Dark Rose Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml


Celebrating the intriguing Arabic and Indian perfumery traditions, Dark Rose blends Rose of Taif and unique Cambodian Oud with a spicy middle note of saffron and delicate lily, creating a rich, indulgent fragrance of exceptionally high quality.

Presented in a pomegranate-coloured glass bottle and dark red outer, this eau de parfum contains a higher concentration of oils which deliver a longer lasting fragrance.

  • Top note: May Chang
  • Middle notes: Rose of Taif, Saffron Extract, Lily
  • Base notes: Cambodian Agar Wood (Oudh), Musk, Cedarwood
  • Olfactive family: Woody, Oriental


Words From The Creator

“Learning about the beginnings of perfumery and celebrating the rare ingredients and rituals and traditions that have captivated the Arab and Indian worlds for generations led to the creation of Dark Rose. I wanted to create a very rich and intense interpretation of rose, a bold, complex and mysterious fragrance that was a far cry from traditional Western rose interpretations. I embraced Middle Eastern attarine extraction techniques and incorporated many of the rare and prestigious ingredients these cultures traditionally use but combined them in a way that would be understood and interpreted in the West.”

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