Czech & Speake Have Solved Summer Grooming

Article By Gentleman’s Journal – 29th June 2018

We’ve got some good news. This summer, you no longer have to put up with thin moisturisers that dry up the moment you step out into the sunshine. You don’t have to deal with aftershave that wears off halfway through a very warm day. And you don’t have to endure the pain of travelling without your favourite fragrance. You’ll be glad to know that Czech & Speake have you covered. From their travel accessories to a range of invigorating and deep cleaning body washes, the British brand has summer in hand, and have just launched their very first summer sale. Now’s the time to rebrand your bathroom cabinet, and these are the products with which do it. Shop up to 60% Off Aromatic, Grooming and Leather products in Czech & Speake’s First Summer Sale.

Oxford & Cambridge Hydrating Body Wash

Extensively researched and developed to ensure that it hydrates and moisturises your skin in equal measure, this body wash is infused with natural emollients to prevent dryness and protect the skin. What makes it so good for summer? Gentle, coconut derived surfactants will clean any clogged pores, without stripping away the body’s natural oils that protect you from the sun. £45 £32

Zebrano Wood Shave Set

There’s nothing quite so uncomfortable as shaving during a heatwave. Your razor sticks, you sweat through your shaving foam and you end up with an uneven job and an itchy face. With Czech & Speake’s Zebrano shave set, however, you’ll be encouraged to make a ceremony out of your morning shave, take a beat and concentrate. It’s quite the bit of kit — just look at that highly figured heartwood. £450 £225

Cuba Cologne for the Traveller

How many times have you walked confidently through customs without being forced to throw away at least one of your grooming products due to size? Here, at Gentleman’s Journal, we’ve been heartbroken to part with some top quality colognes. But, with this handy pack of 4 vibrant travel-sized Cuba colognes from Czech & Speake, you’ll never board your flight fragrance-less ever again. £100 £75

Neroli Hand Soap

During summer, you can spritz on your aftershave with the best intentions, but a mixture of the weather and the heat will mask the scent by midday. With a potent hand soap, however, such as Czech & Speake’s Neroli-infused bars, you will delicately top up your fragrance throughout the day — whilst moisturising and cleansing at the same time. It’s a win-win. £40 £28

Citrus Paradisi Cologne Spray

Get the right cologne, and you’ll come up smelling of roses all summer long. Or, in this case, Californian grapefruit, clary sage and oakmoss. This is Czech & Speake’s Citrus Paradisi Cologne Spray — presented in a beautifully frosted glass bottle and potent enough to see you through the most overbearingly hot day. £100 £75


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