The Etiquette of Wearing Fragrance to Your Festive Gatherings

As the 25th of December draws closer, the Christmas drinks invites are endless. Whether it be gatherings with your close circle of friends or a moment to let loose with your work colleagues, tis the season to make an effort with your appearance, and leave a lasting impression. 

What is appropriate to wear to your festive work do is a common discussion, but there is a certain etiquette to wearing fragrance that often gets neglected. To ensure you perfect the Christmas party ensemble, we’ve provided our pointers of how to best apply your favourite fragrances.

Start Clean

It is an unspoken social protocol to make an effort for gatherings around the festive season, and this should be embraced; feeling good about your appearance is an excellent confidence booster. Have a decent length shower or indulge in a soak in the tub with your best bath oils, soaps and washes, as clean skin is the best canvas for fragrance. It is never effective to try to mask body odour with fragrant scent, the two smells will mingle to produce one that is more unpleasant and unnatural.

Consider your company

It is important to consider what will be appropriate for your surrounding peers at the occasion. If you are meeting your nearest and dearest for a festive knees up, then by all means be expressive and wear a scent that is daring, sensual and personal to you. If you are attending a work do, it may vary depending on the formality of your workplace, but there will be a certain level of etiquette and reservation. In these cases avoid perfumes that are too brazen and sickly, especially those from the gourmand family. Think professional and wear sophisticated scents.

Wear your best

The Christmas party is an opportunity to wear your best and most luxury fragrance. If you’ve made the effort to dress up for the occasion or it least wear your nicer wardrobe pieces, it would be a shame not to pair it with a suitably superior scent to your day-to-day.

Don’t over do it

Modesty is key with fragrance. If you drench yourself in cologne, even if it is the most delightful aroma, it will be overpowering an off-putting to your contemporaries. Most good quality fragrances are designed with a high concentration of aromatic oil, so to over-apply is unnecessary and not the intension of product. It is also worth noting that your own perfume will smell significantly weaker to you, as nasal receptors become desensitised to familiar smells.

How to apply

Two or perhaps three applications will be plenty. We recommend a spritz behind each ear and one to the wrist, with a gentle dab across to the other. Avoid rubbing as it can kill the top notes and alter the scent by mixing too heavily with the skins natural oils. Spray at some distance so that it settles with an even spread across the skin without causing over-concentrated puddles in smaller areas.

Our Recommendations

Frankincense & Myyrh: This spicy scent is festive by essence, combined with fresh, citrus notes suitable to provide a clean and professional appearance.

No.88: Our most classic and iconic scent oozes sophistication. It is loved by so many that you will certainly leave a lasting impression at the party.


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Sources: Cover photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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