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Marie Claire UK – The Manly Mani

The December issue of Marie Claire UK is out today! Grab it from the newsstands and check out their comprehensive gift guide for this Christmas. They include the newest addition to our manicure sets, the Midnight Blue English long grain leather.

The “manly mani” is the perfect gift for the holidays, and Marie Claire recommends gents to take care of their hands not only around the holidays.

The manicure instruments have been handmade especially for Czech & Speake in Solingen, Germany. All have rounded edges to conform to international restrictions on hand luggage for air travel. The long-life nail file was developed especially for Czech & Speake utilising extremely high tech and incredibly sharp synthetic crystals which act like microscopic planes in the way they trim and shape the nail edge.

The Teflon coating on all the instruments dramatically boosts their lifespan by reducing oxidisation and acts as a dirt repellent, making them supremely hygienic.

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