Our Favourite Newcomers to the AD100 List

On December 6th, Architectural Digest released their annual, prized list of the best names in architecture, interior and landscape design. Since its launch in 1990, the list has gained global recognition and industry regard through careful selection of those who are legends in the field, or culturally relevant newcomers with an innovative vision. Now that the consuming Christmas period is behind us, we’ve had a chance to sit back and feast our eyes on the rewarded design talent, in particular those who are new to the 2020 edit.

See our top three newcomers:

Gluckman Tang

Gluckman Tang Architects flourished from a partnership between two brilliant minds, Richard Gluckman and Dana Tang. The pair are commended for producing and reinventing structures that can be appreciated by all in the form of public spaces such as galleries, museums and retail. Their work is dramatic, expansive and conscious to the people and place it affects, with the commitment to “enhance the public realm and enrich the human experience”. This inclusive and responsible approach to design is why they are worthy of their position in AD100’s list.

Beata Heuman

Beata Heuman brings a youthful, exuberant energy to the AD100 list this year. The namesake interior design studio was set up by Swedish born Heuman in 2013, following nine years of work under British style maverick, Nicky Haslam. Combining her Scandinavian roots in design and Haslam’s quirky brit influence, Heuman’s spaces are uniquely characterful with nordic functionality. Her busy, colourful interiors are designed under the delightful and refreshing philosophy of providing “a stimulating backdrop to your everyday life”.

Clements Design

As a family run business ourselves, we always love to see this less usual business model succeed in contemporary culture. Behind Clements Design is the rare pairing of a mother and son, Kathleen and Tommy Clements, who have gained recognition for their serene, gallery-like interiors with an impressive list of A-list clientele. The firm take on a multitude of projects ranging from historic buildings to modern, open-plan spaces, but each stay true to their sought after, humble design aesthetic. Within their interior you will see regular use of natural materials, displays of art and a toned down colour palette.

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