How to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, commences this weekend. The occasion may not be as widely acknowledged as other marks in the calendar, but it is one we believe is worth celebrating.

For obvious reasons, we love the solstice for the prolonged daylight it bestows, due to the sun reaching its highest point in the sky. In light of this (quite literally) we are filled with anticipation for the coming months of summer parties, picnicking, and every other excuse to immerse ourselves in the outdoors.

But it is the very happening of the solstice that we are most inspired by. In Latin, ‘Solstice’ translates to sun-stopping, and this is because the sun appears to stand still at its peak height, before reversing to continue our seasonal cycle. Taking that time to pause, reflect and gratify is significant to us at Czech & Speake as it is the basis of what our products provide.

In homage to this, we’ve created a guide of how you can celebrate the celestial event:

Rise early and refresh

To feel the full effects of the longest day of the year, begin your day early and rise with the sun. It may not be easy to leave the comforts of your bed or abandon your curious dream narrative, but there are some serious benefits in doing so. Your skin is in its best state in the morning having had the chance to mend itself and rejuvenate overnight. This means the AM is the best opportunity to care for it in its freshest state. Use this time to properly groom, moisturise and cleanse, not only for your body but to put you mind at ease for the day ahead.


The solstice is a chance to self-reflect. In preparation for the occasion, spend your evening amongst nature, whether that be in your own secluded garden or travelling to a nearby woodland. To further enhance the calmative atmosphere, incorporate scented candles and outdoor incense sticks into your surroundings as an aid for meditation. Bask in the warm evening sunshine or practice yoga and perform sun salutes to the solstice. Try our Frankincense & Myrrh Outdoor Incense Sticks; the aroma of frankincense has the ability to lower stress and promote relaxation.

Sip a floral brew

Once you have reached an optimal state of calm, sit back and enjoy the solstice with a suitable pre-prepared drink. Traditionally, elderflower has deep-rooted associations with the summer solstice, as the fragrant shrub is in peak bloom around June time. A homemade, elderflower cordial would be a divine addition to the evening set up. Alternatively a warming tea would do, perhaps infused with the famously soothing buds of lavender.


If you feel inspired to celebrate the summer solstice like us, discover our Body & Bath or niche Grooming range to enhance your early morning routine, as well as our Home Fragrance range to set the scene for the occasion.

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