Behind the Scent: Neroli

Despite its delicate nature, the fragrance note has been used time and time again by copious iconic brands, dominating lists each year as a top summer fragrance. Although light, neroli is surprising; a delicious harmony of citrus and flora, addictive to inhale. In the height of summer, dark, heady fragrances may be obtrusive and thick in the already humid air, so the crisp and refreshing scent of neroli is a desirable alternative. To honour the beloved scent, we would like to share with you the background of an original in the Czech & Speake’s niche collection, Neroli.

Czech & Speake’s Neroli is packaged in a suitably soft toned box, and with a closer look you’ll notice that Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat makes up the geometric print, branded with the C & S emblem. Our founder, Frank, was inspired by an original 18th century formula allegedly blended for the military leader, a documented lover of neroli scent who was said to have used Eau de Cologne extravagantly throughout his life. Czech & Speake’s interpretation captures the the sweet, waxy blossom of the orange flower suffused with the zest of the fruit to create a scent characteristic of warm climates, but with an ability to refresh.

About neroli fragrance

The essential oil is derived from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, fruited with the sour orange. The citrus of this tree may be too sharp for consumption, but it is this very bitterness that makes each element of its produce far more aromatic than other varieties. The leaves, twigs and fruits provide much desired essential oils but it is the white neroli blossom that is truly thrilling to the senses, with its complex aroma that fuses floral and green, with hints of orange and honey.

Why it has remained a classic

Neroli’s use in perfumery dates back to the 17th century, named after the Italian town of Nerola in homage to the land’s Princess, Anna Maria de La Trémoill. The Princess was the first person to distil orange blossom to form the essential oil which she soon made her signature scent, perfuming her clothes, gloves and bathwater. Neroli has found continuous use in perfumery, with particular popularity in the Victorian era where it was generally used as the base for eau de cologne, along with lavender, bergamot, lemon and rosemary. Since then, neroli can be found within the formulas of many great perfumers, including the iconic combination that is Chanel No.5.

The benefits and symbolism of neroli

If you’ve ever taken a whiff of our Neroli cologne, you’ll be aware of how evocative and true to nature this scent is. Neroli’s stimulating essence makes this oil an ideal candidate for aromatherapy, with properties that promote tranquility and love. As a result neroli has deep associations with romance, and perhaps the most notable example is its symbolic use in weddings, traditionally Chinese, as omens of purity, moral virtue, fruitfulness and fertility.

Neroli may be delicate but it is certainly compelling, remaining as one of Czech & Speake’s most loved, versatile and top selling – alongside No.88, of course.

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