubbing

It is advised that you do not rub the fragrance into the skin, if you wish to transfer the scent, gently dab it over to your other wrist. Every scent is made up of complex top, middle and base notes, with each note being released from the top-down as the fragrance develops. However, rubbing your wrists after applying a scent breaks down the notes so that they evaporate too soon, and as a result, it reduces the lasting power. A luxurious fragrance has delightful depths, so it is best to allow them to develop naturally on your skin.

3. Absorb into the skin

You can apply and refresh your perfume at any time you like, but for the best impact, start your day by spritzing your fragrance after a hot shower. This is recommended as the steam from the shower opens your skin’s pores so the scent will be absorbed into the skin better. This reduces the rate it is released, making your fragrance last longer.

4. Apply to pulse points

It is common knowledge to spray fragrance on wrists and under the neck. Other points where you can apply fragrance or cologne include:

  • inner wrists
  • the base of the throat
  • behind ear lobes
  • in the cleavage
  • behind the knees
  • the inner elbows

These are all pulse point areas where the veins run close to the skin’s surface and emit more heat. Fragrance lifts better with warmth and will react with your body heat to continue to release the scent and last all day.

5. Do not overdo it

Often, the less is more rule applies when it comes to luxurious fragrances. Stick to three or four spritzes and layer the scent later in the day to maintain a subtle aroma. Each spray will last the same proportion of time, which means that using more perfume will not increase the staying power of your fragrance, it will just start out strong and likely be overpowering. 

What is aftershave?

bottle of oxford & cambridge aftershave shaker 50ml

There is often confusion of whether aftershave is the same as cologne, as the term is thrown around loosely for fragrance. But there is in fact a distinct difference between perfume and aftershave, which affects how you apply it. The purpose of aftershave goes beyond scent, unlike cologne, and enters into skincare. Aftershave is really a men’s product, designed to be applied directly to skin after shaving to soothe, protect and nourish sensitive skin. 

Antiseptic ingredients and alcohol make up the majority of the aftershave formula, but a proportion of essential oils are included to give men’s aftershave a delicate scent. This means you can use aftershave as cologne if you wish to be fragranced with something very light, but be mindful that there is a difference in applying aftershave properly for it to work for your skin. 

The benefits of aftershave

Applying aftershave post shaving is essential for skin protection and rejuvenation, and is especially important for those with sensitive skin. The antiseptic ingredients disinfect areas susceptible to bacteria such as open pores, cuts and nicks, while soothing irritation, damaged skin and redness. As well as immediate protection, frequently using aftershave is beneficial for preventing future irritation, as your skin is receiving regular care.

Where should you put aftershave?

As aftershave is designed for use after shaving, it should be applied to these shaved, sensitive areas – which is generally the face and neck. Its antiseptic properties will get to work on keeping the open pores and cuts clean, while its delicate scent will soothe and refresh.

How to apply aftershave

To ensure you get the best out of your aftershave, follow these easy steps:

1. Prepare your skin

Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water to ensure loose hairs and excess dirt is removed. The cool water will begin to close your pores after the heat from the shower and prepare your skin for the aftershave.

2. Pour the aftershave into your palm

Shake, if you have a shaker top, or pour a teaspoon amount of aftershave into one palm and pat it over to the other. At Czech & Speake, our aftershaves have a traditional shaker top designed to release carefully measured drops of solution. Some come as an aftershave spray, which you can spritz directly over your neck and face, holding it at a short distance to get ample coverage.

3. Gently rub on your skin

Gently apply the aftershave to your face and neck, massaging in a downward motion, making sure you get an even coverage to soothe any redness. Do not rinse away, the aftershave will soon soak in and do its work…

 Wear plenty

You may be wondering how much aftershave to use. Unlike cologne and perfume, which only requires a few spritzes, men’s aftershave can be worn with abundance. This is because the fragrant content is relatively low in comparison to the sanitising ingredients, which means there is less concern about your fragrance being overpowering, and ideally you want to get full coverage over the shaved area to reap the benefits of the aftershave formula. 

Czech & Speake’s Fragrances & Aftershaves

From exclusively English origins, our luxury fragrances and aftershaves for men are available worldwide to be given as memorable gifts for all occasions or used for personal indulgences and special signature scents. Our perfumes, colognes and aftershaves are made by using the purest essential oils and ingredients, following traditional perfumery methods. The fragrances are beautifully presented in apothecary glass bottles; each has its own characteristic personality and is wrapped in fashionably embellished boxes that reveal the inspiration behind the scents.

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