One Tone Bathroom

Bathroom design tends to be neglected, with the argument that its purpose is for function. Time and time again we’ve advocated the idea that the bathroom should be given the same interior attention as the other rooms in the house, as it is the only space that you can be completely alone to delight in personal care, so it makes sense that your surroundings should be suitably indulgent. This is even more sacred in the current climate in which we must stay indoors and re-learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of home.

This week, we explore projects that make a luxurious statement in the bathroom through cladding or colouring the entire space, walls, cabinets and all, in one tone. With careful consideration, all-encompassing design can be captivating without being overbearing.

Manhattan Master Bath, Sawyer | Berson

This gorgeous Manhattan townhouse was renovated by architectural and interior design firm, Sawyer | Berson, who’s bold design style epitomises luxury with use of plush, rich materials, references to art and well appointed fittings. This is certainly the case with this master bath. Every inch of the space has been cladded with stunning cipollino marble, from the floor and walls down to the cabinetry and tub. It was the firms intention to showcase the marble’s beautiful natural pattern in vibrant blue-green, cut and installed with incredible care so that the lines in the stone contrast, complement and please the eye, aligning where necessary (such as across the individually cut drawers). Discreet fittings were chosen to maintain focus on the marble. A clever sense of harmony is projected by the sweeping marble in calming blue, successfully making a statement while in-keeping with the desired tranquility of a bathroom space.

Manhattan Townhouse Bathroom, William T. Georgis

Much like Sawyer | Berson, Architect William T. Georgis designs interiors with a distinctively luxury aesthetic, and a focus on detail and craft. His firm was enlisted to renovate a grand 1900’s New York Townhouse, and the result was a beautiful collision between the builds classical features and suiting furniture alongside contemporary art, bright colours and playful textiles. Of course our favourite interior is the bathroom, or ‘powder room’ as it’s been named, in which the ceiling and walls have been clad entirely with wood panelling to complement the age of the house. The panels have been painted blue to refresh the traditional cladding and highlight the decorative detail, where the original style of dark wood may have felt more confining. The incorporation of mirrors adds to the impact of the bold blue as well as opening up the space.

Embassy House, Studioilse

London based Studioilse create interiors with the philosophy that they must be comfortable, and if you flick through the firms portfolio of work, the spaces emit a sense of calm with the use of organic materials, velvety furnishings and a tendency for natural colours, with occasional accents of brights. A project was commissioned by the firm to design the interior of an apartment in the deluxe Embassy House building in Beijing’s diplomatic quarter, the striking curved exterior of the skyscraper inspired Studioilse to use curves on the apartments interior. Similar to Sawyer | Berson’s Master Bath, the firm cladded each wall of the bathroom in natural stone, but with a more simplified linear placement. The material has been carefully cut and installed to ensure the stripes in the stone run continuously around the width of the space. Not only is the fluidity pleasing and rather magnificent, but the choice to place the lines horizontally creates the illusion of greater space, as well as unifying the separate areas. Due to the more simplistic placement of the stone, contrasting brass fittings were chosen to bring out the warm, golden tones in the marble.


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