Perfume Guide: Which Scent Last The Longest & Is Most Popular?

Every fragrance that we create at Czech and Speake is designed to endure a long day of wear, but which stays on the longest and continues to exude a luxurious scent? Our niche fragrances range from light floral scents that are gentle on the nose, to deeper, more resinous smells like the Spanish Cedar. We’re passionate about creating luxury fragrances that add sensory satisfaction to everyday living.


Which perfume lasts the longest?

Each and every perfume is crafted to last throughout the day, whether in subtle hints after a days worth of wearing or a full hit when first applied. The quality and high concentration of our perfumes mean that you won’t need to apply a vast amount of perfume to ensure it lasts. This means that our perfumes often last on average 6 months when used daily, but this, of course, depends on how much perfume is applied each time.

How can I wear my perfume?

Different scents lend themselves to different uses. Our perfumes come as a cologne spray, so you can spritz the scent over your skin however you desire. It is most usual to spray perfume along your pulse points so that as your body pumps blood around the body, you will exude your chosen fragrance.

The above method of wearing a scent is the more traditional way, however, it is also common to scent clothing, hair and other areas of the skin in order to release the perfume. This is an easy approach that involves spraying the perfume directly onto hair and clothes to lock in the scent. Light floral scents which can be found in our Floral Collection work best for this method because of their refreshing qualities. Take a look at our blog on the power of the flower to learn more about the history of floral scents and why they are so defining.

What is our most popular perfume?

Generally speaking, No.88 is our most popular and well-known fragrance. It has become somewhat of a signature fragrance due to its uniqueness and the variety of notes harboured within it. The bergamot top note is fresh and woody, alongside dry notes of vetiver and sandalwood, which is then conclusively topped with geranium, rose otto, and frangipani. The No.88 was named after the first Czech and Speake showroom on Jermyn Street, London, therefore this scent resonates with the beginnings of our brand.

Of course, tastes vary, and fragrance popularity does change from season to season. In the Winter season, the chilled weather urges people to go for our Frankincense and Myrrh scent. This resinous and spicy scent has connotations of warmth and comfort – the perfect winter companion.

In Spring, however, the Oxford & Cambridge scent becomes more popular, most likely due to its calming lavender heart notes which are coupled with top notes of peppermint and bergamot giving it a lovely fresh zing for Spring.

In Summer nothing can compare to Villa Ausonia. Villa Ausonia captures the salty Côte d’Azur breeze, with the lingering scent of distant pine forests. With apple, basil and vanilla notes, this unisex perfume is a summer essential.


To find the perfect perfume for any season, take a look at our fragrances.

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