Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

October 2022

Christmas is coming around quickly, and it certainly helps to be prepared if you want to get the special people in your life thoughtful and well considered gifts. Whether you’re looking for your brother or sister, parents and grandparents or a very close friend, we are here to help with gift ideas for everyone on your list. To make things even easier, everything in the Czech & Speake collection can be bought online. Discover our curated list of unique Christmas gifts that will surprise and impress your friends and family:


New for 2022: Gift boxes in self care and best sellers

This year we are pleased to introduce a new selection of gift boxes, thoughtfully themed to aid specific areas of wellness, as well as boxes that bring together our most popular products. If you are looking to stick to a 3 to 5 gift rule this Christmas, these gift curations are a great way to get them all in one. Ranging from small, lower cost boxes to luxury selections, there is plenty to choose from, whatever your budget this year.


The Boost Box - Neroli Energising Essentials Body Gift Set

Our new Boost Boxes contain product selections from our citrus-floral Neroli range. Neroli blends the zesty Seville Orange with sweet and uplifting blossoms of the same tree – ideal for a morning pick-me-up. We’ve chosen the Neroli Energising Essentials Body Gift Set as our Christmas gift pick, containing a Neroli Hydrating Body Wash 300ml, Neroli Hand Wash 300ml and Neroli Eau de Parfum Roll-On 10ml, as this gift kit is excellent value for long lasting products. This gift would be great for busy family members, such as siblings in corporate jobs, who would appreciate that morning boost and travel-size fragrance they can take on the move.

Neroli orange citrus body wash hand wash perfume


The Calm Box - Oxford & Cambridge Body Wash & Lotion Duo

The Calm Boxes have been curated with our lavender scented Oxford & Cambridge range, designed to help you relax. Our Oxford & Cambridge scent is a unique take on traditional lavender fragrance, introducing refreshing bursts of peppermint and bergamot. We’ve selected the Oxford & Cambridge Body Wash & Lotion Duo of this range to offer another gift of great value, containing an Oxford & Cambridge Hydrating Body wash 300ml and Oxford & Cambridge Body Lotion 300ml. Give this gift to the women in your life who love self-care rituals, but saying that, dad and grandpa will love it too.

Lavender scented body wash and body lotion Czech & Speake


The Relax Box - Indulgent Bathing Collection

Treat those who deserve a break to our Relax Box. Products selected for the Relax box range have been carefully chosen for their essential oils that promote relaxation. We’ve chosen the Relax – Indulgent Bathing Collection Box as our gift pick for this range, as it offers a good range of gifts for the cost, that will give your recipient just a little extra luxury. This box contains a Rose Fragrant Candle 150g, Neroli Moisturising Bath & Body Oil 50ml, No.88 Incense Sticks x20 and a fine Porcelain Incense Stick Dish.

Scented candle incense sticks bath oil gift box Czech and Speake


Exclusively for Her Gift Set

The Exclusively for Her Set is perfect for women of all ages, whether that be your sister, mother, girlfriend or grandma. This box has been curated with divine rose scents in perfume and home fragrance that are bound to bring her joy. This box contains a Rose Fragrant Candle 150g and Dark Rose Incense sticks x20 to bring heavenly scent to her home, as well as the very special gift of Dark Rose Eau de Parfum 100ml, one of our most indulgent fine fragrances.

Floral scented candle incense sticks Oud perfume


The Luxury Christmas Box -​​ The Best of Christmas Frankincense & Myrrh Luxury Gift Set

For those who go all out at Christmas, gleefully making their home festive and dressing the part too, a gift from our Christmas Box range is bound to please. We recommend the Best of Christmas Frankincense & Myrrh Luxury Christmas Set, as this is the ultimate Christmas gift selection for a recipient who truly loves to celebrate. This box includes a Room Spray 100ml, Fragrant Candle 150g, Incense Sticks x20, Bath & Body Oil 50ml and an Eau de Parfum Roll-On 10ml, all in our warm and spicy Frankincense & Myrrh scent.

Christmas home scents oriental Frankincense


The No.88 Box - No.88 Indulgent Gift Set

For the No.88 lovers, this gift box brings together products from our iconic aromatics collection. Worn by both men and women, the No.88 fragrance remains eternally unique with its complex blend of floral, citrus and woody notes. Whether your loved one is a die-hard fan of No.88, or you wish to introduce them to our signature range, the No.88 Indulgent Gift Set will allow them to experience two of our most poplar No.88 products. The box contains No.88 Eau de Parfum 50ml and No.88 Body Wash.

No.88 woody body wash and perfume Czech & Speake



Fragrance gifts

Perfume is often considered the best gift you can buy as it can be very sentimental; scent is closely linked to your memory which triggers emotion. Therefore, fragrance is a great gift to people who are special to us, such as your parents, son, daughter or partner. These are our perfume gift picks for 2022:


No.88 Eau de Parfum 100ml

Without a doubt, No.88 fragrance is our most popular gift each Christmas. The scent is a sophisticated blend of bergamot, geranium, rose otto and frangipani, with dry base notes of vetiver and sandalwood, which add complex woody layers that linger enticingly on the skin. It is particularly popular with men, but does hold a strong following with women who prefer richer, woody smells. This is a gift you can’t go wrong with.


Frankincense & Myrrh Cologne 100ml

Although our Frankincense & Myrrh fragrance is popular all year round, its mysterious and spicy scent is particularly suited to the festive season, making it a very special gift for those who enjoy the aromas of Christmas. The perfume is a rich blend of warm frankincense, sharp myrrh and woody rich base notes of Cedarwood and Sandalwood, topped with fresh scents of orange, lemon and basil.

Oriental perfume Czech & Speake Frankincense & Myrrh Cologne


Vétiver Vert Eau de Parfum 50ml

Show your love to someone important with the gift of Vétiver Vert, Czech & Speake’s unique take on traditional vetiver fragrance. It opens with bright citrus top notes of bergamot and mandarin, with green and balsamic middle notes of laurel and galbanum, completed by a sweet and woody base of pure Haitian vetiver and sandalwood. Well suited to winter months, this is a warming, sensual and indulgent scent, perfect as a gift to your deserving partner.

Green sandalwood perfume Czech & Speake


Men’s grooming gifts

He may not know it yet, but a high quality grooming gift is exactly what he needs. Fine grooming tools and aromatics will add a touch of luxury to his daily grooming tasks, and he will be forever grateful. Whether you are looking to spoil your son, husband, dad or grandad, any of these gifts will be well received.


Cuba Aftershave 100ml

Our Cuba scented Aftershave is a good Christmas gift to those who shave regularly and take pride in their grooming routine. Our Cuba fragrance is atmospheric, combining refreshing citrus top notes with peppermint and rum, layered with spicy-floral middle notes of clove, bay and rose. Woody base notes of tobacco, frankincense, cedarwood and vetiver round off this striking fragrance. Both practical in purpose, and luxurious in scent.

Woody rum tobacco aftershave Czech and Speake


No.88 Shaving Set & Stand

If you really want to impress the man in your life, the No.88 Shaving Set & Stand is a show stopper of a Christmas gift. Classic in concept yet minimalist in style, this elegantly curved, matte black anodised aluminum kit holds a perfectly weighted Mach III razor and brush, suspended above a distinctively embossed soap dish, holding a soap in our signature No.88 scent. This gift is especially perfect for those who appreciate a traditional shave and have an eye for design.

Czech & Speake black luxury shaving set


Air-Safe Manicure Set - Black/Red Teflon

If you’re hunting for a Christmas present that will stand out this year, our Air-Safe Manicure Sets will be sure to make an impact on your recipient. The neat kit is an example of the beauty of minimalism and function, holding four highly crafted telfon tools, (all rounded to conform to air-travel restrictions) within a contrasting leather case. A few colour options are available, but for Christmas, the red interior will make a striking and festive gift.

Travel size red and black manicure set from Czech & Speake


Bath & Body Gifts:

Gifts in bath and body are great for a special friend or family members who are hard to buy for. Czech & Speake was born out of a luxury bathing concept, meaning each of our products have been designed to provide an indulgent bathing or self-care experience. Even tricky recipients will be sure to love the soothing and delightfully scented products in this range.


Oxford & Cambridge Body Lotion 300ml

The Oxford & Cambridge Body Lotion is one of our best value products, which is great for a best friend, or an extra present for mum. Lavender is the headlining scent in this creamy body lotion, alongside bergamot, peppermint, rosemary and oakmoss. Lavender is incredibly soothing while the herby-citrus notes make it zesty and uplifting, offering a sensation of comfort and pleasure.

lavender body lotion by Czech and Speake


No.88 Body Wash 300ml

If your recipient enjoys luxury gifts in bath and body, our No.88 Body Wash is no ordinary product. The unique blend of citrus, exotic flowers and woods is unmistakably No.88, a scent that is velvety, fresh and warming, all at the same time. Developed with sophisticated ingredients and bio actives, this body wash is specially formulated to moisturise and improve the skin’s hydration. The natural essential oils also have an incredible staying power, lasting on the skin for a long time after showering.

Woody body wash by Czech and Speake



Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturising Bath & Body Oil 50ml

Christmas is a great time for bathing. The Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturising Bath & Body Oil makes a luxurious stocking filler for those family members you want to spoil and who deserve some down time. The warm, spicy blend of frankincense and myrrh makes this bath oil intrinsically festive, as well as being a great option for self-care; these ancient essential oils have highly beneficial properties for your body and mind.

Oriental Bath Oil by Czech & Speake


Leather Gifts:

Our selection of leather goods offer superb, high-end gift options for the men in your life. Dads, grandpa’s and brothers are notoriously difficult to buy for, but if you opt for functionality, quality and classic design, they should appreciate the craftsmanship and use.


Triple Card Holder Red Leather

We have no doubt that your dad’s wallet is looking a little tatty. Give him a needed upgrade with the Triple Card Holder. A wallet with coin compartments is becoming less and less necessary with increasing vendors becoming cashless, therefore a slim cardholder is all he needs. Our design has sophisticated round lines on the pocket edges for better grip of the card’s corners. We recommend that you gift our card holder in brilliant red, to make a change from classic black.

Red leather wallet card holder Czech and Speake


Black Soft Leather Travel Pouch 2L

With travel back on the cards post pandemic, gift him with a brand new wash bag that will last him a lifetime. Our Travel Pouch is made with robust and water resistant long grain leather, lined with our signature spotty print onto durable waxed cotton which can be wiped clean for inevitable spillages. A nice detail is the distinctive silver tap shaped fasteners in reference to our luxurious bathing ethos.

Black Soft Leather Travel Pouch 2L


Three Part Gentleman Travel Case in Black Leather 4.8L

If you have the budget to be generous with your gift this year, the Three Part Gentleman Travel Case is the ultimate piece of travel kit. The rigid leather casing and high carrying capacity makes it a protective and organised piece of luggage for men’s personal grooming. This could be a great gift for your husband who travels regularly for work, or is enjoying leisurely trips during retirement. A case built to withstand an on-the-go lifestyle.

Three Part Gentleman's Travel Case in Black Leather


Home Fragrance

Gifts in our home fragrance range are always best sellers around the Christmas period. This selection of products tend to be our best priced, but infused with the same essential oils as our fine fragrance range. Anyone on your list will adore the warming and relaxing aromas of well-scented candles incense – especially during the cold winter months.


Frankincense & Myrrh Incense Sticks x20

For Christmas, our Frankincense & Myrrh scented home fragrance products are truly wonderful at adding warmth and festivity to the home. When burning, the incense sticks release the exotic and oriental blend of spicy frankincense and earthy myrrh, creating a calming atmosphere and a sense of comfort within minutes. Your recipient will be grateful all winter long as they spend many nights in, cosy on the sofa.

Indoor incense sticks frankincense and myrrh Czech & Speake


Frankincense & Myrrh Candle 150g

Sticking with our spicy Frankincense & Myrrh range, you can’t go wrong with our scented candle for a recipient who loves the smells of Christmas. For a small gift, our candles will burn for up to 35 hours, providing your loved one with endless hours of aromatic bliss.

scented candle essential oil festive Czech & Speake


Mixed Fragrance Outdoor Incense Sticks 6x12 Pack Bundle

If you know that your recipient is a big fan of burning incense, we recommend you gift them with our larger, outdoor incense sticks in a pack of 6. These incense sticks are much larger for outdoor use or in large ventilated rooms, with a powerful and long lasting aroma. The mixed bundle includes our three signature home fragrance scents of No.88, Frankincense & Myrrh and Dark Rose, tied together beautifully with bows. This gift will stand out and last them all year.

Large back incense sticks woody oriental rose


Personalised Gifts

Personalising a gift is a way to make it extra special for someone you adore, it shows them that you’ve taken time, creativity and care in your selection. If you want your gift to be thoughtful this year, we offer services to add a personal touch to your gift choices.


Personalised Gift Cards

If you’re ordering your gift online for your recipient, you have the option to add a gift card at checkout. Here you can write a personal message online, that we at Czech & Speake will hand write on the card and include with the gift.


Personalised Gift Box

If you love our new gift box range released this Christmas, but you have a better idea of what your recipient would like, you can email us to create a bespoke gift box. You can choose your loved one’s favourite products, all presented in a box with our distinctive spotty print.

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