First Impressions Start with a Handshake

There might be two reasons as to why you do not take much care to your nails: Manicuring your own nails is difficult and you see it as part of the feminine grooming ritual. However, these are not valid reasons anymore, at least not in this century.

Everyone should pay attention to their nails, because first impressions start with a handshake. They are not only seen as an indicator of one’s personal hygiene but also as a “business card” that you are handing out throughout the day. To ensure you always look presentable, you should include a manicure into your weekly grooming routine. And no, using your teeth is not a worthy substitute for cutting edge technology.

To show how easy it is to manicure your own nails and to help you taking care your nails, we prepared a step-by-step demonstration:

STEP 1: Preparation

Prepare a bowl with warm soapy water, we find that our Oxford & Cambridge body wash perfectly preps the skin for the task at hand. After, lay out a towel on a table and wash your hands under warm water and scrub your nails with soap.

STEP 2: Clipping 

Place your hand on the towel and cut your nails using the clippers. Do not clip them too short, just roughly to the shape of your fingertips.

STEP 3: Filling

Now using the nail file in your manicure set, file to round any edges and smooth the desired shape.

STEP 4: Cuticle Shaping

Your manicure set includes a cuticle trimmer and a cuticle clipper, that will help you with this step. First, soak your fingertips for approximately 30 seconds, in the bowl with the warm soapy water that you have prepared on Step 1 (this will soften the cuticles). Now grab your cuticle trimmer and carefully push the cuticles back till the beginning of the “half-moons”. Next, using the cuticle clipper cut the excess skin – but be careful.

STEP 5: Aftercare 

Use a nail buffer to polish your nails to make then look more consistent, shiny and increase circulation to boost growth. After, using your indicator of the opposite hand, rub some oil into each cuticle and massage them without applying too much pressure. Give your hands another wash with a decent soap to finish off.

There you have it. No more excuses, gentlemen. Start giving your nails the treatment they deserve for young, healthy looking hands, destined to make a strong first impression.

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