No.88 Cologne Spray 100ml


A fresh, woody top note of reviving bergamot, the richness and warmth of geranium, rose otto and exotic frangipani, combined with dry base notes of vetiver and sandalwood. No. 88 is a modern, timeless scent of sophisticated sensuality.

Presented in a satin finish, black opal glass bottle in a striking black and white box.

  • Top notes: Bergamot
  • Middle notes: Geranium, Rose Otto, Cassie, Frangipani
  • Base notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood
  • Olfactive family: Woody, Mossy


Words From the Creator

“This was Czech & Speake first signature fragrance, launched with great excitement in 1981. With a unique holistic approach to perfumery design, with fragrance, packaging and the bottle all designed by myself. My desire was to move away from the English scent tradition with a more sexy, exotic fragrance presented in our traditional reagent (pharmacy) bottle, which I transformed by using black glass. No.88 was named after our first premises in Jermyn Street and has developed a passionate following amongst men and women. It is our iconic global fragrance and remains greatly in demand.”

Additional information

Weight 0.239 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 16 cm

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How to apply/how much?

Our fragrances come as a cologne spray, which enables a simple spritz application to the skin; whether that be to the wrists, neck, chest, inner elbow - the choice is yours. Equally the amount applied is personal choice, the higher the application the stronger the scent. The quality and high concentration of our colognes allow for less use to obtain the desired strength of scent.

In some cultures through history, particularly seen in the middle east, perfume is infused into clothing and hair through scented smoke. The concept of scenting clothing as well as the skin has travelled, and a more accessible approach is to simply spray a perfume directly onto your clothing.

Can it be worn by men and women?

Of course. Traditionally, perfume was not gender specific. The separation of fragrance for men and women was a marketing ploy crafted in America in the 1960s, to encourage more men to buy into the idea of wearing fragrance, as societal attitudes at the time considered the wearing of perfume to be a feminine trait. In reality the notes in perfume should come down to personal taste, with no legitimate reason for this to be defined by gender, especially in the modern context where equality is key.