A Guide to Spring Scents

March 2023

Spring has officially sprung! As we enter the season of new beginnings, you might want to consider a fragrance wardrobe refresh. The vibrant, awakening season is a far cry from the cold, sleepy winter. As you would adjust your clothing to suit the warmer, cheery weather, you should equally choose a complimentary springtime perfume to suit your mood, and to get the best out of the scent.


Why should I change my fragrance according to the season?

As the seasons transition, so does the temperature, which can have a significant effect on fragrance. Scent lifts much better in warmer climates than cooler, because odour molecules are able to move at a much faster pace. This means that a heavy based, woody or spicy fragrance that was perfect for winter, may be too intense in the warmer spring weather, and doesn’t reflect the fresh nature of the season.


What are Spring scents?

Spring scents mimic the invigorating smells of nature in March, April and May. While our surroundings bloom with an elixir of sweet flowers and crisp greenery, it is intrinsic to desire to smell like grassy parks and meadows, herbaceous lavender fields, and delicate blooms.


Which perfume notes should I look out for?

As spring is the season of re-growth and rejuvenation, the fresh and floral fragrance families best align to the uplifting seasonal change. Fragrances under these families also tend to be lighter, which is more suited to the warmer temperature.


Fresh Fragrance Family

Under the fresh fragrance family, subcategories include: green, oceanic, citrus, fruity and herbaceous notes. Spring comes with a noticeable freshness in the air that these scents capture, and they will refresh the skin in the warmer climate. Look out for perfume notes such as vetiver, grass, lemon, ozone, peppermint… just to name a few.

Water splash spring green


Floral Fragrance Family

Under the floral fragrance family, subcategories include: floral, soft floral, floral oriental, fresh-cut and powdery notes. Spring is the season of flowers with endless plant varieties blooming, filling the atmosphere with infinite sumptuous, sweet and sensuous smells that perfumers have captured over the centuries to fulfil our craving for these aromas. Some popular spring flower notes to look out for include lavender, rose, neroli and orange blossom, jasmine, Lily of the Valley, cotton flower and cherry blossom.

Sunshine camomile floral field


Our top fresh spring scents

Discover our best fresh spring fragrances, now as more vibrant eau de parfum’s, from the Czech & Speake collection. All available in 100ml, with some available in 50ml travel size.


Oxford & Cambridge Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml and 100ml

If you are drawn to the fragrant, green and sometimes medicinal aromas of herbs, our Oxford & Cambridge Eau de Parfum would be the one to choose. The scent takes its name from the iconic Boat Race between the two famous Universities which takes place every late March or early April, as a perfect depiction of British Springtime. Fresh English and French Lavender are at the heart of this fragrance, with top notes of bright peppermint, rosemary and bergamot.

Lavender perfume dark blue bottle in light blue water


Top notes: Bergamot, Peppermint, Rosemary

Middle notes: English Lavender, French Lavender

Base note: Oakmoss

Olfactive family: Fresh, Herbaceous


Ausonia Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml and 100ml

If it’s the invigorating freshness of spring that you love, our ocean fragrance, Ausonia, will be the one for you. The heart of Ausonia pairs Calone (Ocean breeze) and conifer (pine) notes, which together exude exhilarating freshness, reminiscent of ocean breeze and earthy pine forests. On top of this, fruity, green and citrus notes of apple, basil and lemon add even more juicy, aromatic zest. This fragrance works well as both a spring and summer scent, if you’re looking for a perfume that will last throughout the warmer seasons.

Yellow perfume clear bottle white cloth dappled light


Top notes: Apple, Basil, Lemon

Middle notes: Calone, Conifer, Ho Wood (Camphor)

Base note: Vanilla, Musk

Olfactive family: Marine, Citrus


Vétiver Vert Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml and 100ml

Our Vétiver Vert is very much a green scent as the dark emerald bottle and grass print embossed packaging suggests. If you love the green freshness of spring but feel less inclined to the sweetness of flowers, this would be the perfect scent. The prominent ingredient of Haitian Vetiver is an essential oil that derives from the roots of this long stemmed perennial plant. The Haitian variety smells uniquely earthy, with facets of bitter chocolate and smoke; an aroma that is incredibly true to the natural plant as it can’t be created synthetically. It is topped with a refreshing citrus blend of mandarin and bergamot, as well as a base of distinctive sandalwood.

Green vetiver fragrance bottle in hand in ocean


Top notes: Mandarin, Bergamot

Middle notes: Laurel, Galbanum

Base notes: Haitian Vetiver, Sandalwood

Olfactory family: Fresh, Green


Our top floral spring scents

Discover our best floral fragrances from the Czech & Speake collection. Each is now available as a more vibrant eau de parfum, producing scents that smell true to the living blooms. All available in 100ml, with some available in long lasting 200ml bottles or travel size 50mls.


No.88 Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml, 100ml and 200ml

Our iconic No.88 is a year-round favourite due to its complex formula that makes it extremely versatile and uniquely changeable to the suiting season. Although this scent is rich with wood in its base, the majority of the fragrance is made up of citrus, green and floral notes that come alive on the skin in the spring. It is the perfect choice if you prefer heavier scents that will last, but want to adhere to the spring season.

Black No.88 bottle on balcony fence in front of cream shutters


Top notes: Bergamot

Middle notes: Geranium, Rose Otto, Cassie, Frangipani

Base notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood

Olfactive family: Woody, Mossy, Floral


Neroli Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml, 100ml and 200ml

If you are looking to get as close as you can to the scent of spring flowers, our Neroli is fresh and delicate, capturing the essence of orange blossom – truly springtime in a bottle. Neroli is one of Czech & Speake’s original scents, and among the most popular in our collection for its light, fresh simplicity. It finds a harmonious balance between a floral and fresh-citrus scent, taking essential oils from both the fruit and blossom of the Seville orange tree. The heady yet delicate scent mimics the blooming flowers, and refreshes in the warm spring weather.

Neroli fragrance on stone floor under tree


Top notes: Neroli, Orange

Middle note: Orange Flower

Base note: Ylang-Ylang

Olfactive family: Fresh, Citrus, Floral


Rose Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

Rose is historically connected to perfumery, as the flower itself offers a complex array of fragrances within its petals. If you love a traditional floral scent, our youthful interpretation of the rose is earnestly true to the living bloom, supported by a delicious elixir of geranium, ylang-ylang and mimosa. Our Rose Eau de Parfum is a dry, powdery floral fragrance; Czech & Speake’s interpretation of a classic scent. One whiff will transport you to a blissful English rose garden.

Pink rose fragrance bottle lying in roses


Top notes: Rose, Geranium

Middle notes: Ylang-Ylang, Mimosa

Base note: Patchouli

Olfactive family: Floral


Mimosa Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

If you prefer a scent to be warming and long-lasting, but wish to capture the lush, floral essence of spring, our Mimosa Eau de Parfum fuses both flowers and spices to create a soft, dry floral yet commanding scent. The ornamental early spring flower of Mimosa is combined with equally aromatic jasmine to form the heart of the perfume, with floral top notes of geranium and ylang-ylang, finished with spicy clove and woody benzoin to give it its warm, sultry soul.

Mimosa perfume bottle lying on gold velvet under tree


Top notes: Geranium, Ylang-Ylang

Middle notes: Mimosa, Jasmine

Base notes: Clove, Natural Benzoin

Olfactive family: Floral


Spring Candle Scents

Awaken your home and bring springtime inside with our scented candles in fresh floral scents. Our candles burn for up to 35 hours, so that you can enjoy mood boosting scent all spring long.


Rose Fragrant Candle 180g

Our fragrant candle in ‘Rose’ has become a popular scent for spring for its likeness to the aromas of an English country garden. The melange of flowers including rose, geranium, ylang-ylang and mimosa, freshen the space and create an uplifting atmosphere.

Pink and cream scented candles


Mimosa Fragrant Candle 180g

The Mimosa scented candle offers a richer bouquet of flowers, combining fresh mimosa and geranium with sweet heady jasmine and exotic ylang-ylang, topped with warm spices. This candle has the floral vitality of spring, but is good for warming chilled evenings.

Scented candle with mimosa flowers window sill

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