6 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern bathroom design is often characterised by sleek surfaces, simple fixtures, and minimalist decor; effortlessly depicting a casual, contemporary lifestyle.

Our expertise here at Czech & Speake provide their insight into achieving a beautifully designed, contemporary bathroom.  Here are some recommendations of how this can be attained:

Accessorise Boldly

Modern interiors tend to be stripped back and minimalist in design, but this style by no means lacks impact; this basis provides an opportunity to be bold with accessories; striking shapes or colour contrast pop against the blank canvas.

For modern bathroom design, keep fixtures and fittings minimal, white is undoubtedly the most desirable and refined option. However, this does not mean the room has to omit personality and character, ideally, the bathroom should be a sanctuary – it is the only room in a house where you can escape and have alone time unquestioned. To enhance the environment, adorn with plants, ornaments, carefully selected framed artwork, and for both functional and aesthetic purpose, fill a rack or shelves with the most beautiful and luxury bathing products and bottles of cologne.

Consideration of lighting fixtures and tone of light is a key component for intelligent contemporary design and construction of an idyllic space. Create an impact with a chic light fixture above a freestanding bathtub for unique and modern appeal.  

Modern is available in every size

Modern design considers every aspect, therefore practicality is equally as important as the visual effect. Sometimes you must use intelligent design to make awkward spaces work in your favour. Spaces do not always come with abundant floor space, especially with many moving to modern city flats. A streamlined vanity unit with matching vessel sinks leaves plenty of storage space below. Keeping the colour palette of a small bathroom light and airy will give the impression of a larger space.

Invest in the right bathroom products and tools

Keep a polished toothbrush holder, shaving kit and soap dish. A minimalist space requires maintenance to keep up with the clean aesthetic. Objects and accessories are best kept organised and in place, while surfaces remain sleek and pristine. Most importantly, the space should be kept clean and freshly scented.

Use home fragrances to maintain a fresh scent.

Display beautiful cologne bottles for a little luxury in your modern bathroom too.

Source: Country & Townhouse, Bathroom Ideas: Beautiful Interiors Inspiration


Source artwork such as illustration, paintings or posters from art markets or independent artists and have them framed and adorned on your bathroom walls to add character to the white space.

Experiment with patterns

Modest glass tiles provide a gleaming backdrop for a freestanding bathtub or a shower space. A black-and-white flooring in bold tiles also gives a feeling of luxury.


Czech & Speake’s Bathroom Accessories

If you are looking to add some unique finishing touches to your modern bathroom design, then take a look at our bathroom accessories. Here you will find inspiration from the Edwardian era. Brilliantly, these classic, industrial features compliment a minimalist living space beautifully, a concept continually used by architects.

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