The Best of Floral Perfumes

March 2022

Despite the diverse range of fragrances on the market today, floral notes remain the most commonly used in perfumes and will always be intrinsically linked to perfumery. Since the beginnings of civilisation, our ancestors recognised the divine smells and uplifting properties of flowers, and wanted to encapsulate them for personal wear. You may not think that florals are for you, but there will be a floral scent for everyone, whether it smells true to a living bloom or is a little more subtle and mysterious. Let us show you the intricacies of the fragrance family, and explore the best of modern interpretations of classic floral fragrances.


What is considered a floral scent?

A floral fragrance contains dominant floral notes that derive from flowers; these notes are essential oils extracted from the flowers’ petals. Some popular floral notes used in perfumery include rose, neroli, jasmine, geranium, lavender, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, violet and peony. Typically these perfumes smell like fresh cut flowers, although when combined with other families, the notes can mingle and take on a new character. For example a floral woody perfume will be warmer, while a fruity floral perfume could have a zesty or tropical quality.


Types of floral fragrance

Discover popular types of floral perfume and floral pairings.


Fresh floral fragrance

Perfect for spring and summertime or as an everyday scent, fresh floral perfumes combine flowers with citrus notes to make them lighter and more refreshing. The pairing with fresh notes accentuates the freshness of cut flowers, bringing to life a thriving garden in the peak of Spring when the air is still crisp. Our Neroli scent fuses orange blossom with the zest of a Seville orange, creating a heady yet refreshing and light floral citrus perfume.


White Floral Perfume

As you might have guessed, white floral perfume is predominantly made up of white coloured flowers such as jasmine, tumberose, neroli and lily of the valley. These flowers are special to use in perfumery for their unique narcotic quality, offering a deep floral, heady aroma that is captivating, beguiling and sensual to wear.


Fruity Floral Scents

Fruity floral perfumes combine flowers with luscious fruits to create a floral perfume that is sweet and refreshing. Often exotic flowers such as ylang-ylang, jasmine and gardenia are paired with juicy sweet fruits such as melon, apricot and coconut for a tropical aroma, ideal for warm summer days. Sharper fruits such as blackberries, blackcurrants and pears can also be used to make a fragrance rich and tart with subtle sweetness. They go well with flowers found in an English garden such as roses, lilies and geranium.


Floral woody and oriental fragrances

For those who desire warmer, exotic or more sultry perfumes, woody or oriental notes can meld with floral notes to create interesting darker interpretations of a floral scent and bring out the sensual qualities of the flowers. Rose works well with rich notes such as incense, sandalwood, Cedarwood and musk. Floral woody / oriental perfumes also offer a scent that is less classically feminine, sometimes even masculine, which is great for those who like floral scent but prefer unisex fragrance.


Seasonal Florals

Discover the seasonal characteristics of floral perfumes.


Spring flowers perfume

Spring is the season of rebirth, with our surroundings blooming with flowers. Naturally, floral perfumes are a good choice for Spring as they mimic the freshness and floral vibrancy of this time of year. Floral perfumes to choose in Spring would be those that smell significantly floral, with a scent that is true to the living bloom, like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Our Rose Cologne is a soft floral that captures the fresh, sweet aromas of an English Rose garden.


Floral perfumes for Summer

In the heat of Summer, opt for fresh or aquatic florals to keep you cool, fruity florals that are luscious and juicy, or warm florals to mimic the hot weather. A citrusy floral is always a good summer perfume; lemons, oranges and grapefruits go great with blossom, with the crisp citrus providing a clean, extremely fresh aroma while blossom brings the haziness of summer. An oriental or spicy floral blend creates a warm floral perfume; our Mimosa perfume blends clove and woody benzoin with mimosa to capture the warm, sultry mood of the Deep South.


All year round florals

Good all year round florals would be something light and airy, wearable for everyday, or a woody floral that has depth for autumn/winter, with fresh flowers to transition into spring/summer. Our floral citrus neroli perfume is timeless and refreshing for daily wear, while our signature No.88 fragrance is another favourite all year, but with deep, woody undertones and a surprisingly floral heart.


The best floral perfumes from Czech & Speake

Discover the best floral perfumes from the Czech & Speake fragrance collection.



Rose Cologne is a classic floral perfume, smelling true to the living bloom. Bourbon rose is intertwined with a thread of green geranium to give freshness and vibrancy. The addition of Geranium leaf gives it a bright citrus lemon scent, which dances around the headline note of rose. The inspiration comes from the garden of our founder’s Grandma, planted with beds of roses and lemon geraniums. It could be said that Rose is our most beautiful floral perfume.

Czech & Speake rose perfume box and bottle on pink fabric with flowers



White floral perfumes are popular for their narcotic quality, and our Neroli Eau de Parfum fuses heady white orange blossom, with clean, bright orange zest. Neroli is one of the classics in the Czech & Speake range for its refreshing timelessness and utterly simple yet divine floral citrus blend.

Czech & Speake Neroli Cologne with orange slice and orange blossom on yellow fabric



Our warm floral Mimosa Cologne marries exotic, heady flowers of mimosa, ylang-ylang, jasmine and geranium with rich spices. This is a full bodied fragrance, reminiscent of long summer nights in the hot sultry climate of the Deep South.

Czech & Speake Mimosa Cologne on shiny surface with mimosa plant and sunny shaddows


Dark Rose

Dark Rose Eau de Parfum is our offering of an oriental, woody floral. The precious Rose of Taif is blended with Cambodian oud, a spicy middle note of saffron, and a subtle touch of delicate lily. The romantic rose alongside rich and indulgent ingredients from the orient create a bold and alluringly powerful interpretation of a floral perfume.

Czech & Speake Dark Rose bottle and box on black with rose and bark

C&S popular productC&S

Rose Cologne Spray 100ml



C&S popular productC&S

Private: Neroli Cologne Spray 100ml



C&S popular productC&S

Neroli Eau de Parfum



C&S popular productC&S

Mimosa Cologne Spray 100ml Legacy



C&S popular productC&S

Dark Rose Eau de Parfum



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