Things to Consider When Selecting Your Bath

At Czech & Speake our original product and specialism is a range of beautifully engineered bathroom fittings. As this is our niche, we do not supply a pairing tub, but what we can do is aid you in choosing the right bath to suit our versatile, timeless fittings, and how to best curate your bathroom space. To give you the best possible information, we’ve sourced advice previously given by experts in the industry.

Choosing the best bath

Get the most use out of your bathroom

“Think about the scale of your bath so that it is proportional to the room. There are now many compact baths to choose from if you have limited space. Consider where the taps will go – a double-ended bath is rendered single-ended if a tap is mounted at the end. Instead, choose to mount the taps in the centre.” – Jonathon Carter, marketing director at Victoria + Albert Baths.

A compact, free-standing bathtub is perfectly proportioned to the narrow bathroom space in this converted heritage home.

Seek out contemporary materials

“Weight can prove an issue with some free-standing baths. Acrylic and cast stone resin composites are both good lighter options, but be careful when choosing because cheaper alternatives may not provide sufficient strength. We recommend Iso-enamel baths – they weigh a third of an equivalent cast-iron bath so there is no need to reinforce your floors.” – Phil Etherden, managing director at The Albion Bath Company.

Australian brand Artedomus produce streamline, velvety textured bathtubs from Cristalplant, a bio-based material that’s high performance, reminiscent of luxury stone, while light in weight.

Consider the size of your space

“A free-standing bath is better in a larger space where it takes centre stage with plenty of space surrounding it. For smaller spaces, build-in bath can be a good choice. It is also a much better option if you plan to have a shower over the bath, too.” – Leanne Robey, Designer at Ripples Bathrooms.

This grand interior space lends for a strong feature, freestanding bathtub.


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