Czech & Speake x David Chipperfield for The Bryant Park Hotel

Over the years, Czech & Speake have been commissioned for a great number of reputable and exciting projects, supplying and servicing luxury residents, landmark hotels and state-of-the-art yachts. One project that we hold very dear is our commission for The Bryant Park Hotel, New York. Not only were we approached to supply the designer hotel, we were asked to design a bespoke range of fittings in collaboration with top architect, David Chipperfield, which went on to establish our much loved and cutting-edge DCA/FSD collection.

About the Bryant Park Hotel

The Bryant Park Hotel opened its doors in 2001 as a “Designer Luxury Hotel”, and quickly lived up to its name through gaining a fashionable cliental, and continued press recognition for its luxurious service and trendy status.

The boutique hotel is situated in midtown New York, opposite green space Bryant Park, just a stone throw away from Manhattan’s retail, fashion, media and transportation centres. The hotel is housed inside the American Radiator Building built in 1924, which was later renamed the American Standard Building. The stunning skyscraper consists of black brick and gold-colored masonry units that hold a Neo-gothic, Art Deco aesthetic representative of the modernist era of its time of construction.

David Chipperfield

David Chipperfield is a British architect, designer and professor who’s long spanning career has enabled him to establish an award-winning firm with global offices in London, Milan, Berlin and Shanghai. In 2010, he was knighted for his services to architecture in the UK and Germany. David Chipperfield Architects has a strong brand identity, with a minimalist design approach and a focus on quality and aesthetic purity. He approaches each project with a  consciousness of the location, history and culture, which is perhaps why he was commissioned for the Bryant Park Hotel due to the buildings rich history, which he successfully set off with an old school New York atmosphere.

The DCA/FSD Range

With the brief to produce a “Designer Luxury Hotel”, David Chipperfield reached out to Czech & Speake as an authority in the British luxury interior industry, to create a bespoke range of bathroom fittings. Using Czech & Speake’s innovative manufacturing structure, the range combines David Chipperfield’s minimalism and crisp architectural language with our English timelessness of design and high standards of German engineering.

The collaboration was a success, creating a modern yet timeless series of fittings, which our founder, Frank, later expanded with a range of accessories to become a mainstay collection for Czech & Speake.

The range focuses on detail and simplicity of form, featuring clean and simple lines with a pivotal cross handle design that suits high quality domestic interiors and commercial projects. The accessories continue the use of sharp lines in combination with elegant accents of blue crystal glass, with the options of two finishes for the full range; chrome and nickel.


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